Snuff, Memory and skin diseases

That snuff is a risk factor for dementia, several studies have pointed scientists. A new research by the National Institute of Health and Medical Research in Villejuif (French) recently found that smoking impairs memory, according to published medical journal Archives of Internal Medicine. After 17 years followed for several thousand people over 35 years, the various tests of memory and reasoning skills showed they suffered worse in the group of smokers. Fortunately, those leaving the snuff in time regain their cognitive abilities.
Now he has also learned a painful skin disease, such as Hidradenitis Suppurativa, smoking is associated with a sustained and high, according to published British Journal of Dermatology. Illness martyred unrepentant smoker and Karl Marx. Because of that the founder of communist thinking for years had to suffer painful abscesses and fistulas in the armpits, English and perianal area. It would be interesting to know the position of the German thinker to the Anti-Tobacco Law of this country to ban smoking in workplaces, but discriminates against waiters and restaurant employees who are forced to swallow the smoke of premises where smoking is allowed.
The much vaunted argument that the smoking ban would undermine the economic activity of these establishments has proved totally untrue, according to a study by The Lancet Oncology. Even earning clientele, as it is a claim for attending non-smokers, while that for smokers, as in the workplace, they go out, smoke her cigarette and re-enter.

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