Stramonium. Homeopathy

(Datura Stramonium. Manzana Espinosa)
1 - () at the mental picture of Stramonium there is a predominance of delusional and manic states. "Delirium is more angry, more acute mania, while the congestion, although higher than in Hyoscyamus, is much lower than Belladonna, never reaching a true inflammation" (Allen). Furious delirium, angry, violent, savage, ferocious, with extreme agitation and violent, and complete absence of pain, and consistent with disorderly movements of muscles of the face and limbs, with eyes wide open, prominent, bright and totally pupils dilated and unresponsive to light, with shouts and screams, impulses to kill, to hit (often imaginary objects), biting, kicking, tearing their clothes or pillow with his teeth or anything, or want to escape, jumping from the bed and run, or spits in the face of people, or laughs in paroxysms noisy and jerky, self-indulgent or silly or cry (sometimes alten with laughter), or whistling, or singing (sometimes alternating with crying) or dance or sigh or applaud or make faces or gestures or twisting the hands or feet hits. Very often, almost always, is loquacious delirium, with an extraordinary loquacity (spoke without interruption), sometimes murmuring or muttering, unintelligible, or babbling, incoherent, or silly, meaningless erratically or a single subject or in a foreign language, or talking to people dead or missing, or speaks in verse, or pray and beg or blasphemous. Erotic delirium, with lust, language and obscene chants, a desire to be naked or displayed with total impudence; nymphomania.
Delirium jealous. Devotees chanting religious delusions, constant prayer and despair and anxiety for the salvation of his soul. Delirium tremens with hallucinations of all kinds. Delirium comical, silly, happy, funny, loud, alternating with laughter, singing, whistling, crying, etc.., Or kisses to all.
Generally, delusions appear or worsen at night or by darkness or viewing objects or shiny surfaces (mirrors, water, etc..) Or in cases of fever. Stramonium presents in the same vein, a huge variety of hallucinations and delusions that often, are so horrible they terrify: animal, horrible, or cats, or dogs that will attack and bite her breast, or insects, or that people are rats, mice, insects, etc.., that someone is in bed with, who is dancing in the cemetery that it is dead, which is twofold, that he will be killed, that through or cut him in half, which is abandoned, that this naked, that is in communication with God, that is pursued, it sees horrific visions, or black ghosts, or people; hear music. It has very vivid fantasies and horrible seeing all the objects around very small, and the same or a very large tlevacion, or people coming out of the corners. Insanity in alcohol, in the puerperium, with increased strength.
2 - () is full of fears, especially the dark and being alone, wants light and company, can not tolerate being alone, especially at night, the worst mentally in the dark (can not walk in a dark room) and loneliness , with an intense feeling of abandonment and isolation. Fear: When someone approaches you, the dogs lose the reason, of being wounded or beaten, water and noise of running water, mirrors and room; of drowning, of falling on awakening; that something falling over.
Easily frightened, waking terrified as if for the first thing he sees and screams, no one recognizes and adheres to it is closer, night terrors in children. Startled, worse scares. Restlessness, turns in bed, worse during menstruation or a metrorrhagia.
Anxiety hear sounds of running water or in the dark. Have an aversion to the presence of strangers, and worse.
3 - () With Lyssinum, Stramonium is the most important drug in hydrophobia or rabies, with most of the mental characteristics mentioned above (see 1 and 2), with spasmodic constriction of the throat when swallowing, swallowing difficult or impossible, especially liquids, with total aversion to water, especially cold, with high fever, with fits (see 10); drooling thick saliva. Violent anger or rage, especially with the headaches, worse if you touch (renewing the access) or to see water, with desire to kill.
4 - () No pain in most of the disorders. Indifferent to their suffering, not complaining. Indifferent to their occupations, to exhibit his person during fever.
5 - () concentration difficult, mental confusion, worse when you sweat. Carphology: grab or want to achieve something, fast, or pinch the covers. Ridiculous gestures or points. Childish behavior. As if in a dream.
Imbecibilidad. Memory low. Calling things by wrong names, misplaced words, or say one word for another. Stupefaction. Clumsiness.
6 - () Resentment. Sadness when alone, or to sunlight. Crying, especially during menstruation and perspiration. Shy, blush, wishes to hide. Thoughts of suicide, think of it with a knife or dropped from a height. Desire to have him killed. Silent; it worse to hear about others. This sat rigid and silent. Or talkative during fever and menstruation.
