Spongia Tosta. Homeopathy

(Sponge Common Tostada)

1 - () Anxiety, especially after midnight when I was waking nightmares, waking breathless, with great anguish, anxious expression, fainting with fear and, worse lying inside, better when sitting up in bed and outdoors; during fever or heat flares, and walking, with fear of drowning or suffocation (more on heart disease) and die, afraid to have heart disease or other diseases or lose the right. Anxiety about the future. Anxiety as if I had a hunch.

2 - () Grand shyness with a tendency to panic. Inconsolable, crying easily, tired of life. Toggles a joy unmeasured and naughty (sometimes with a tendency to sing) with crying or bad character. Stubborn. Tormenting thoughts recalling a sad event in the past. Sadness helplessly. Sweetness.

3 obtuse, with aversion and inability to all intellectual work.
Amused. Fantasizing on closing the eyes, or see visions.

4 - () Any excitement causing cough or worse.

5 - () Modalities: Worse, thinking of symptoms; by touch and pressure, by motion, walking, stooping, rising, lifting arms; habando or singing, lying with his head down or on the side right, and at night, before or after midnight, by heat or in a warm room; by sudden temperature changes, sleep or after sleep, cold wind or smoke at full moon; for sweets, periodically or every night climbing. Better: for hot food or drinks (especially cough and dyspnea) and falling, or lying still.

6 - () Intense dryness of the respiratory mucous membrane (nose, larynx, trachea, bronchi) and tongue, mouth and firing, as if made of wood or leather.

7 - () Hypertrophy and induration of the lymph glands and, especially testicles, ovaries, thyroid, tonsils, etc.

8 - () Extreme exhaustion and heaviness of the whole body, with orgasm of blood to the chest, face and warmth in the arteries hard and distended, with great anxiety and dyspnea. Heaviness walking outdoors, must sit. Sensation of torpor in the lower body.

9 Especially useful in diseases of children and women with light hair, delicate constitution and weak muscles. In tuberculins.

10 - () Vertigo as if to fall, or feel that the head falls to one side, with nausea, waking at night. Heaviness and fullness cephalic. Cntrar Hemicrania to a warm room from outside. Frontal headache (more right) Pressing from within outward, as if about to burst, worse sitting and watching something intensely (with tearing) or entering a warm room or when coughing, better lying on his back. Intense congestion of the head with strong pulsation or throbbing in the head and red face. Feeling that the hairs are standing on the vertex. Violent itching of the scalp.

11 - () Eyelids swollen, heavy stick, against tomorrow. Eyes sunken or protruding exophthalmos. Stain on the cornea. Eyes red, burning and watery. Myopia. Diplopia, better lying down.

12 earache; pressure in the ears. Ulceration in the ear cartilage pain. Reddish swelling of the left helix. Heat in the ears.
Hearing loss. Ringing in the ears, but the right.

13 Epistaxis on blowing. Fluent coryza with much sneezing, and dry, with obstruction. Eruption on the tip of the nose.

14 - () pale face, with sunken eyes, or puffy, red, or cyanotic, with an anxious expression. Heat on one side of the face, worse at the thought. Cold sweat on his face. Puffy cheeks, with itching. Eruption on the lips.
Spasmodic pain in the jaw joint. Cross stitches in the left upper jaw. Submaxillary glands swollen and painful. Menton asleep. Heat in the chin.

15 Sense of loose teeth when chewing, hot and itchy in the teeth.

16 Gums swollen, with pain when chewing. Vesicles with burning pains cn mouth and tongue, preventing it from eating solid things, worse on the tip of the tongue. Sialorrhea. Difficulty speaking. Tongue dry and brown. Bitter or sweet taste.

17 - () Burning and stinging, with feeling to be raw and swollen throat. Sore throat for sweets, with dysphagia, and pain spreading to the ear, better lying down. Bitter taste in the throat.
Heat sensation in the esophagus. Thyroid bloated and hard, with attacks of suffocation at night, stitches and pressure. Simple goiter and exophthalmos, with constriction, sometimes with pain, worse on swallowing, or keystrokes. Cold in the neck, worse at night. Numbness in the neck. Indurated lymphadenopathy in the neck. Stiff neck. Worse for uncovering the neck.
Satiety 18. Increased or excessive appetite, insatiable. Sometimes insatiable thirst, or no thirst. Violent thirst after smoking. Aversion to snuff smoke. Sour or acid regurgitation. Frequent hiccups. Nausea with oral acidity. Vomiting of milk. Gastralgias constrictive. Can not bear tight clothing.
Stitches in pit by the lower pressure. Frio in the epigastrium.

