Sticta pulmonaria. Homeopathy

Sticta pulmonaria
(Lichen Pulmonaria)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Sticta pulmonaria
1 - () You feel a sense of levitation, as a general lightness, as if I had a need to take to the air, flying, feels his legs and his body floating in the air, or that are so light they do not touch the bed .
2 - () Nervousness with excitement and insomnia, and compulsive great loquacity. There is a strong desire or need to talk about everything and anything, no matter if they hear it or not, can not remain silent. Hysteria by bleeding.
Mental Confusion 3, can not concentrate.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Sticta pulmonaria
4 - () Worse by sudden changes in temperature by touch, by motion, to turn the eyes of day; by coughing. Better: by pressure, by the appearance of nasal secretion. Right side.
5 burning or stinging pains all over and throughout the day.
Painful lymphadenopathy.
SPECIFIC Sticta pulmonaria
6 - () pressive frontal headache with sensation of heaviness in the root of the nose, worse before it installs or nasal discharge after his abrupt disappearance, appears better when coryza. Migraine, need to lie; worse by light and noise, with nausea and vomiting. Headache with severe eye pain when closing or rotating them. He feels that the scalp is too small. Heaviness occipital pain. The head seems to fly in space. Frontal headache worse by pressure, better by cold. Sensation of fullness and confusion in the head.
7 Ojos heavy. Burning in the eyelids with soreness in the eyeballs when you close or rotate. Pain in the left inner corner of eye. Vision cloudy as if reading a lot.
8 sharp neuralgic pain deep in the mastoid.
9 - () coryza acute in onset, with sensation of fullness in the root or painful obstruction, with excessive dryness of the nasal mucosa, with constant need to blow your nose, without any result, the secretions are dried quickly, forming scabs dry and hard very hard to eject, but no discharges, with incessant sneezing and fullness or pain in frontal sinuses, the relief of symptoms is installed when secretion occurs, which may be copious, watery or purulent, bloody, greenish, scalding, sticky, and sometimes through the rear discharge.
The coryza is worse in the evening and morning and improved outdoors. The similarity (and the endorsement of the drug) they cease to receive the download, which eliminates the above symptoms. This coryza, usually of a cooling product, is the beginning of a flu or acute nasopharyngitis.
Desire to stick his finger in the nose to remove thick secretions. Epistaxis.
Coryza hay with asthma.
10 Pain in the face, in the parotid; in the zygomatic bone. Tenderness in the jaw. Pain in the right submandibular gland, worse pressure.
11 Mouth and throat burn as if burnt. Furred tongue with thick yellow in posterior half, with a thin yellow stripe in the center, which runs through the tip, with some red papillae. Pearly white patches on the tongue. Abundant and foamy saliva.
12 Soft palate very dry, feels like leather, with painful swallowing.
Fall of mucus in the nares, with throat as if raw.
Coryza, sore throat with the slightest cold.
Heartburn with acid regurgitation 13 and bitter. Squeezing pain in the cardia. Rumbling, burning in the stomach.
14 Dull pains in the right upper quadrant; sensation of fullness in the left. Rumbling in the abdomen, like yeast.
15 Diarrhea copious mucus, frequent and sometimes takes it out of bed urgently to 1. Frothy stools with flatulence. Constipation with intense anal pain after stool.
16 Frequent desire to urinate repeatedly at night, with scanty and sometimes, with effort. Pain or tenderness in the bladder.
17 pollutions while sleeping at night or nap. Thinks a lot about sexual matters.
Menstruation 18 abundant and pale. Hypogalactia.
19 - () Tingling or irritation in larynx and trachea, which causes coughing.
Laryngitis or laryngotracheitis with sensation of dryness. Dry cough, incessant and loud, barking or barking, irritating, exhausting, spasmodic, worse at night and lying, by temperature changes and to inspire, can not sleep or lie down; when more coughing, more needs to cough, can not stop coughing, the cough outbreak causes frontal headaches or pain in the upper sternum or frontal sinuses, cough with little or no expectoration. Cough after influenza, measles, queluche, worse at night and when tired. Sudden and intense pain from the sternum to the column, constant, worse from motion, with difficulty breathing or speaking. Sensation of a hard mass in the thorax. Keystrokes herecho side of the sternum to the abdomen. Asthma. Hemoptysis with each cold wet dark.
20 oppressive chest pain, precordial anxiety. Pulse interrupted every third or fourth beat.
21 It wakes up with pain in the 2nd and 4th lumbar vertebra sentadlo best upright and leaning forward. Great weakness in the back after noon.
22 - () Hands and feet swollen and rigid, cold. Acute and subacute rheumatism and swelling and heat, and a red spot in the affected joint (like the red spots on the cheeks in TB), with violent pains, worse from motion, by night and by temperature changes; rheumatism right shoulder joint, deltoid and biceps; of the wrists. Veins in hands, arms and legs. Skeletal and muscular pains. Painful knee by a fall. Hygroma knee. Kneeling on the domestic. Synovial cyst of the wrist. Synovitis. Bursitis.
Sleepiness after eating 23. Insomnia: by nervousness; by coughing, after surgeries in children.
Fever 24. Shivering all over, worse on toes and hands.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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