Spiraea ulmaria. Homeopathy

Meadowsweet Spiraea
(Queen of the Prairies)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Meadowsweet Spiraea
M Guilt pop events of the distant past, much to his conscience and self-reproach, with concern.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS Meadowsweet Spiraea
2 - () Sensation of heat, general and local (face, throat, esophagus, retrosternal).
3 Down: Inside the house, by sneezing, by moving the head after a nap. Better: open air and to move.
4 Exhaustion with stretching and yawning. Seizures. Epilepsy.
SPECIFIC Meadowsweet Spiraea
5 Vertigo with heat in the cheeks. Headache worse by shaking the head (brain loose feeling), better at night. Heaviness and fullness in the head on the forehead, worse indoors better outdoors. Headache with sensation of a tight ring around the head. Bighead feeling after wash it.
6 Eyes full of mucus which dries into crusts on waking. Tearing of the left eye. Waking eyelids so heavy that it can not open them for a long time. Sensation of something warm up to the eyes, causing burning and itching.
7 Cara red. Feeling that the blood mounts to the face, with heat.
8 - () Increased heat in the throat, straddling the stomach, heat in the upper esophagus, burning, better at night and by eating or drinking, not worse swallowing. Esophagus Sensation of very small, contracted. Cold in the esophagus, which extends on both sides of the chest.
Frequent belching 9. Burning in pit behind the xiphoid.
10 Emissions frequent very fetid flatus. Movements and cramps in the hypogastric with bowel movements, or umbilical cord after dinner.
11 Tingling, pricking and stinging in the rectum and anus. Prolonged constriction after stool. Frequent desire to defecate, which disappear suddenly.
Constipation with hard stool, scanty, like sheep, evacuated with great effort, with burning and soreness in anus during and after a bowel movement with the sensation of drawing the anus upwards as if anything is in the rectum.
12 Burning at the urethral meatus while urinating when defecating. Urine turbid, like clay or mud mixed with red sand sediment, forming an oily film.
13 Erections very intense sexual desire, in the morning in bed.
14 Dry cough at night, then loose, with tickling in the throat. Feel very cold inspired air, even of the room. Pressure behind the manubrium, as if he had swallowed a big bite or a boiled egg.
15 Press hard and tense or contracted and hard, or weak, soft.
16 Cramps in the muscles of the forearm by lifting. Distended veins in his hands. Heaviness in the legs as if they were full, worse when climbing stairs.
17 Drowsiness intense, has trouble sleeping at night, with restlessness and frequent 1espertar. Suenos lived in the nap and at night, erotic pollutions.
18 Heat in the body. Waves of heat to face and head with a slight sweat on the chest, face and hands, while eating and after.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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