Staphisagria. Homeopathy. Abstract

STAPHISAGRIA or STAPHYSAGRIA (herbaceous plant of the Ranunculaceae family)

Psychic symptoms of Staphisagria
1 .- character disorder, extreme sensitivity, irritability, depressive tendencies evolution in response to various rejections, humiliation, indignation, injustice suffered or felt. Feelings of persecution translating for somatic cutaneous manifestations, urinary, sexual. Subject susceptible and sulky.

General Symptoms Staphisagria
2 .- Manifestations Sex and Genito-Urinary. Hyperesthesia of genital organs. Obsessive sexual excitation and inhibition reserve. Sexual rejection. Masturbation. Pollakiuria psychosomatic. Cystitis of the newly married. Prostatic disorders.

3 .- Skin Manifestations: pruritus erratic changing place after scratching, psychogenic pruritus. Lichen, eczema, lichenified, crusty and oozing eczema, particularly at the scalp, edge of the eyelids. Chalazion. Styes.

4 .- Acceleration of healing of linear wounds, cuts, surgical incisions. Indicated in the operative consequences.

General symptoms Staphisagria: Acts upon the psyche, on the genitourinary organs and skin.

Staphisagria: Aggravation: indignation, humiliation, anger, humiliation inhibited. For linear wounds (surgery).

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