Staphisagria. Homeopathy

STAPHISAGRIA (Delphininum Staphisagria. Delfinillo)
1 - () Essentially, the basic mental characteristics of this drug is constituted by the conditions or consequences, mental and physical, repressed feelings or emotions or content, especially in people hypersensitive and easily offended by the least action or word that seems wrong. It is very sensitive to criticism. When he has been insulted (especially if it was unearned) and has too much dignity to respond or fight, is repressed, but remains shaky and exhausted, or when you feel a great indignation, that can not express something that other people have done or same. Anger experience and contain it does become very pale, and headaches may occur, gastralgias, cramps, diarrhea, metrorrhagia, dyspnea, cough, chest tightness, palpitations, paralysis of limbs, hemiplegia, fever, insomnia and sweating.
Suppressed sadness. Drug free.
2 - () One of the major drugs of the consequences of different emotions: from anger, with indignation or sorrow silent worries, for anticipation, for deaths of loved ones, of a child, parents or friends, for frustrations; by punishment, for the honor or pride wounded by indignation; by unrequited love, for mortification, without or with indignation, for being treated rudely, to be despised, for envy.
3 - () Children moody things that cry out that, once obtained, rejected with impatience to throw things or, worse tomorrow. Very whimsical.
Throw in things that offend those who believe. Irritable children. Irritability, worst of morning or after ejaculation. Wishes to hit. Fighter.
Tends to contradict. Lose control. Resentful.
4 - () Unhappy, has lost all hope, tired of life. Sadness, and fear of future poverty. Crying without reason, or for things he has done and he feels guilty. Cry when you speak, or cry and laugh. It has premonitions and death wishes. Thoughts of suicide afraid to die, for sorrow, contemplating suicide with a revolver. Nostalgia.
5 - () Ideas sexual obsessions. Sexual neurasthenia, impotence. Nymphomania.
Lust. Mental consequences of sexual excess or masturbation, apathy, indifference, depression, weakened memory, etc.. Always thinking of themes or sexual pleasures.
6 - () Confused mental strain. Every time you try to focus, has a feeling of emptiness or absence. Stunned, with marked deficiency of ideas imbecibilidad. At night there may be more mental clarity. Poor memory, short, to what you just read, for places. Clumsy, can not attend to any occupation. Aversion to think, to converse, to any intellectual work.
7 - () is very scrupulous and conscientious in the duties performed or also in little things. Hypersensitive to external impressions; hypersensitive children. Restless, takes many turns in bed. Anxiety when walking fast. Impetuous.
8 - () Haughty, proud. He feels as if all the objects around it were below it and as if he is bigger than it is in eealidad.
9 - () Jealous. Envious. Sentimental. Shy.
10 - () looks back as if to follow him, is afraid of its shadow.
Kleptomania. Are easily frightened.
11 - () For the tendency to excessive masturbation and its consequences, both physical and mental (see 5), in both sexes. For the consequences of sexual excess, including irregular or abnormal sexual appetites.
12 - () being the main drug of stab wounds, both to speed the healing and resorption of extravasated blood to relieve the pain, the indication is particularly highlighted in the postoperative period, especially when the surgical wound is very painful and much delay in healing, also can be used after puncture.
In another vein, is a medicine of great value in the first days of marriage in women suffering many disorders after the first intercourse.
13 - () Worse from slightest touch on the parties concerned, by pressure, by motion, sitting, drinking or eating, even a little, by drinking cold water from emotion (see 1 and 2), by cold , heat, air, temperature changes, in Winter, by washing, from evening to morning, at night, early morning, in the new moon for intercourse by fluid loss, for the snuff, for nap. Best: after breakfast, after dinner, for heat, the rest of the night.
14 - () and lymph glands swollen and hard (glands in the neck, tonsils, testes, ovaries, prostate, etc.).
15 - () Tendency to have head lice, and crabs on the genitals.
16 - () bone conditions: painful inflammation, swelling hypertrophied periosteum and bone suppuration. Sycosis. Syphilis.
