Spigelia. Homeopathy.

(S. anthelmia)

1 - () Fear of sharp objects, pins, needles.

2 - () Sadness, despondency, discouragement, worse at night, could kill, suicidal, for sadness. Anxiety about the future. He sits as if lost in thought, looks at one point. Shyness.

3 difficulty thinking, incapable of intellectual work. Insufficient Memory.
Absence of ideas.

4 - () One of the most important drugs for acute and paroxysmal neuralgia, very violent, burning, tearing, stinging or watering hot or spears or stabbing, or pressing from the inside out and bottom-up, that radiate and spread to other parts, with sensation of pressure, burst, increase in size or foreign bodies in the affected, or of cold or burning, worse from motion, touch, jarring, weather changes (especially stormy) and continuing with solar intensity curve, better by immobility, especially localized in the trigeminal nerve (eyes, teeth, face), in the intercostal nerves in the occipital region, and so on.

5 Worst: by touch, motion and pressure of clothing (best loosening), by motion, general or head or eyes or shaking; on rising, stooping or bending forward, immediately after eating ; by the slightest breath of air, for the cold weather, wet, rainy, stormy weather and weather changes, cold air or by washing with cold water; the morning when he awoke, with the rise of the sun by the noise; by smoke. Better: lying on the right side with head high, at rest or moving very carefully, while eating; inspiring. Left sided.

6 - () The body is very sensitive and painful to touch, feels cold and the part touched, to touch her, a shiver spreads throughout the body.

7 - () Great weakness, but of tomorrow. Tiredness from the least exertion and outdoor. Fainting in a hot room or make efforts to move the belly. Seizures.

Desires and the Spiegel AVERSAIONES
8 - () Aversion to coffee, the snuff smoke.

9 - () Vertigo to stare down, walking or standing, with a tendency to fall and nauseated. Violent neuralgic headache, usually unilateral (left predominance) and periodic, erratic or stitches as electric sparks, which begins in occiput, radiating to the frontal region to set up one eye, usually the left, with touch sensation or outbreak; that begins at sunrise, reaches its maximum at noon, and decreases when the sun goes down; worst morning in bed at the slightest movement, for each bump or misstep, the effort to defecate, by the slightest noise, opening the mouth, coughing or talking loud and walking in open air, better sleep with your head up and wash it with cold water. Sensation of a tight band in the head or having the brain loose, flapping or twisting the head or foot, or head feels enlarged.

10 - () Intense eye neuralgia, with sharp pains, sometimes like a needle going through the eyes, worse for the slightest movement or a false step, you can not turn my eyes, is obligated to turn the whole body to look to aside. It is possibly the most important medicine of acute glaucoma, severe eye pain with pressing from the inside out, or piercing eyes that radiate from the back and inside, worse in left, the morning or at night, worse outdoors or cold wet or storms, visual strain, rolling her eyes toward one side or another, the pains extend around the eyes and the frontal sinus, and it is accompanied by frontal headache over the left eye (or right), with mydriasis, conjunctival injection, tearing acrid and thick, cloudy vision and feeling of enlargement of the eyes, with nausea and vomiting from the pain. Heat and burning in his eyes that he is obliged to keep them closed. Pain in the left orbit as if it were pressed up and down. Tearing generous with the pain, in coryza or fever. He feels hard and frozen eyelids, as if paralyzed, the worse the higher; has trouble opening them. Tendency to blink. Great photophobia.
Eyelids swollen and sore. Strabismus by parasites or other causes; convergent. Mydriasis. Presbyopia. See sparks, light rays, burning things. Watch a sea of fire by closing his eyes. Feel hairs or feathers on the eyelashes, worse on motion. Accommodation disturbances, no crystal serves. Neuralgia. Rheumatic ophthalmia.

11 - () Earache with irritating foul-smelling discharge, sometimes with a sensation of plug. Itching and burning in their ears. Sensation of clogged ears. Deafness periodically. Hey sounds like buzzing, roaring, hammers, fluttering, distant bells, beats.

12 - () nasal itching. Sensation in the back of the nose as if to touch hair or a light breeze blowing. Herpes excoriating pain. Obstruction and dryness in the front of the nose with copious mucus secretion slanquecino or yellow, or bloody, sometimes producing choking during the night. Frequent sneezing. Fluent coryza reappears repeatedly by the slightest cold.

13 - () face pale yellow with dark circles, or red, sweating, lips and cheeks very red at times, and sometimes pale. Hot Lips, worse right at the top. Face bloated after sleeping. Facial or trigeminal neuralgia (one of the most important drugs), including orbifa, malar bone, teeth and forehead, left to right, shown especially by day (along with their intensity a course parallel to the sun) or the 2 in the morning or cold and rainy weather, with burning pains, shooting, stabbing or tearing, extended to the ear, nose, forehead, jaw or neck, and that are worse at noon, outdoors, to chew, or you take coffee, the snuff smoke, damp, eating, by shaking, by the light, lying on the painful side, by the slightest movement and noise, the slightest touch to get out of bed, stooping, when bowel movements, talking and when he awoke, relieved by warmth, lying on the side or on the pressure, the pains come and go at once or over the sun. Right jaw pain as if it were torn from the joint, only when chewing. Black dots in the upper lip. Exostoses in the orbital process of zygoma.

