Solanum nigrum. Homeopathy

Solanum nigrum
(Black nightshade)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Solanum nigrum
1 - () Delirium with stuttering, made efforts to get out of bed, with shrill cries and convulsions. Furious delirium, rage. Night terrors. He hears voices. Want to escape. Pinch blankets, wants to grab something, chew and swallow.
2 apoplectic stupor or coma, with muscular relaxation, face flushed, pulse full and jolts and irregular. Eat with great agitation and "brain cry.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Solanum nigrum
3 - () violent convulsions, tonic or chronic by meningeal irritation or brain with body rigidity, contracture of the limbs and "hand of midwife. Amid the convulsions, the child stretches out his hands as if to grab something, takes eagerly to his mouth, and then chewed and swallowed. Was then lying on his back in full prostration. Tetanus. Korea.
4 - () Worse from touch; by mcvimiento, shaking his head to start moving after sitting, walking, giving a false step, by the light swallowing; the morning on waking; by the cold air. Symptoms spread upward, and dominate right and up, and left and down.
5 - () Tendency to black on the parties concerned or injuries: tip of the nose, hands, fingers to the knuckles, toes, and black Sinche areas.
6 - () The pains appear and disappear abruptly. There is a feeling bruised all over. All muscles are sore to the touch.
7 distended varicose veins very prominent.
SPECIFIC Solanum nigrum
8 - () Vertigo on rising in the morning, when bending or moving the head, and better outdoors. He feels as if the brain was swimming, or as if the bed turned round when lying. When walking, the body leans to the left. Intense headache, throbbing or pop or explode like the head, worse on beginning to move after sitting by the light, noise, stooping, at 10 hours in a warm room, better walking outdoors. Pain at a point on the vertex. Sore scalp as if you pull on the hairs. Little red, painful and hard on the forehead. Meningeal syndrome with intense headache and alternation of many signs or symptoms (miosis and mydriasis, stupor and coma furious delirium, heat and cold glacial).
9 eyes wide open, bright, red, hot, with sensation of having sand, with photophobia. Swollen eyelids, itching, stuck, burning.
Tearing. Huge mydriasis, with pupillary areflexia, alternating with miosis. Low vision, worse in the bright sunlight. Fly ash; black stripes. Everything looks very bright. See sparks. Periocular wrinkles.
10 points in the ears. Sounds seem distant. Ringing in the ears.
11 - () Nose very red, or swollen, painful and black, especially the tip.
Sneezing. Watery discharge from the right side of the nose, with obstruction of the left. Burning in the nose.
12 Wrinkles on upper lip. Acute parotitis. Face red, very congested, swollen, bloated, pale. Expression of fear and terror, or fatigue, or intoxicated. Acute neuralgic pains ranging from the jaw to the left ear, appearing and disappearing suddenly.
Lips dry and hatched, and burned. Lockjaw.
13 Feel the tongue as if burnt. Dry mouth. Difficulty speaking.
Dentition with seizures.
14 throat feels as if burnt or raw. Stitches on the right side of the throat or in the amygdala, as if he had stuck a thorn, worse on swallowing, and extended to the ear. Throat dry. Swollen left tonsil. Cramp in the esophagus. Violent throbbing of carotids.
Anorexia 15. Intense thirst and frequent large quantities. Belching. Heartburn coming up the esophagus. Nausea (with vision of sparks), arches.
Vomiting abundant food or mucus, or liquid blue or gray-black or greenish black. Gastralgia intense extended to the chest and left shoulder region, sharp pains or cramps.
Violent cutting pains umbilical 16. Colicos. Over-distended and tense abdomen.
17 loose or watery stools, yellow tenesmus. Constipation with fecal 1equenas, hard and dry.
18 Polyuria, sometimes with diarrhea.
19 rapid breathing difficult, rattling. Or constriocion oppression in the chest. Pressure on the sternum and tenth thoracic vertebra. Cutting across the left chest. Cough from tickling laryngeal; expectoration thick, yellowish.
20 Precordial anxiety. Rapid pulse faint, irregular, slow.
21 stiff neck, sore as if bruised, worse when moving head, pain in the muscles. Bruised pain in the back, between shoulders 22 - () Restlessness in the limbs. Carphology. Wandering pains. Tearing pain in hands and feet. Brazos heavy, tired, worse law. Dull pain in right arm to the fingertips. Pain in left arm and wrist. Blue green palms. The fingertip is black. Vesicles in the back of hands, with irritating secretion. Eruption as smallpox. Unsteady, unsure. Trembling in the lower limbs jerking in the muscles of the thigh. Legs tired, worse the left, weak thighs. Pain in right knee up to hip.
Leg pain when walking. Feet swollen. Chronic foot ulcers.
23 Somnolence. Deep sleep. Insomnia with great concern. He wakes up terrified, with dreams as if falling from great heights or snakes.
24 Alternate heat and cold. High fever, followed by copious sweating, with intense pain in neck, shoulders and lower limbs with red face and hot heat in face, hands and back, in waves up and down. Typhoid. Scarlet fever. Smallpox.
25 - () Red, like scarlet fever. Great with intolerable itching swelling on face, eyelids, lips, hands and feet. Parties swollen, glossy, painful, with black tinge, followed by desquamation. Scabs fall off the face, then hands are covered with hard and painful scabs, which fall and again renewed. Swelling of arms, feet, abdomen, scrotum and penis.
Secreting eruptions, moist.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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