17 Excessive tiredness painful, worse from motion, better sitting or lying (great tendency to lie). Muscles sore and tender to the touch, and painful joints when using them. Relieves pain of cancer.
Desire and aversion of STAPHISAGRIA
18 - () Wishes: hot or cold milk; of snuff, wine, alcoholic beverages in general, whiskey, brandy and beer bread, soup.
19 - () Vertigo in the evening in bed, or day, worse sitting or lying down, better walking in circles or spinning quickly on the heel, with nausea. Dizziness sea. Sensation of a round lead ball on the forehead, but fixed, even shaking his head. Pressure and heaviness front, on the root of the nose, like a cork or wooden cradle, worse morning, bending motion and better by rest and leaning his head against something or hand and yawning. Shootings like needles in the crown. Headache as if forehead would burst, moving or bending. Headache anger, excitement, risteza or humiliation. Hemicrania as if a nail driven into the brain. Feeling that the brain is loose; of the occiput is hollow or empty, or that the brain is not big enough for that space, or as if the entire back of the brain out of wood and could not think.
Front asleep. Itching, tingling and pain in the scalp excoriating,
worse in evening and heat. Dandruff with itching. Moist eruption, fetida and itchy on the neck, sides of head and behind the ears, the itching changes place on scratching. Sensitive eruptions. Eczema of scalp on the occiput. Hair matted and very offensive. Hair loss.
20 - () Eyes sunken, with dark circles blue, sleepy. Mydriasis. Inflammation and itching at the edges of the eyelids and the inner angle. Styes that preferentially settle in the left upper eyelid, especially useful when a nodule or induration is after a stye. Recurrent tarsal tumors or nodules in the eyelids. Cysts in the eyelids. Polyps in the conjunctiva. Gland tumor Meibomius. Swollen eyelids, chronic blepharitis. Burning eyes when writing, visual fatigue lancinating pains.
Hot Tearing and irritating the left eye by sunlight. Great dryness of eyes and eyelids. Iritis silfilitica exploded with pain as if the eye, temple and that side of the face, worse from evening to the morning and light. Lacerated wounds or incisions in the cornea. Post operative cataract. Dried mucus and pus in the corners of the eyes. The eyelids are glued night. Spasmodic closure of the eyelids. Pain in the upper eyelid to close my eyes. See flashes black, sees bright sparks, especially in the dark, you see a halo around lights.
21 - () Earache. Auricular eruption. Hearing loss. Deafness in children with adenoids. Noises in the ears as if sawed wood, or moving the head stamp. Feeling of wind blowing in the ears.
22 Violent coryza, fluent, with obstruction of one hand, frequent sneezing and watery, with ulcerated nostrils; with mucous secretion and thick at first, then water. Scabs inside.
23 Face sunken, sharp, blue or brown in anger. Facial neuralgia worse by chewing or by cold water in the mouth throbbing. Burning stitches in the left cheek which induces scratching. Inflammation of the bones of the face. Caries of the jaw, following an osteitis by extraction of a tooth. Eruptions on the face (more on cheeks and perioral, or upper lip) with itching and pain. Hot Lips with sores and scabs, swollen. Easy dislocation of the jaw. Painful swelling and induration of the submaxillary glands.
24 - () Toothache dominate the lower teeth and the right side, biting, especially in nervous patients; occur or become worse in the evening and at night (after midnight), in cold air or if it enters the mouth, outdoors or clenched teeth brushing, cold drinks, for bread crumbs, chewing and after eating, during menstruation and pregnancy, by touching the tooth with the tongue or mlimentos, traveling and a humiliation, better from hard pressure and heat, and swelling of the cheek. Caries premature children, the teeth decay just appear, especially on the sides or edges break and crumble to pieces, crumble. The teeth become black, or are striped black and can not be kept clean. Feel lengthened or loose teeth. Very sensitive teeth, dental work can not tolerate or cold water.
25 - () very sensitive gums, swollen, bleeding, spongy, pyorrhea, or pale and ulcerated. Vesicles in the mouth sores. Excrescences painful on the inside of the cheeks. Sialorrhea, with bloody saliva. Salivary duct cysts, ranula. White tongue dry; with stitches in the tip and edges, like thorns. Voice nasal obstruction of the choanae. As he speaks, swallows continually. Bitter taste of food or acid.