7 - () Haughty; with sardonic laughter. Indiscreet. Slanderer. Perverse sweet way to be changing, but with the perspiration. Fighter. Mistrust.
Disorders 8: for anger, anxiety or fright, by anticipation, for bad news from fright, for blame, for mortification.
9 Other features: Hurried Laughs sleeping, especially in the movements of conscience Anxiety ridiculous ideas. All postponed. She fears that her lips get stuck.
10 - () Convulsions with cold sweats and often preserved consciousness, staring, mydriasis and pupillary areflexia, crying before and during seizures, worse at night, alternating with great mental excitement or extreme anger and anxiety; very changeable; caused or compounded by the sight of a bright light or a mirror or water (or bring him a glass of water to his lips) or bright objects, or the fever in children, teething, rashes or eruptions and by secretions suppressed by fright, postpartum, sleeping, swallowing, when touched or spoken aloud are the tonic and clonic convulsions, with fall, especially backward, and can occur on one side, with paralysis in the other. Korea especially in the upper body with rotating movements, rhythmic and graceful, but in the upper limbs. Violent twitching and jerking of muscles or muscle groups, especially in the upper body. Tetanus, with opisthotonos. Catalepsy.
11 - () Worse by contact and pressure, by motion and then, sitting, by the wind, by cold, in the evening and night, by the sun in darkness being alone, looking bright objects; during perspiration; after sleep, on swallowing. Better: heat; in the company or society, for the bright light.
12 - () Effects of deletions of secretions or discharge (menses, lochia, sweats, etc.). And rashes.
13 weakness, in need of lying. Symptoms such as old age.
General paresis. Paralysis, post apoplectic at times, especially on the left.
14 Spatially adapted to disorders in young people and energetic, and in children (chorea, seizures, fever, delirium, etc.).. Parkinson's Disease.
15 Burns and scalds.
Desire and aversion of Stramonium
16 Desire for acid drinks.
17 - () Vertigo, worse in the dark, falls to the left or backward, with a staggering gait. Congestive headaches preceded by visual disturbances (blurred vision), pain on the opposite side of the eye altered. Frequently raises head from the pillow, like a jerk, or leans back, or sinks into the pillow, or move from one side to another, or is directed to the sides, first left and then to the right. Cerebral anemia in the elderly. Cerebral hemorrhage. Meningitis, acute (sometimes for the suppression of otorrhoea) or encephalitis with characteristic mental picture and wrinkled forehead (also on headaches). Hydrocephalus with convulsive movements of the head. Uneasy feeling of lightness and weakness in the head feels empty, hollow, sensitive to sounds. Throbbing pain in the vertex. Congestion of the head. It numbs the left side of the head.
Sweats cephalad. Head feels as scattered. Headache in the forehead and eyebrows, 9 to 12 hours.
18 - () Eyes wide open (in delirium), prominent, shiny, stare (worse with the headache), glassy, conjunctiva injected, as if the veins were filled with dirty liquid. Pupils widely dilated and unresponsive to light pupillary areflexia. Eye pain, worse in poor light, bright light better. Eyelid ulcerated, swollen edges and attach them at night. Tearing involuntary. Eyes half open during sleep.
Spasmodic contraction of the eyelids. Eyes convulsed. Crossed eyes. Go green or black objects, or smaller than they are, or oblique. Vision cloudy. Blindness transient period (day), Myopia.
Diplopia. He was confused when reading the letters. Go light or sparks vibrations igneous or fireballs that roll over the bedspread. The child's pupils dilate when they berate.
19 Feel that wind out of both ears. Earache extended to the cheek or the vertex. Hyperacusis. Deafness.
20 nostrils white with red face. Stuffy nose and dry. Spasmodic sneezing. Yellow discharge and offensive.
21 - () Face very red or very pale, flushed, puffy. Face hot and red with cold hands and feet; circumscribed blush to the cheeks; rush of blood to the face. Expresson of terror or anxiety, or idiot distorted features (in the manic rage). Jerking movements and facial muscles. Sardonic laugh. Boca spasmodically closed. Trismus, or jaw hanging. Chewing movements with the mouth. Crawling in the chin.
Erysipelas on one side of the face and nose. Lips dry and tight, trembling.
