Stellaria media. Homeopathy

Stellaria media
(Alsina Media. Pasto or pimpernel of the Birds)
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Stellaria media
1 - () Worse: Morning, by heat, for the snuff. Better: the evening, for * l cold air.
2 - () The pains are worse from motion, with soreness of the parties concerned, when touched.
Weariness with 3 indisposition for work and irritability.
4 Rheumatic pains in the head, usually on one side, especially the right or left forehead above the eye, with the affected area very sensitive to touch, worse morning and sleepy.
5 Ojo right painful to touch. Waves of heat under the right eyelid.
Vision cloudy. Feel the burning eyes and protruding.
6 Dry nostrils.
7 right facial neuralgia.
8 Gusto acre. Heat and dryness in the mouth. They sleep lower gums and the tip of the tongue.
9 Dryness and numbness of the throat, followed by sharp stitches in the left tonsil. Stiff neck muscles.
10 mild nausea with frequent belching. Epigastric pain on touch.
11 - () Liver swollen, hard, congested, with sharp pain, pressing or burning, and marked tenderness to palpation. Wandering pains periumbilical or between the navel and the liver, with navel sore to the touch. Pain around the belly to the touch. Pain in right groin.
12 - () discolored stools, or loose and dark brown. Constipation, sometimes alternating with diarrhea.
13 The kidney region is sensitive or sore to the touch.
14 short cough from tickling in the upper chest, worse on deep inspiration. Salty and thick mucous expectoration. Feel constriction, oppression or heat in the chest.
15 Dull pain under right shoulder blade. Stiff and painful lumbar region.
Rheumatic pains in the lower back, worse bending forward.
16 - () rheumatic pains throughout the body, but especially in the extremities. Rheumatism acute, subacute or chronic with very sore and stiff joints, as if straining fact, the pains are erratic and are jumping without any order, of a joint to another, getting worse to the touch, warmth, by inactivity and morning, and better from motion, warm or cold bath (sea, lake or river), outdoors and in the evening, sometimes with discreet tachycardia, cold in the body and weight loss. It is located mostly in shoulders, arms (but right), left index, right hip, left knee and thigh gradually extends below the right knee in the calves, very sensitive to touch, ankles and left foot. Feel your thighs bruised or bruised. Subacute or chronic synovitis. In rheumatism, Kopp, who in 1893 became the pathogenesis, 2AX advised to use one to two drops every 2 to 4 hours, and simultaneously in lotion or liniment (in olive oil) with the dye, on the parties concerned, thus accelerating the alleviation or cure.
17 I sleep well, but not awake feeling refreshed.
18 Temperature something normal with accelerated pulse.
Psoriasis 19.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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