Slag. Homeopathy

(Blast furnace slag which melts the iron.
Aluminum Sulfo Silico Calcite) Pathogenesis of J. Meredith.
1 Lack of energy.
Stunning 2 frontal headache, which extends to the right temple, with neck stiffness, better by motion. Cold in the head.
3 Language with fur thick and gray, with a terracotta color line in the middle, worse on waking.
4 Little appetite. Distended stomach, requiring loosen clothing.
5 - () as tingling and irritation under the skin of the umbilical region, keeps him awake. Abdominal flatulent distension, loosen clothing.
Spleen pain alternating with pain between the shoulder blades or on the left elbow.
6 - () Hemorrhoids anal itching and constipation. Ano angry, hurt.
Diarrhea with great weakness.
Pollakiuria 7. Dark urine.
Cough with expectoration 8.
9 Points precordial. Chest tightness. Tachycardia.
Neck stiffness 10. Lumbago, with flatulence. Pain between the shoulder blades.
Lumbosacral pain.
11 Pain in the left elbow; erratic, jumping to his right elbow and back. Pain in both knees. Kneeling of the maids. Sharp pain across his knees, worse when climbing stairs.
12 Very sleepy in the evening.
13 Drenching night sweats.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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