26 - () Winter Gorges chronic hypertrophy of tonsils. Submaxillary glands swollen. Dryness and roughness in the throat, with sensation of excoriation, when speaking or swallowing. Tonsillitis, with stitching that fly to the ear on swallowing, especially left. Drawing pain from the hyoid to the throat, worse when touched.
27 - () Voracity, bulimia, although it has finished eating. The child cries just finished eating. No thirst. Feeling as if stomach were hanging relaxed, worse after eating, even the smallest bite, especially if you ate meat and the snuff (who wishes terribly). Belching or regurgitation bitter or salty. Frequent nausea every morning, or the
postoperative abdominal interventions. Feeling of fullness.
28 - () biliary colic. Belly enlarged in children. Feeling weak and bearing down on his belly as if to fall out, it needs to sustain it. Colic with cutting pains after eating or taking cold drinks and after a fit of anger, often with wishes, urinating or defecating. Great flatulence, with localized accumulations or flatus very hot and fetid odor of rotten eggs. Cramps or severe abdominal pain following an intervention in the womb. Inguinal hernia. Tender lymphadenopathy in English. Itchy rashes on the belly, that become moist and burn on scratching.
29 - () Constipation with frequent and difficulty passing stools but are soft, with obstinate constipation stools scanty. Diarrhea from anger, indignation, emotion, after being punished, after drinking cold water or food, in children with urgency and cramps before, during and after stool. Liquid stool incontinence involuntarily; think will come out a fart and faeces. Sitting anal itching. Constriction with sharp burning pains in anus during stool, followed by prolonged pain in the rectum. Piles with prostate hypertrophy.
30 - () points in the kidney region. Pressure in the bladder upon awakening.
Sensation of fullness in the bladder, but recently has urinated. Bladder pain after a lithotomy. Retention of urine in the postpartum period. Vrin desires intense, frequent or constant, irritable bladder newly married, with dysuria, worse after coition, with a desire to defecate, even after urinating. Urine drop by drop, in prostate hypertrophy, sometimes involuntarily, dribbling after urination. Frequent urination, incomplete.
Involuntary urination; at night, on coughing; to move. Thin stream urination. Nocturnal urinary frequency. Burning pain in the urethra in the interval between two voids, which disappears when urinating. Sensation as if a drop of urine constantly run urethra. Urging and pain after urinating in prostatic disorders in the elderly, acute urinary retention in prostate, have to sit a long time to urinate a few drops.
31 - () output of prostatic fluid, especially when moving hard stools.
Enlarged prostate in the elderly. Prostatitis; sometimes suppressed gonorrhea. Prostate Pain, worse walking. Inveterate onanism, his face sunken, look guilty or ashamed, melancholy, nocturnal emission, lumbago, weak legs, and genitals flaccid prostration. Increased sexual desire with frequent erections, especially at night, or diminished.
Voluptuous itching in the scrotum, that produces ejaculations. Frequent pollutions, worse after masturbation, sleeping, even for naps, often followed by mortification, weakness and dyspnea. Impotence with many sexual desires. Atrophy of genital organs for sexual excess.
Warts or excrescences soft and wet above and below the glans. Acute orchitis swollen testicles and indurated (Mumps), in pain (especially on the left), worse walking, hot shooting, stabbing or tearing, burning pain in the spermatic cord with drawing the testicle, worse when touched.
32 - () Nymphomania, with voluptuous tingling in vulva, always thinking on sexual matters. Excessive vulval sensitivity, worse sitting, almost can not tolerate a washcloth. Vulvar pruritus. Senile pruritus. Ovaritis with sharp pain or burning, worse from pressure, stretch your thighs.
Menstruation after a long time to menopause. Amenorrhea mortification or anger with indignation. Irregular menstruation, late and profuse blood pale at first, then dark and clotted. Prolapsed uterus, with emptiness in his belly. Flow.