14 - () Toothache worse at night (as from bed), in cold water or cold air, lying on the right side, immediately after eating (not while eating) and snuff smoke, improving only when lying down, Heat of bed or while eating, and reappears every time he thinks about pain.

15 - () Breath very offensive. Dry mouth and sore on waking in the morning.
White, foamy saliva. Language cracked and sore. Burning vesicles on the tongue and palate. Eliminates the pain of tongue cancer. Taste fetid, putrid. Stuttering with abdominal discomfort or helminths, the first syllable repeated three or four times.

16 Sore throat with swollen palate. Mucus from the nose to fall through the rear, all day. Lymphadenopathy in the neck.

17 Anorexia with violent thirst, or bulimia. Belching or acid regurgitation after every meal. Nausea before breakfast, with feeling that something rises to the throat. Epigastric pressure as something heavy. Stitches in the epigastrium, worse on inspiration. Intolerance of tight clothing or at least touch the epigastrium.

18 Abdomen hard and painful. Points in the region of the left diaphragm, which took her breath away. Pressure on the navel, for a hard body.
Colicos stabbing or sharp in her navel, often by intestinal parasites. Rumbling. Painful pressure in the hypogastric, as if about to burst. Fetid flatus.

19 - () Disorders reflex intestinal parasites, especially threadworm and ascariasis: headache, nasal itching and anal, stuttering, cramps, eye pain and violent palpitations. Diarrhea with white liquid stool or mucus only. Stool hard, nodular and hard and stool with mucus. Anal itching and tingling sensation in anus and rectum. Stitches in the perineum. Scirrhus the rectum or sigmoid colon with atrocious and intolerable pain (Allen).

20 - Urinary frequency and polyuria day and night. Dribbling of urine and involuntary sudden, with burning in front of the urethra. Sale prostatic fluid.

21 - Tingling in the glans; unilateral swelling. Erections with erotic fantasies. Stitches and itching in the right testicle and penis.

22 - () Hoarseness. Violent cough, dry, short, hollow, by tracheal irritation, painful or scalding pain in the chest and sometimes suffocation, worse in open air. Dyspnea worse by talking or by anenor movement (but by raising the arms) and lying on the left side can only lie on the right side or with head high. Tearing pains under the left nipple, extended to the shoulder blade and left arm, worse during inspiration or a deep breath.
Conditions thoracic stabbing pain or needles, which are synchronous with the pulse and aggravated by movement and in cold and wet weather. Intercostal neuralgia with sharp pain in the sides of the thorax, especially left worse by coughing, inspiring or breathing, movement and lying on the left side (can only lie on the right side).

23 - () The heart is, without doubt, the organ of action of Spigelia maxima. There is intense violent palpitation tachycardia visible through clothing and even audible to the patient himself, especially when lying down; occur or become worse in the morning, at night in bed, bending the chest forward, strain or the slightest movement, lifting the arms, during deep inspiration during the headaches, lying on the left side, sitting and during menstruation, usually as a symptom of heart disease of any kind. Heart contractions with violent oppression and anxiety, worse from slightest movement, sitting or inclinindose forward, will lie on the right side with head high, and does not tolerate tight clothing in the chest. Organic heart disease, myocarditis, pericarditis, rheumatic endocarditis often, with murmurs or valvular disease that especially in recent cases, Spigelia could sometimes cure. Cardiac hypertrophy. Myocardial infarction with violent anginal pain, tearing, precordial, radiating to left shoulder blade, back and entire left upper limb, to the hand and sometimes the right arm, with the feeling that a hand was squeezing his heart as if to break it or squeezing it, with great aggravation by movement or inspire or make a deep breath or lying on the left side (can only be on the right and head up), best to drink hot liquids, often with palpitations.
Precordial stitches, sometimes synchronous with the pulse. Sounds precordial.
The heartbeat does not correspond to the pulse. Precordial sensations of trembling, purr or undulation. Pulse weak, irregular, trembling, or strong and tento.

Sticking needles in 24 and upper dorsal vertebrae and the right shoulder blade; stitches on the back to breathe. Bubbling in the left shoulder blade. Cervical pain, worse still, moving better. Twitching of muscles of the neck. Back pain as a fracture. Itching of the coccyx.

25 drawing or tearing pains in the limbs, worse walking.
Heaviness and trembling of the arms, they fall asleep easily arms and hands. Intense pain in elbows and joints of hands and fingers twitching in the hand bones. Hard nodules on the palms, with burning and itching. Pale yellow hands. Contractures of the fingers. Fracture-like pain in the thighs while walking. Stitches in joints of lower limbs in the knee to bend. Painful stiffness of the knee. Warts on toes.

26 Major sleepiness during the day. Restless sleep, restless and would not rest.
Sounds, but can not remember that.

27 Common shudders every morning at the same time, or at the least effort. Chills that extend from the thorax, and alternating with fever or sweats. Heat in the back, face and hands in hot, cold on the back.
Clammy sweats, cold, foul.

28 pale and wrinkled skin, very sensitive and painful to touch. Red dots with excoriating pain when touched.


() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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