Sphingurus. Homeopathy

(S. Martini. Puercoespin the trees. Shredding quills [Mure])
Capricious 1. Everything is unpleasant.
2 Worse: lying, after tea. Best: walking outdoors, after dinner.
3 - () Punctures on vertex. Hemicraneas. Pain in the scalp terebrante depues breakfast. Hair loss.
4 Tearing.
5 Hearing loss in left ear. Whistles and ringing in the ears.
6 - () Pain in the temporomandibular joint and in the right malar. Fall of the hair of the pins.
7 - () Bleeding Gums. Boca bitter with salty taste. Hlabla with difficulty.
8 - () nausea at the sight of food with sharp pain in his back. Gastralgia constrictive. Sensation of dryness and stomach fullness in the night, or from blows to the epigastrium.
9 fullness in the belly. Belly swollen and painful before eating. Periumbilical pain.
10 Violent pain in the left kidney. Pain in urethra after urinating, worse when stooping.
11 Itching in the pubic after tea.
12 Cough with chest pain. Pain in the intercostal muscles. Pain as if a cork in the left thorax. Constriction from the neck to the diaphragm.
13 Points precordial.
14 - () Pain in the right arm, as if broken, as if his exstension was limited by a thread. Knees fail him. Warm feet and asleep. Cracks between the toes. Sharp pain in right big toe.
Yawning 15. Sounds of snakes, tomorrow, happy dreams.
16 Chills, with shivering and chattering teeth.
17 - () Generalized itching, skin that is bleeding after scratching.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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