Stillingia. Homeopathy

(S. sylvatica. Raiz Real. Enjoyment of the Queen)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Stillingia
1 - () Depression, with omens or appeared grim.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Stillingia
2 Worse from motion; walking; by exposure to cold or air, or humidity; after noon. Best: Morning, by dry air, warm.
3 - () Syphilis, especially related to bone pain or pcriosticos alive, sharp, lancinating, worse on movement and humidity, especially localized in the tibia, bones of skull, mandible, vertebrae, and so on.; And neuralgia of origin syphilitic (trigeminal, sciatic, head, etc.).. Exostoses. Bony cavities. Syphilitic laryngitis.
4 Pain in all muscles. Fatigue and weight loss.
SPECIFIC Stillingia
5 - () Persistent headache on the vertex. Heaviness front. Catarrhal headaches, mercurial or syphilitic. Bony swellings in the calvaria and forehead, sometimes like a chicken egg. Periostitis of the skull. Pain in the bones of the skull.
6 Eyes inflamed and watering, with severe headaches. Tearing worse on the right, especially after reading. Acute pain over the left eye.
7 Burning in left ear at nightfall the following day, vesicular eruption.
8 - () a watery nasal discharge and then mucopurulent. Abscesses in the nostril * ight, with sharp pains and burning. Necrosis her nasal bones.
9 below the malar pain. Periostitis of the bones of the face. Heat in the face.
Toothache 10. Tongue white or yellowish-white, rough and sore.
Burning sensation on the tongue. Heat in the mouth and jaws. Taste salty bitter morning. Sialorrhea.
11 - () adenopathies in the neck, worse in wet weather. Throat dry and burning stinging like raw. Intense burning Extended throat to the stomach, worse whenever he tries to swallow.
12 Appetite increased or absent. Food regurgitation and vomiting.
Heartburn daily, 15 to 22 hours. Nausea with constipation. Feeling of emptiness or gastric languor. Stomach cramps.
13 torpidity liver with jaundice, depression and constipation. Cramps in hypochondria. Rumbling. Colicos newspapers. Painful heaviness in the
Painful piles 14. Pain in the rectum and anus, with burning and tenesmus after stool. Stool copious, sour, frothy, bilious, or as white clots. Constipation.
15 - () renal dull pain. Incontinence of urine. Violent urethral burning when urinating, with dysuria. Urine increased, with mucous or sediinento white milky.
16 Acute pain in the glans when urinating, spread to the urethra, it causes perspiration. Tearing in the left testicle, twitching in the right. Gonorrhea.
17 Severe pain in both ovaries. Mucopurulent copious flow, with rheumatic pains.
18 - () Laryngitis, especially syphilitic, with sore throat and dry cough and spasmodic. Chronic conditions larynx, with hoarseness of voice abuse in speakers, with laryngeal constriction. False croup. Tickling in trachea and bronchi, worse on rising in morning or evening, with dry cough and spasmodic. Trachea and larynx painful, especially when touched. Laryngeal tuberculosis. Chest tightness, pain when coughing. Raw-feeling over the sternum. Incipient pulmonary tuberculosis. Pain over the left clavicle. Cough worse in bed. Asthma.
19 Dolores precordial terebrantes, with very irregular and weak pulse.
Backache 20 extends to thighs and legs. Low back pain while sitting. Pain in right shoulder blade.
21 - () Pain in the flue. Large nodule in the olecranon. Pains in the left elbow, right leg. Tibia thickened periostis, and nodules on the tibia. Burning and itching in the legs. Left sciatica, or blennorrhagica syphilitic origin. Chronic leg ulcers. Weariness and aching feet and legs.
22 day intense sleepiness, especially after eating.
23 With cold at bedtime and, then, excessive sweating with heat all night. Fever in the evening or at one. Feel the room very hot in ny.
24 pustules. Elephantiasis. Leprosy. Indolent ulcers. Chronic rashes on hands and fingers.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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