Sports drink with magnesium

Oceanic seawater enriched with ascorbic acid salts. Box of 20 ampoules of 10 ml.

The oceanic seawater, used as a natural therapeutic method, has become a method of nutrition and cellular revitalization traditionally used by mankind since the beginning of history, in all civilizations.

This method is called Thalasso, whether it is used for internal use (drinkable or injectable ampoules, gargles, enemas, colon hydrotherapy, etc..) Or external use, according to the different applications of marine hydrotherapy (baths, streams, mud, etc.)..

The history of the Thalasso Spa is parallel to (use of hot springs).

Consider the following references:
- There are writings of Hippocrates to recommend the use of seawater as a therapy for some diseases .- In ancient Egypt used thalassotherapy, having been found on papyri which speak of the therapeutic power of climate and sea mud of the Nile - The Roman Empire produced a boom of thalassotherapy, like spas, impacting the study of medicinal mineral water in marine applications .- In medieval times, under the influence of the Inquisition , decays The use of thalassotherapy and hydrotherapy. From eighteenth-century revival of interest hydrotherapy, both thermal and marine, and create new application with sea water .- In the nineteenth century began to be used thalassotherapy in tourism, leading to greater diffusion of his knowledge and increasing demand for such applications. Appearing the great villas of health then would result in a more general supply of balneotherapy in the hospitality sector.

The properties of thalassotherapy are related to the composition of seawater, sea minerals, algae, plankton and marine energy, whose ions circulate openly on maritime climate areas; taking, this set vital elements necessary for the proper functioning the human body, including the provision of therapeutic properties, such as the antitumor, antibacterial, antiviral or regenerative.

Moreover, the composition of seawater is similarly proportional to the blood plasma, the first three times more concentrated than the latter.

In marine animals is usable directly seawater as animal plasma. In terrestrial animals (fully corroborated in mammals) is necessary to dilute sea water with two parts oceanica spring water of very low mineral content in order to be used as plasma drinkable and injectable. (Rene Quinton. 1904).

According to the system of French biologist Rene Quinton, the integral oceanic seawater, pure and cold sterilized by micro-filtration, it is called Quinton Hypertonic and oceanic seawater diluted with twice the quantity of spring water is called Quinton Isotonic . With this technique, without raising the temperature of the liquid element, we get the spring integro provide vital nutrients to the living cell, preventing nutritional deficiencies vital energy and produces heat sterilization.

Quinton's experience demonstrated that seawater through the oceanic and through two-way
above, foreign or domestic, living beings can achieve total absorption of the proportional element of the periodic table, on a biological level, and work well to his cell renewal.

Since the early twentieth century has seen, in clinical practice, that sea water has the effect of rehydration most important nature. When a body is dehydrated, it begins its gelation (increased coagulation and flocculation of intracellular and extracellular fluids). A newborn baby has a 80% body water. Upon reaching the elderly, taking into account the feeding habits of conventional routine and widespread tendency to drink less fluid, body water is reduced to 65%. Thus a young person is dehydrated like an old man, both physiologically and clinically, due to the increase in gelation of the internal environment. For many years Rene Quinton was solving this and many other types of problems, from dehydration and intoxication, as marine clinic in Paris, through the administration of oceanic seawater in its various forms, both orally or intravenously or subcutaneous injections. At present these techniques are still used in various private clinics around the world. (See the internet).

Body functions:
In the world of biology is well known, supported by research by Professor Maurice Aubert (1981), International University of the Sea (Old CERBOM) that short chains of four-carbon organic, get going through the process of micro-filtration and that these chains may be fragments of DNA from the plankton. Seawater isotonic (drinkable and injectable, l0 to 11 grams. Salinity per liter), obtained after dilution and filtration colloid appearance is benefiting, among others, the following bodily functions:

- Increasing the osmotic pressure in the membrane of cells, greater than saline solutions and natural therapeutic activity.
- Free Ionization totum biochemical elements; property due to the fact that the ions, not bound with colloidal substances have greater availability, not being linked in ways crystalloids.
- Maximum effect of rehydration, preventing the loss of water and ions that contributes to the gel, hyper-coagulation and flocculation.
- Regulation of homeostasis (equilibrium or stability trend in organic preservation of physiological constants).
- Adjuvant fundamental in the regulation of the endocrine system work in the normalization of

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