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The spleen is an organ located in the highest part of the abdominal cavity (left upper quadrant). It has a roughly triangular, with convex lateral contact with the bottom surface of the diaphragm, and half divided by a vertical ridge in anterior half, attached to the stomach, and a half later, applied over the left kidney.

Functions of the spleen
On the functions of the spleen has been much uncertainty for decades, but it seems that its functions are:
* Training of lymphocytes at the level of the Malpighian corpuscles.
* A training action of red cells in the spleen of only near-term fetus. This function is restored in adult life in cases of anemia.
* Function to destroy blood erythrocytes notebooks have reached old age, so the spleen is considered the cemetery of red blood cells.
* The spleen is a blood pool in relation to the circulating mass of blood. That way when bleeding occurs reserves are used spleen.
* The spleen performs a filtering function with respect to microbes and toxins circulating in the blood.
* It has a metabolic function in relation to iron metabolism.

Despite all these functions, the spleen is an organ essential to life. People who have been operated by pathological causes or accident, suffering a splenectomy (spleen removal), not only survive but do not have any disorder of various organic life functions.

Treatments and Remedies for Natural Medicine spleen
Below we've outlined some herbs and supplements that have been used to help improve the conditions of the spleen, or simply that you are useful.

Medicine for the spleen with the Diet:

Drink beverages containing fluoride. Parsley, carrots, grapes.

Medicine for the spleen with Medicinal Plants:
Saffron, Asparagus, Thistle Corridor, Frangula, Grama, Liver, Horehound, Parsley.

Comment: This body accumulates fluoride.

Medicine for the spleen with Nutritional Supplements:

Vitamin C and B. Minerals: copper, fluoride, iron, chlorine, magnesium, potassium, sodium.

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