19 Belly drive. Pain in the left side, better by flatus. Sensation of something alive in the womb. Heat in the stomach. Colicos; rumbling of morning and evening in bed. Pain as if to get a hernia in the inguinal ring. Lymphadenopathy in the groin.

20 stools hard and insufficient, or weak and pale, with tenesmus.
Anal itching, burning and scalding pain. Ascariasis.

21 Polluria; frequency. Urinary incontinence in the cough. Jet 2ebil. Foamy urine, sediment thick, whitish, grayish or yellow.

22 - () Tubers in the testes and spermatic cord. Swollen testes and spermatic cord, but the left. Testiculosy indurated epididymis. Orchitis and epididymitis acute paroxysmal pain sometimes pinching or squeezing or stabbing, often straight to a suppressed gonorrhea; with inflammation and pain in the spermatic cords, sometimes going from right to left. Voluptuous itching in the tip of the glans, should be scrubbed. Heat in the genitals. Moderate sexual desires, lack of erections.

23 Menses early and copious. Palpitations premenstrual.
Ovaries indurated and hypertrophied. Amenorrhea with asthma.

24 - () Respiratory conditions dry, no noise. Hollow voice. Hoarseness, sometimes with characteristic cough or coryza, with burning pain or, worse, singing, speaking, swallowing or touching larynx or turning the head. Feeling of lump in the larynx. False croup, especially before midnight, after having fallen asleep, waking suddenly, with the characteristic dry cough, with intense suffocation, hoarseness, great agitation and anxiety, fear of death and heart palpitations. Dry cough, barking, croupy, raspy, hollow, spasmodic, whistling, as if sawed a wooden board, day and night, that appears or is exacerbated by cold winds, cold drinks, by an excitement for laryngeal irritation or tickling , lying with his head down, smoking, eating sweets, for reading, talking, singing or swallowing, better by eating or drinking, especially warm things, with crying, headache, epistaxis, and fecal incontinence of urine and sweat; with pain in trachea and larynx, with great dryness of the respiratory mucous membrane. Scanty expectoration, salty, sticky, yellowish, indurated or membranous; loose in the morning, but it's swallowed, or smells like milk. Rapid breathing, anxious, panting. Constrictive pains, burning or raw around the thorax. Congestion in the chest after the slightest effort or movement, with dyspnea. Dyspnea after speaking when Homeowner and after sleeping during the beating, by movement during chest pain and ascending stairs, better after eating and sitting up and leaning forward (can not lie). Cardiac and bronchial asthma. Laryngismus stridulus. Laryngeal tuberculosis. Acute pulmonary edema. Pertussis. Weakness in the chest after exertion.

25 - () vavulares of Rheumatic Heart diseases; murmurs. Cardiac hypertrophy. Angina pains constricting, pressing or throbbing, worse after midnight and worse lying with his head down, with heat, suffocation, fainting, sweating, palpitations, extreme anxiety and fear of death.
Violent palpitation with rush of blood to heart and head, with heat and flushing, waking him at midnight or 1 to 2 am, with anxiety, suffocation intense, characteristic cough, agitation and fear to die, and rise to the throat ; appear or are aggravated by lying down efforts before menstruation, by moving your arms or on waking. Pericarditis and endocarditis acute or chronic, usually rheumatic, pains, palpitations, choking and coughing and characteristic already described. Pulse full, furo and fast.

26 Nape and rigid neck, cramps. Cold in neck and shoulders. Premenstrual sacral pain. Lumbar region and buttocks asleep. Lumbago.

27 - () Painful weariness in the arms and legs. Muscle twitching in the left shoulder in the buttocks. Heaviness, tremors and twitching in his forearms and hands. Large blisters on his forearm. Hands swollen with stiff fingers. Swelling and redness of finger joints.
Numbness in the fingertips, especially in whooping cough.
Painful cramp in the thenar and right thumb. Butt and thighs and cold asleep. Restlessness in the legs or stiffness. Tearing in the warm all evening, but by legs and feet only at night.
Sleepiness and yawning after 28 noon falls. Insomnia. Suenos sad, anxious, terrifying.

29 Chills frequent throughout the body, especially the back, and even near a stove. Violent fever, immediately after the chill, with dry, burning heat throughout the body (except the thighs, which are cold and asleep), with red face, continuous thirst, headache, delirium and inconsolable crying. Night sweats or morning, throughout the body. Ia cold sweat on his face at dusk. Flushes.

30 Itchy skin, worse from warmth of bed. Tingling, heat and redness at the scratched. Red spots and itching. Itching eruptions, miliary.

Sulfur Iodatum. Tuberculin.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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