Sinapis nigra. Homeopathy

Sinapis nigra
(Black Mustard)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Sinapis nigra

1 - () Irritable; stubborn, unreasonable. Delirium during fever.

2 Difficulty thinking or studying.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Sinapis nigra
3 - () Worse, from touch and pressure, bending forward, stooping, in wet weather, in a warm room, thinking of his symptoms, at dusk, from 16 to 18 hours or 19 to 21 in Summer . Better: lying down at night, sitting upright, for study or fun, to close the eyes, from a big meal.
Desire and aversion of Sinapis nigra

4 - () Aversion to sweets.

SPECIFIC Sinapis nigra
5 - () Vertigo in the elderly; violent attacks with hearing loss, worse from eating fat. Head heavy, dizzy, and worse in a warm room or thinking of his trouble; best eyes closed, outdoors or when the mind is occupied in the study. Sensation of emptiness in the vertex. Frontal headache on the root of the nose and around the orbits, worse after eating, better at rest, over the right eye to bend. Feeling that the scalp is attached to bone. Warm Front and dry or sweat on the forehead and upper lip.

6 eyes feel weak, or as if his eyes pricked with needles.
Sensation of pressure to the eyes from above, with difficulty in opening, closing his eyes better.

7 - () is an important drug in the hay coryza, with watery nasal discharge, excoriating, with lacrimation, sneezing and coughing pounding, all lying down. The nasal mucosa may feel dry and hot, without secretion, with nasal obstruction on one side, (but left), or alternating sides, worse at night; coryza hay with asthma. Severe colds. Mucus scarce and acres all day, who hurt his lip, or secretions (which feels cold) through the rear, into the pharynx. Feel strong smell in the nose that produces sneezing. Copious and frequent epistaxis.

8 sunken facial features. Pricking burning in the face. Perioral redness. Sensation as if to get a bubble on the cheek. Lips feeling dry and stiff.

9 teeth sensitive to hot drinks and cold air, especially arranged. Bleeding gums and swollen. Tongue with a crack or dirty white with fur in the middle, or sore, as raw, or dry and sticky, or burns as if burned or blistered. Black tongue. Foul breath. Dry mouth and burning. Sialorrhea. Garlic or to taste horseradish.

10 - () dry aftertaste and throat, the better to swallow or cough efforts. Subacute or acute pharyngitis with burning sensation and dryness. Sore throat on the left, or going from right to left, worse when swallowing saliva.

11 - () Burning in stomach, extending to the mouth. Bon appetite.
esophagus, worse empty swallowing or a food drive. Feeling of constriction in the throat when swallowing a food drive.
 () Thirst with heartburn. Heaviness, fullness and distention in the epigastrium for drinking water, with pain on pressure. Frequent belching, tasteless and odorless, acid or food warmly. Violent heartburn with belching.
Nausea, with salivation, worse from motion, better sleep. Retching and vomiting, watery. Vomiting with chunks of mucus streaked or striped blackish like blood clots. Very sharp pain like a bruise, in pit behind the xiphoid process, worse slightest pressure, which cuts off breathing.
Rumbling and gurgling in the belly, with fetid flatus or no odor.
Colicos. Movements in the womb. Heaviness, fullness and distention in the abdomen.
Sensation as if something hard in the anus that can not be evacuated, and not relieved after defecation. Anal spasm every time he swallows.
Itching burning in anus, tingly. Sudden and violent stitch in the
year, making it scream. Hard stool in the first part, crumbling, brown-green, dark, covered with slime; with oxiurus; blackish or greenish liquid, or yellowish gray.
Urine oscutra dark yellow or brown, with iridescent film or greasy, thick, white sediment, such as chalk, white or red sands.
Belching warmly radish. Hiccups. Gastric ulcer. Gastralgia intense hunt that mourn, with faint feeling better leaning forward.
Epigastric pressure. Belching acid and hot.

12 - () Colicos worst leaning forward, sitting upright better. Left upper quadrant pain. Pain from navel to the left side of the left iliac, right and then to the ascending colon. Weight ormbligo below.
Rumbling. Painful left inguinal lymphadenopathy. Pain in right groin, better by pressure; adenopatia painful.

13 Cutting pains in the anus after defecating. Constipation with hard stool as balls, with desires often ineffective; hemorrhoids. Stool first normal, then slack. Foul-smelling diarrhea.

Pain in bladder 14 to the morning, before urinating. Frequency. Polyuria day and night.

15 - () Erections violent, painful, continuous day and night, waking him at night with erotic thoughts. Erotic dreams pollutions.
Impotence fear of coitus.

16 Menntruaciones advanced. Amenorrhea with anemia.

17 - () Hoarseness from 16 hours. Short, pounding in the evening, from 19 to 20 hours or dry or with bits of mucus expectoration, worse from cold air or laugh, better lying down. Expectoration white adhesive.
Asphyxia. Asthma with, or following a hay coryza. Wandering pains in the chest. Breathing left rough at the base. Sensation of having the right heart.

18 continuous chest pain at the apex, at dusk, or recurs daily at 10 and 16 to 18 hours. Rapid pulse; full.

19 Throbbing pain, dull below the inferior angle of left scapula.
Severe back pain when lying down, anxiously all night, better by motion.

Tired 20 members with cramps in the calves. Pain in the left shoulder. Weakness in the legs, with pain. Pain in legs and ankles.

Drowsiness by day 21; sleepless night. Although little sleep, he feels the lack of sleep. Erotic dreams: vivid.

22 severe chills with chattering teeth and cold widespread. Heat all over the body and going down your spine. Quartan malaria form.
Inflammatory fever. Drenching with hot sensation in all arteries, better when menstruation occurs. Sweats efforts and external heat.

23 Skin red, hot, hot, with stitches. Ecchymosis. Chronic eczema.
Smallpox. Ulcers on the legs.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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