Solidago (goldenrod). Homeopathy

(S. Virga Aurea. Goldenrod)
1 - () Worse, by pressure, by motion, for large meals. Better: the diet at rest, increased urination.
Headaches 2.
Herpes in 3 eyes. Bloodshot eyes, burning and stinging, tearing.
4 sudden deafness with ringing in the ears and albuminuria.
5 - () Nose dry, with bloody scabs on the mucosa. Frequent colds in tuberculosis. In hay fever caused by pollen of Solidago, paroxysms of sneezing.
6 - () Continued bitter taste, worse at night and on waking. Tongue heavily coated, which persists as the urine (brown and poor) is not normalized.
Flat ulcers in the mouth. Pyorrhea.
Ulcers 7 flat, burning in the throat.
8 - () Abdomen distended with flatulence and pain on both sides of the navel, worse pressure deep. Stitches in both hypochondria, which will kidneys and lower limbs. Liver failure with little or no pain in the liver, like anmargo, oliguria, indolence, pale stools, alternating constipation and diarrhea; worse by heavy meals.
9 - () Diarrhea with scanty and dark, fat with kidney pains.
Constipation discolored feces and liver boy. Alternating diarrhea and constipation.

*Automatic Translation