33 - () Hoarseness with mucus in the larynx. Laryngeal pain as raw, by talking a lot. Violent cough, dry, hollow, spasmodic, from tickling laryngeal; only one day or after dinner, with purulent or yellowish, worse at night, or hemoptysis. Winter Croupy cough, alternating with sciatica in summer. Cough caused by smoke snuff, from vexation or indignation or brushing teeth. Dyspnea after pollutions or
completion of intercourse, with constriction and great agitation. Raw-Pain in the chest, coughing. Pain and heaviness in the chest, worse sitting, better walking. Puant in the costal cartilages. Itching in the manubrium. Red miliary eruption and itching in the chest.
34 Palpitation from slightest movement or the slightest intellectual fatigue,
when she hears music or after a nap. Stitches that cut precordial sa respiration. Rapid pulse and trembling.
35 - () Neck and neck rigid. Itchy rash on my neck. Painful lymphadenopathy in neck, neck and armpits. Back pain, worse at night in bed and the morning before rising. Pain as if broken lumbar or sacral region, like excess stress or heavy lifting,
worse at rest and after sexual intercourse or sexual excesses, or rising from a chair or turn over in bed. Lumbar abscess.
36 - () Stitching pain, tearing, or drawing in the limbs, worse on movement and contact. Bruised and aching limbs, as after a long walk. Bone pain at night. Cramping or jerking movements in the fingers tips to sleep. Osteitis in the phalanges;
with sweat and suppurative inflammation. Nodules in arthritic finger joints. Gouty pains in the thumb, index and pinky, left, at night. Herpes hands. Stiffness. Crural neuralgia. Throbbing pain in the hip joint, with morning stiffness. Buttock pain when sitting. Pain in right iliac crest extended back and thigh, worse in the early morning, when rising or sitting, standing and heat better. Pain and weakness in thighs, knees and legs. Dolmr as if fractured thigh, when walking. Pain in the calf muscles as if they had been beaten. Attacks of severe pain in his right leg and spread to the testicles followed by great prostration. Night cramps in the calves and soles of the feet.
Itching on the inner thighs. Tearing pains in the legs while sitting or standing. Acute osteomyelitis, especially in the phalanges of the fingers and the huesosdel metatarsus and foot, and tibia, with stitching and swelling of bones, with total absence of fever and sweats. Burning and itching of the toes, chilblains. An embodied in the big toe drecho with abscess.
37 - () Grand drowsy all day, especially after eating. Violent yawning and stretching, with watering. Takes to fall asleep mental activity with great flow of ideas, or itching and burning in its eruptions or ulcers or by violent pains in the calves. Restless sleep, wake frequently and smoothly. This sleepy all day and awake all night with pain all over his body. Shaking sleep.
The child wakes up, throws it all and wants everyone to go, often called the mother. Erotic dreams pollutions.
38 - () Dominance of cold and chilly, with frequent tremors without fever after. Violent chills in the evening or 15 hours, with heat in the face. The chills go up or down the back. Malaria with insatiable hunger before access and sometimes afterwards. Tertian fever with bitter mouth, bleeding gums, anorexia and constipation. Fever with skin
hot and thirsty after midnight. Burning heat in hands and feet at night, you need to uncover them. Great tendency to sweat during the day, or does not perspire.
Copious night sweats, putrid odor, like rotten eggs. Cold sweat on his forehead and feet.
39 - () Tickling like insect in the whole body, worse tomorrow.
Chronic miliary eruptions. Eczema, with thick crusts and dry or wet, and irritating, yellow discharge coming out from under the scabs, and whose contact form new vesicles, especially in the head, ears, face,
edge of the eyelids and the body, with violent itching, tingling, worse warmth of bed and calm by scratching a place to come back soon in another. Dry and scaly rashes in joints. Skin
unhealthy that oozes easily. Frequent boils. Ulceration with gnawing or burning pain and itching. Wens and cysts after Staphisagria open 200A. Pedunculated warts, bleeding, dry or wet, in cauliflower, toothed, very sensitive to touch. Alternation of rheumatism with skin disorders.
Causticum. Colocynthis. Thuya.

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