Skin (spots), Ft. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Treatments and Remedies for Skin (spots), Feet
Skin (brown spots)

Medicine for the spots with Medicinal Herbs: Horsetail, Corn, Heather, Bearberry.

Medicine for the spots with Supplements:
Take calcium. Rub aloe juice or strawberry or lemon.
Comment: Probably internal problems (liver).

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General nutritional supplements for oily skin or sensitive skin aging:
Anthocyanidins Grand antioxidant skin regenerator, who helps collagen synthesis and restores skin elasticity and spongy texture, being able to reverse the aging process.

Formula antioxidant, antioxidant complex that contains all the antioxidant nutrients needed to nourish the skin, regenerate and protect it from environmental damage.

Vitamin B complex high power: Pantothenic acid is necessary for the metabolism of fats and can be very beneficial in high doses in the treatment of acne and oily skin, but always taken in combination with other B vitamins, for avoid an imbalance among them.

Multinutrient Formula: Nutritional deficiencies of B complex and other nutrients / antioxidants contribute to the appearance of skin disorders. Very prominent is the subclinical deficiency of selenium, chromium, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin E, which can be covered through a high power multinutrient formula.

If there is timelessness: Vitamin A, D. Brewer's yeast.
P. Medicinal: Lemon balm, Azahar, Tilo.

Erysipelas of face: Fumigation of elder flowers.

Cosmetics: body cream Mahnaz Paymani

Other conditions: external application of Meadowsweet.

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Medicine for the feet with Medicinal Plants: Lime, raw hundred, Manzanilla, Ortigas

Medicine for the feet with Hydrotherapy: warm baths with 10 drops of rosemary essential and previous plant for 20 minutes. Finish with cold or cold water, rub apple cider vinegar and coarse salt. Browse infusion of Artemis.
Sweaty feet: Essences: bergamot, Amaro, Cypress

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