Streptococcinum. Homeopathy

(Endotoxins of Streptococcus pyogenes Rosenbach

Lysates obtained from Crop)
It is a compilation of clinical experience.

1 - () High sensitivity and intolerance to noise, light or less air flow, even to that caused by the displacement of another.

2 - () State depressive and obsessive: fears of madness. Tearful, crying for no apparent reason, and is worse from consolation. Think that will not heal, despairs of his state. Cancerophobia.

3 - () Auditory hallucinations (hearing to ask for help) or visual (see the room full of flies).

4 - () Gifts or exaggerated kindness.

5 - () Aggravation: for the consolation damp weather, to start the movement. Amelioration: when keeps moving, especially outdoors.
Seizure 6. Korea.

7 Vertigo on rising and at bedtime. With bilious vomiting, persistent headaches. Headache as if head would burst. Hair loss.
Visual disturbances 8 with ocular hypertension. Eyestrain.

9 otalgia, worse lying on left side. Intermittent blowing in the right ear. Otitis and acute and chronic mastoiditis.

10 serous or purulent nasal drainage, with scabs. Sinusitis with headache and fever.

11 - () You feel the salty lips. Impetigo. Tongue white with red tip and can depapilarse from front to back. Gums painful when chewing, pyorrhea.

12 - () Tonsils to replicate. Tonsils streptococci. Sharp pains in the esophagus, after eating, which radiate to the back. Tonsils red. After tonsillectomy. Large tonsils, infected, purulent, with lymphadenopathy in the neck, with or without dysphagia or fever. Soft palate, uvula and pillars with persistent redness.

13 Nauscas with bilious vomiting. Dull, deep in the epigastrium.

14 Do not tolerate the weight of the hands while lying on his stomach. Pain in the appendicular region. Chronic appendicitis.

15 acute glomerulonephritis with oliguria, albuminuria, hematuria and granular and hyaline casts, with increased blood urea.

16 chest pain like a cramp. Sensation of weakness in the heart, cardiac asthenia. Pain in the tip of the heart. Endocarditis and pericarditis; aiocarditis.

17 acute and chronic laryngitis.

18 - () vibratory sensations in the spine and limbs.
Paresthesias in the lower limbs. Pains in the column on the clavicle. Acute polyarticular rheumatism, especially of small joints, especially wrists and hands, with local redness.
Muscle aches. Chronic lower limb edema. Postamigdalectomia chronic arthritis, near or remote.

19 restless sleep, nightmares (fighting, violence).

20 States with leucopenia and infectious albuminuria. Puerperal fever.

21 - () scarlatiniform rashes. Erythrosis, especially on face and legs. Erysipelas. Purpura arthritis. Vesicopustules eruptions.
Cellulite. Recurrent eczema. Erythema nodosum. Dermatitis cracked and bleeding.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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