Spiranthes. Homeopathy

(S. Autumnalis loops Lady)
1 melancholy moans and sobs. Indolent, bored. Moodiness; confusion.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Spiranthes
2 Worse from touch; by bending or lifting arm, for mental effort, for laughing from emotion; stooping. Better: lying on his back or on the left side.
3 intense arterial pulsation throughout the body.
Desire and aversion of Spiranthes
4 Desire for acids.
SPECIFIC Spiranthes
5 Vertigo on rising from bed, has to rest her head on the wall, worse sitting or lying down. Heaviness and pain in the brain. Heaviness and pain in the forehead and nasal bones. Tight band sensation in the head. Pain at the root of the hair, hair loss.
6 Eyes bright and staring. Pain in the eyes looking upward. Burning in the eyes with tears. Heaviness in the eyebrows. Swollen eyelids. Eyes hot, inflamed. Vision turbid, obscured; instantaneous loss of vision, it seems that objects moving away. Closing his eyes he sees fire discs.
7 Pain in the ear canal. Itching in the ear, internal and external.
8 Dry coryza, or runny nose you. Epistaxis with clots. Pain in the right nasal bone. Burning and itching at the root of the nose, itching in the right wing. Hyperosmia.
9 Face swollen, red and hot; blackish, pale. Meditative expression; fixed. Menton red and hot. Burning in the upper lip.
10 Gums red and burning. Small excrescences on the palate, it bleeds. Putrid breath. Irritation of the sublingual glands. Sour taste sweet, bitter morning. Salivation with dry mouth.
Toothache 11 alone at night. Cold sensation in the teeth or elongation.
12 - () sense of a balloon that rises from the hypogastric the esophagus, a foreign body in the throat. Incessant desire to clear the throat or throat clearing, by thick mucus. Tickling in the throat to cough. Irritated tonsils, pain on swallowing. Sensation of heartburn or burning in the esophagus. Accumulation of air in the esophagus.
13 - () Anorexia. Constant thirst. Regurgitation. Belching acid, bitter, difficult. Nausea after eating. Vomiting after eating food.
Epigastrium distended, with intolerance to touch, pain after eating, low back pain. Heat rising from the stomach to the head.
14 Intestinal cramps and spasmodic yawning with sleepiness. Pain in the liver or spleen by pressure. Pressure cord. Rumbling. Pain, weakness and bloat in the stomach after eating. Desire to wear tight clothing in the womb. Very sharp pain when he stood up in the colon. Heat in the hypogastric from laughing. Eruption in English.
15 Burning and itching in anus during stool; or preceding or following defecation. Diarrhea or constipation. Acidic stools in children.
16 kidney pain and cramp at night, forcing him to change his position; renal burning, or pain that prevents him from bending, climbing stairs worse, better lying on his back. Cold or heat failure. Bladder pain on urination, with burning after waking. Abundant or scanty urine, with sediment and red jelly.
17 Erections constant waking. Strong sexual desire, or aversion to coitus. Pain in the spermatic cord.
18 - () Vulva red, irritated or inflamed, with intense itching and burning pain in the vagina during intercourse. Vaginal dryness. Yellowish or bloody flux.
19 - () Dry cough at night, laryngeal tingling, burning in the throat and larynx. Difficult breathing; short, breathless when walking. Sensation of weakness in the lungs of expansion on the left. And intercostal pleuritic pains, worse on the left. Hypergalactia, but in the left breast.
Pain in the breast to lift it. Sore nipples, especially left.
Chest pain 20. Palpitation from the slightest emotion, with dyspnea. Pulse full and hard, or small.
21 Cramp-like pain in the neck, at night, forcing him to change his position. Low back pain that prevents him from walking. Pain in the shoulder blade while standing, worse walking.
22 tremor and weakness in limbs. Sore shoulders, right worse and spread to her right breast, taking her breath. Asleep and heavy arms, but the law; desires stretch. Stiffness of muscles of the forearm. Sudden pain in the forearm, followed by numbness. Hands: swollen, especially the right, with swollen veins, blackish, yellowish red and wet, hot; asleep over night and support the cheek in them. Eruption on the buttocks and thighs. Lumbosciatic right. Weak knees, with pain, but right. Pain in the malleolus. Cold feet, swollen (more right). Heel pain. Alternately warm and cold hands.
Sleepy by day 23. Yawning. Falling asleep late at night. Suddenly awakened. Insomnia in children. Erotic dreams pollutions.
24 - () Alternate heat and cold. The affected party is colder than the rest of the body. Cold hands and feet. Fever followed by thirst at night with sweat tomorrow. Hot hands, sweaty palms. Heat throughout the skin on the head, itching on the face, more to the right. Flushes of heat in the lead, followed by cold.
Dry skin 25. Skin red, red spots. Jaundice. Yellow spots.
Miliary eruption. Burn blisters, groin and folds
neck. Itching: in armpits, pubis, scrotum, night forearms, back of hands, left thumb tip.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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