Strawberries. Raspberries. Chickpeas. Wheat germ

Strawberries: Has a 80% alkaline salts. They are nutritious, refreshing and cleansing diuretic. Are stressed and mineralized, anti-arthritic and antibilious. They have a laxative action, activating the intestinal function are antipiuricas and fever reducers. According to recent studies strawberry juice is one of the most complex products of the plant kingdom. It is so alkaline that a kilo alkalinity produces as much as 9 grams of sodium bicarbonate, without its drawbacks. Some fear eating them because they cause hives. The reason is the waste ammonia from the decomposition of organic matter used as fertilizer in the strawberry.

Raspberries: They are refreshing, remineralizing, digestive, tonic, appetizer, diuretic, cleansing, slightly laxative and soothing. They are a tonic for the heart and activate the work of the sweat glands. Attenuate the pain of childbirth and those that occur in certain dysmenorrhoea.

Chickpeas: They have a 51% alkaline salts. The most digestible form of eating is pure. It is a very food gives strength and energy, promotes growth of the young for its richness in phosphorus, giving many calories and combats anemia.

Wheat germ: Its composition is highly rich. Containing 40% protein, 40% of carbohydrates in their simplest forms and 12% fat, high in vitamin E, linoleic acid and phospholipids.

*Automatic Translation