22 Grinding of teeth, awake or asleep. Throbbing toothache, as if his teeth would fall out.
23 - () Dry mouth. Tongue dry and tough as leather; swollen and paralyzed, rigid, trembling, especially when the draws. Saliva heavy or diminished, dropping from the mouth or thick saliva drooling. Foam bloody mouth. He speaks with difficulty or can not talk (in chorea and typhoid). Stuttering; has to work a long time until it can issue a word, and distorts the face. He speaks in a garbled, or between teeth. Boca bitter. Tongue planted in spots.
24 - () Spasmodic constriction of the muscles of the throat (swallowing) and the esophagus, preventing any swallowing. Dry throat that does not improve with any beverage. Paralysis of the pharynx and esophagus. Sensation of a ball in the throat. Spasm of the esophagus. Jerking Adam's apple up and down, as if swallowed.
25 - () No appetite. Violent thirst for large quantities, drinking avidly. 0 properties aversion to water and all fluids, as exasperating as sight and touch. Acid regurgitation. Hypo violent seizure. Vomiting by a bright light or just lifts his head from the pillow. Vomiting with cramps and watery diarrhea. Vomiting green bile, for the least effort.
Gastralgias. Gastritis.
26 Abdomen altocarlo painful, bloated, distended; contusive pain when moving. Inguinal lymphadenopathy. Rumbling. Expulsion of much flatus.
27 Constipation with anuria. Diarrhea in pain, bowel sounds and tenesmus, or painless and smelling corpse, or black stools and putrid. Sale clotted blood from the anus, or unconsciously come loose stools.
28 Suppression of urine (in tifodea). Frequent desire to urinate, but only drips urine. Incontinence of urine. Sale sudden burning jet.
29 - () exalted sexual desire, excessive. Lewdness; displays her genitals (see l). Priapism. Onanism. Edema of the scrotum. Testicles retracted with erect penis. Impotence.
30 Ninfonwnia, increased sexual desires. Impudence; displays her genitals (see l). Menses increased, heavy, black with large clots, with headache, with great verve, foul odor of the body and drawing pains in the abdomen and thighs. Metrorrhagia, with characteristic mental symptoms.
Hypergalactia in nursing women. Mania or facial neuralgia in pregnancy. Cadaverous smelling lochia; deleted.
31 - () Hoarse, rough, or pitched. Afonia abrupt. Laryngeal constriction. Periodical fits of coughing spasms, barking, violent, oppressive, without expectoration, and accompanied by edpasmodicas contractures in the limbs. Cough worse when looking at a bright light. Wheezing, rattling, or sighing. Repeated spasmodic asthma worse at night. Dyspnea upon awakening every morning. 0presion constricting in chest pressure, worse when speaking. Feeling that something is turned into the chest. Pectoral muscle spasms. Red rash on the chest.
32 Pressure chest. Angina pectoris. Palpitations. Pulse rapid, full, strong, or irregular, hard, slow.
33 - () stiff neck, sore, can not bring the head back. Pain as if he had fractured his back, moving. Column very sensitive to the slightest pressure, making it cry out, with pain in spine and sacrum. Opisthotonos.
34 - () Shaking hands and feet, on the tendons. Tremors in the limbs, in alcoholics, go to sleep, trembling of the hands in delirium tremens.
Convulsive movements in upper limbs; Carphology. Fists with the thumb bent inward. Cramps and hand tremors. The fingers are asleep. Hip pain in left hip joint, with violent pains, pain in the hip external muscles. Drawing pains in the thighs. Fold the legs during walking (falling on his own legs).
Trembling in the feet, cramping. A staggering gait.
Daytime Sleepiness 35. Deep sleep with snoring and screaming or crying. Restless sleep. Sleep kneeling. He wakes up the slightest contact with shouts and wild gestures. Feel sleepy and can not sleep.
36 - () Hot on the whole body, with shivering and intolerance to uncover, chills running down the back, without thirst. Fever with red face and sweating. Copious sweating even with the fever, with violent thirst. The sweats are cold, greasy or oily and putrid. Ague.
Typhoid fever with very violent symptoms and high fever, no thirst during fever, but thirsty to sweat, with mental symptoms and specific characteristics. High fever with complete absence of pain, despite the violence Cxtreme symptoms. High fever continued. Measles.
Scarlet fever.
37 - () Flush skin rough. Bright scarlet red.
Abrupt withdrawal disorders of skin rashes and eruptions; delirium.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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