Solanum tuberosum aegrotans. Homeopathy

(Pope ill [Wanderlust Potato] of rapid decomposition)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR AEGROTANS Pathogenesis of Solanum tuberosum
1 Mal genius, irritability, discuss, fight. When you do not understand an expression, is so angry that she wants to break everything and biting his hands.
Censure, criticize.
2 Think this in poverty and much talk about the future, or wake up at night imagining that thieves behind the curtain, but nothing ventured to look, and asks others to do so. Fear of thieves. Talkative at dusk.
3 Hypochondriac. Fear of work. Desetria enjoy a change of scenery or decoration. His attention is easily distracted by other things.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR AEGROTANS Pathogenesis of Solanum tuberosum
4 Great weakness, as if about to faint. Weariness in all members.
5 Bruised pains in bed, preventing mobility or turn around. Excruciating muscle pains. Worse from touch and pressure.
6 peculiar and very fetid odor of the breath and the patient's body, like that of rotten potatoes, it's like to come to bed.
Desire and aversion of Solanum tuberosum AEGROTANS
7 Desire: alcoholic beverages; of oranges.
SPECIAL AEGROTANS Solanum tuberosum
8 Heat in the head. Great heaviness in the head in vertex, worse when stooping and standing up, should make an effort to sustain it. When stooping, the brain feels as if hit in the dome. Sensation of moving water on the head. Noon Headache, worse from the smell of liquor. Violent frontal headache or stitches, with a tendency to fall forward. Painful sensitiveness of scalp and hair roots, as if they were torn off (worse in vertex); not comb tolerated better by talking or taking action.
9 Eyelids red and sore, burning, twitching in the upper left.
Pricking and burning eyes. Copious tearing, worse on waking.
10 Hear ringing in left ear.
11 Repeated sneezing, followed by loose cough. Epistaxis. Pressure at the root of the nose. You smell blood.
12 - () Face hot and red, or pale and swollen, especially in the eyelids, which are almost closed. Red pimples on the cheeks. Desquamation of the face. Blue-black, foul-smelling ulcer on his left cheek. Upper lip cracked and bleeding, raw.
13 - () Dry mouth. Detached palatal mucosa in several places. Pale tongue swollen, cracked, red-tipped white, or white or yellowish-white, or white with a yellow line in the middle. Pricking in the right half of the tongue. Breath horribly offensive. And spongy bleeding gums, especially the lower ones. Loose teeth and painful. Salt or to taste raw potatoes. Food has a very bitter taste.
s 14 Accumulation of mucus in the throat chunks mucus starts hard and grayish yellow. Feeling of having a fleshy lump in the throat or something that poked. Sore throat and sore, can not swallow.
Ravenous hunger 15. Burning thirst. Belching followed by noises in the stomach.
Belching acids that cause coughing. Heartburn after eating. Gastralgia after breakfast; spasmodic at night.
Sensation 16 is released from a spring on the left hipondrio. Pain in the belly of early morning, worse from touching the midline. Hard belly, swollen ascites. Sense of intestines tight against each other.
Rumbling. Hypogastric pains at night. Intolerance of tight clothing. Pain as if dislocated right groin; stitch near the inguinal ring.
17 - () Constipation, with frequent desire to defecate and with great efforts, sometimes reduced him to tears, feces and black balls, or hard and large liquid stool followed, with violent burning in anus and rectum.
Greenish yellow and copious diarrhea, preceded by violent cramps. Rectal prolapse, especially after a bowel movement, especially if there were many efforts and the rectum alternately rises and falls during and after defecation. Very sharp pain in anus, which is completely open and very sensitive. Intense heat in the anus. Sphincter contraction. Strong pulsations in the perineum.
Distended bladder 18. Heat and urethral pain after urination. Urine constantly when defecating. Urine reddish, or very thick, white mucus above the rest, or cloudy, yellowish, with copious white sediment; with oily film.
19 Heaviness in the right testicle.
20 Uterine pains from slightest exertion, sometimes feeling of dislocation of the hip. Amenorrhea. Menses pink, with black clots and smelling of rotten fish. Burning and vulvar and vaginal itching.
21 - () Dyspnoea dry mouth. Hoarseness walking. Cough from tickling tracheal dry; with yellowish mucous expectoration at night. Expectoration of black blood clots, early morning. Constant involuntary sighs. Oppression after dinner. Feeling that a hollow body quickly turns into the chest, and with a noise, just moves to the early morning, with the feeling that was going to faint. Like a thousand needles punctures behind the sternum. Stitches on the right breast. Stitches in the sides of the thorax. Breast pain, worse when raising arms.
22 Weight and chest pain. Palpitations at night, lying down or rising, after eating, with tightness and faintness.
23 - () Heaviness in the back. Stitches in the long dorsal muscles on inspiration, but the right side. Burning pain in the fifth dorsal vertebra.
Weariness in the back, stiffness of muscles. Pain in sacrum when walking or if you touch; tingling, feeling that separates him something of the sacrum.
Low back pain on walking, forcing him to walk bent.
24 - () limb joints painful and swollen. Weariness in limbs on waking, with a tendency to stretch. Pain as of dislocation in his right arm ml. Heat in the hands, can not close them. Pains in my fingers. Sharp pain in the hip joint, with a feeling of dislocation, by the slightest movement and effort, or pressure as a ring of iron, which forces it to bed. Feeling tired in the muscles of the right side after walking. Right sciatica. Beats on the hinges.
Edema in the legs. Sense of dislocation in the entire column, extended to the heel.
Irresistible sleepiness 25. Restless sleep. Insomnia. He wakes up startled, as if frightened. Sound: with fire, speed, thieves, dead bodies, that a man drowning and you can not draw, with men transformed into animals that talk, that his hands are cut into pieces falling from a bell tower, erotic, with pools of blood , that swims in a river, and can not leave him; who eats human flesh.
Chills 26 through the whole body with internal sensation of cold, not warm, with red cheeks. Violent paroxysms of heat coming from the vertex and go to the whole body. Alternate heat and hot chills, night in bed. Fever with sweating. Night sweats.
Smelling sweat potatoes in bed.
27 swollen and dark skin. Pink spots that appear and disappear suddenly. Very itchy spots on his back. Desquamation on the face.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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