Strontium carb. Homeopathy

(Strontium Carbonate)
1 Restlessness (worse at night) and anguish, as if he felt guilty.
2 irritable, prone to rage.
3 Very forgetful.
4 - () Hypertension with circulatory erethism (manifested through violent pulsations in the arteries) and congestion of the head, the result of rush of blood to the head and that is manifested by a red face and hot beats (worse by any effort ), and throbbing headache (worse in the evening and head down) or tensive, as if the scalp was tight or the head expands from the inside out, sometimes with vertigo and nausea. This picture, indicative of a hypertensive crisis with a picture of impending stroke, is fundamental and paradoxical feature of relief from the heat in all its forms, local and general, and for much shelter or warmth of the sun or hot bath immersion or by putting hands in warm water, but instead aggravated by cold air, by any airflow in the head (not allowed), or uncovering or efforts. Arteriosclerosis.
5 - () Worse from touch; by rubs or massages; by scratching; motion; walking, stooping, strain, at dusk, at night or early morning (about 2 or 3 hours), for slightest draft of air from cold, from undressing, in the dark by weather changes, by keeping quiet, to start moving. Better: for heat, hot baths (especially immersion) for shelter far from the heat of the sun outdoors, by light, especially very bright. Right side. The symptoms increase slightly to reach its maximum intensity, and then decrease in the same way.
6 - () Effects of bleeding or chronic sequelae, especially after surgery, with cold and prostration, forming a picture of postoperative shock.
7 - () sprains acute or chronic, with persistent edema (especially in the ankle). Bone diseases.
8 Violent involuntary jerks or jolts. Fainting, with pains.
9 Thinning excessive.
Desire and aversion of Strontium CARBONICUM
10 - () Wishes: From brandy, beer, bread, milk. Aversion to meat.
11 - () Headache with nausea and vertigo. Tension from the vertex to the upper jaw, or throughout the head, as if this were expanded from the inside and the scalp was very stiff, with pain (tensive headache) that rises and falls slowly, worse at night and slept with his head down or from cold, better by the local heat (wrapping the head) and large, particularly the sun. Dizziness when he speaks. Stitches in the head. Hair loss.
Cold in the head. Head sensitive to cold.
12 Burning and redness of the eyes and tearing pain by visual esfueros. Violent jerking of the eyelids. Go red and blue circles after rubbing his eyes, sees chipas, vibrations, bright green spots in the dark walk, or see the objects covered in blood, the objects appear red. Supraorbital neuralgia.
Earache 13. Sounds like buzzing or roaring.
14 Shocks in the side of the nose. It sounds bloody scabs and pulls the nose. Itching, nasal burning and redness.
15 - () Face hot and red, with blood and pulse waves. Facial itching worse on the right and by scratching. Pains in the malar, made out to the front. Stitch in the left side of chin, extended to the jaw joint.
16 feeling that the teeth were screwed together. Tearing at the root of the teeth. Toothache with sialorrhea.
17 - () Gums swollen, and painful when touched. Bad breath. Sensation of dryness and numbness in the mouth, morning, even with saliva. Taste of earth. Can not speak, in typhoid.
18 Throat dry and rough, with inflammation and pain in swallowing.
19 - () Violent thirst. Hungry even after eating, voracious, but eat only a mouthful for any inconvenience you procluce. Violent hiccup that causes chest pain. Nausea with burning face. Heartburn. Pressure in the stomach, eating better, worse walking. Gastric constriction with aqueous regurgitation.
Fullness after eating.
20 - () Pain in hypochondria. Punctures in the inguinal ring. Disitendido belly and aching. Umbilical colic. Rumbling with plenty of very fetid flatus expulsion.
21 - () Stool hard, knotty, like sheep, compact and large chunks, slowly evacuated, with much effort and pain in the anus, with sensation of faintness, and a long time followed by anal burning. Yellowish and watery diarrhea, worse at night, at 3 or 4 am (and then upgrading) with great urgency and constant desire to defecate, so that just leaves the bathroom, and must return.
22 Oliguria, or very yellow urine polyuria. Nocturnal incontinence of urine. Pale urine with strong smell of ammonia.
23 Pain in right spermatic cord when urinating.
Menses delayed 24 first watery, then with clots.
Menses early and short. Flow when walking.
Hoarseness 25. Tracheal irritation Dry cough, worse at night. Dyspnea on walking, his face red and hot. Pressive or constricting pains in the chest, worse walking, or coughing and inspire poignant. Pain and pressure to play, retrosternal pain at night, which went to the morning. Stitches in the xiphoid that took her breath when walking outdoors. Pain in the left breast, with oppression, after dinner.
26 - () Pressure chest pain. Violent Latino cardiaccos and arterial, with a pulse full and hard.
27 painful tension in the neck. Bruised feeling in back and sacrum, worse when bending over or touching it. Pain as fracture in the back, especially in the lumbar region, worse when walking.
28 - () Rheumatic pains in the limbs, especially joints, worse at dusk and at night in bed. Stitches in the joints. Right hemiplegia or hemiparesis. Tremors in the limbs. Paralytic pain in left shoulder and elbow, at night, burning pains in his right shoulder. Large veins distended, in forearms and hands, numbness. Swelling and inflammation of the femur. Cramps in calves and soles, in people with cold feet. Feet icy cold in the evening. Ankle sprains and swelling of persistent, even long after, with pain worse by cold and heat better. Sciatica and swelling of ankle or foot, worse from cold and heat better. Feet swollen. Tearing pains in legs, feet and toes. Pain Estapa hardly a member.
29 Shocks in the body during sleep. He wakes up often at night, usually by a dry cough.
30 - () Chills tomorrow, head down to the shoulder blade or the sacrum to the posterior thigh, with shivering. Sensation of heat coming out of his mouth and nose. Fever at night, with thirst, with aversion to uncovering and undress. Copious night sweats, sweaty parties concerned.
Tension in the skin 31 at night in bed. Humid eruptions, burning and pruriginesas, worse after scratching, better outdoors in the sun.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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