Soluble fiber and the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

A recent study highlights the role of soluble fiber in improving symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome, while worsening them by insoluble fiber.
In this study, patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) who received a soluble fiber supplement experienced a 90% reduction in the severity of their symptoms, nearly doubling the present upturn in the placebo group.
In this study, the 3-month duration, involving 275 IBS affected between 18 and 65 years, who were divided into 3 groups, according to the supplementation they received: soluble fiber supplements (10 g of psyllium), insoluble fiber ( 10 g of bran) and placebo (10 g of rice flour).
The severity of symptoms decreased by 90 points in the group of soluble fiber, compared to 49 points in the placebo group and 58 of the group saved. In the bran group was observed more leaving the study early, after a worsening of symptoms of IBS
Source: soluble or insoluble fiber in irritable bowel syndrome in primary care? Randomized placebo controlled trial. British Medical Journal 2009, Volume 339: b3154.C. J. Bijkerk, N.J. de Wit, J.W.N. Muris, P.J. Whorwell, J. A. Knottnerus, A.W. Hoes.

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