Strontium, Strophanthus, Strychninum, Sulfur, Symphytum. Homeopathy

Strontium carb (strontium carbonate)
Osteoarthritis. Spondylitis. Headache from the neck down and they improve with warm wraps. Habitual or chronic dislocations, especially the ankle. Fistulas bony. Pustular skin conditions.

Strophanthus (estrofanto)
Cariocirculatoria decompensation. Tachycardia. Pulsation throughout the body.

Strychninum nit (nitrate of strychnine)
Neurasthenia. Irritability. Insomnia. Paresis of various types. Hyperhidrosis. Chorea minor.

Sulfur (sulfur)
After impregnation Retox. Sense of oppression. Dyspnea. Bronchial asthma. Stimulation of enzyme function. Difficulty falling asleep and insomnia. It promotes resilience in all chronic diseases. Catalytically Promotes cellular activity. Wet skin rashes and itching. Liver disease. Upper respiratory catarrh. Hemorrhoids. Pruritus ani. Headaches with palpitations. Warm feet feeling the need to get them out of bed. Looks dirty as not been washed. Characteristically the burning and itching of the skin, made worse by the heat of the bed. Sulfur deferia inserted in all types of skin lesions, liver disease, upper respiratory colds and bronchial asthma. Smelly armpit sweat. Itching. Hot flashes. Ganglion scrofulous swellings.

Symphytum (comfrey)
For ACEL the callus formation in fractures. Periostitis. Causalgia. Conditions resulting from amputation stumps. Bruises. Injuries to tendons, ligaments and periosteum. Acts on joints generally. Neuralgia of knee.

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