Strychninum (strychnine). Homeopathy

1 - () Intense irritability. Moody, aversion to answering the questions or does so in a hurry in a disjointed manner. Extreme nervous excitability.
2 - () Delirium. He sees dead people; horrible faces. Delirium tremens. Laughs immoderately or foolishly. You have to want to kill. Sometimes suddenly shouts: "They come for me." Delirium like hydrophobia. Cries, especially before the seizure.
3 - () This very discouraged, dejected, sad. Cry. He complains, complains, sobbing. Want to be accompanied, although sometimes people fleeing.
4 - () Fear that it hurt or hit, or something to happen. This kind of scared.
Starting, especially how this by falling asleep.
5 - () Mental confusion or, conversely, great mental clarity with plenty of ideas. It involuntary movements that are directed toward the face. Forgetfulness.
Anxiety 6. Restlessness; turns in bed.
7 - () is possibly the most important drug in the tetanus or, at least, one whose symptoms more accurately reproduce it. Tetanus is an extremely violent, with a marked hyperexcitability and irritability, with severe generalized rigidity, with trismus, facial distortion, sardonic smile, intense spasm of throat with dysphagia, with opisthotonos, neck and back rigidity, with extremely violent convulsions and jerking like electrical shocks or violent shivering, with each of the muscles of the body in constant shaking, seizures reappeared regularly, but still sleep produced especially for the minimum stimulus movement or by touch, by a draft or a noise or smell or while lying in any position (only can be more relaxed lying on his back), with preservation of consciousness, cyanosis and facial skin hot and perspiring. The muscles can relax between the paroxysms of convulsions, spasm of glottis but can lead to suffocation. There is a generalized hyperreflexia, with marked constipation, bladder spasms, good appetite, chills and fever. There may also be epileptic seizures with the procedures described above, with screaming, terror or vision that everything is green, and with sudden onset of convulsions with foaming mouth, sometimes fall, may dominate or appear only on one side. Muscle spasm with stiffness and contracture, or cramps, sometimes with pain, worse by noise or the slightest touch, especially on the neck, paraspinal muscles and hands (writers cramp). Korea, where moves do not stop sleeping.
8 - () Worse: Morning, by touch, by sound, by motion, for efforts; walk, after a meal in the evening and at night and 20 to 22 hours. Better: lying on his back.
9 - () The pain and other sensations come on suddenly and reappear at intervals. Pricking pains like pins.
10 Vertigo with ringing in the ears, with a tendency to fall forward, or lying down, with nausea. Violent headache, in pop, worse on the left, on the eye, or auricular. Occipital headache low throughout the column. Sensations of an iron helmet on his head. Sensation of paralysis on the left side of face and head. Soreness in the scalp and hair if you throw. Intense itching of the scalp.
11 - () spasmodic opening of eyes. 0jos very congested cells and in constant motion; injected and promnentes, distorted or turned aside; or rotund; sunk. Staring, with dilated pupils and pupils unresponsive to light. Contractions or spasms of eye muscles. Jerking and tremors of the eyelids. Sudden severe burning of eyes and eyelids, worse on the left. Cold in his eyes. Sudden sensation of stiffness and twitching eye backwards. lacrimation increased. Dolores as needle sticks in their eyes. Miosis. Vision cloudy. See sparks white, red or blackish.
Enlargement of visual field. Sudden itching eyes.
Tingling in the ears 12. Sudden itching and burning in the ears.
Auricular severe pain. Strong feeling of fullness in the ears.
Otalgia. Intense hyperacusis children hear sounds. Hey bellows or wind noises.
13 - () puffy and hot, burning, eyes half closed, as * Icade by bees. Face pale, puffy, or washed away and bathed in cold sweats; livida. Sardonic laugh. Stiff muscles in the jaw. Trismus, which hardly allowed to speak. Expression of extreme terror. Cyanotic lips, swollen, retracted. Needle-like pains in the cheeks and jaws.
Pulsations in the chin.
14 teeth clenched. Toothache medianciche as if you pull on the nerves.
15 Language and erect papillae dry, or damp towels around the edges.
Gums purple, hot, painful. Foam mouth during seizures. Violent itching of the palate. Frothy saliva. You have trouble articulating words, or can not, or not understood.
16 - () Each attempt to swallow produced violent spasms of the pharyngeal muscles. Feel short of breath, as if something very tight around the neck. Dry throat, with sensation of contraction or spasm and severe dysphagia. Foreign body sensation in the throat. Sensation of scraping the throat, with heat and pain, worse on the left. Lymphadenopathy in the neck.
17 - () Appetite unusually good, and enjoying food. Intense thirst. Belching bitter, greasy. Arcades almost constant. Violent vomiting, fluids.
Nausea; of pregnancy. Weight in the stomach. Gastralgias with feeling of suffocation; loosens his clothing in the epigastrium. Violent shocks in the epigastrium sudden spasms while eating. Burning in esophagus and stomach, 18 - () or cutting pain from needles in the right upper quadrant, at intervals, with faint feeling. Sharp pains in the left hypochondrium. Rigid abdominal muscles (in tetanus) or contracted and painful. Rumbling. Colicos and cutting pains. Cramps in the hypogastric. Sharp, needle-like, in the left groin.
19 Sounds of gurgling in rectum, with painful painful spasms that forced him to sit on the floor. Starts spasms anus. Copious and watery diarrhea. The stools are involuntarily during seizures.
Very obstinate constipation, dry feces, sometimes in pieces covered with slime.
20 contractions of the bladder, or paralysis. Discomfort in the bladder and urethra, worse walking or sitting on something hard. Pain in the bladder, extending to the glans. Burning urethra. Constant desire to urinate. Urine thick, dark red sediment and mucus floating.
21 left spermatic cord and testicle swollen and painful, worse standing or walking. Scrotal abscess.
22 pains and pulsations in the vagina. Tearing pains in the uterus, or of bearing down. Any contact in the body will produce a voluptuous sensation, wanting to intercourse.
23 - () spasm of laryngeal muscles, with feeling and look of strangulation. Voice weak, slow, hoarse. Aphonia. Spasm of the chest muscles with breathing intermittent, irregular, difficult; hurry. Dry cough, cramps, explosive postgripal persistent. Asphyxia. Sipersonante Torax. Pains in chest, like needles, sharp, or cutting from the right breast to back, at intervals. Violent tearing in the left breast, at intervals.
24 regions as a tight chest. Intense chest pain. Chest purring sensation with faintness. Sudden palpitations. Tumultuous heart action. Feeling that the heart rises to the throat. Irregular, fast, strong, full, or almost imperceptible in the attacks.
25 - () Neck swollen distended jugular. Stiffness of neck muscles as rigid strings (worse on the left), which extends to the back. As stabbing pains in the neck and spine. Back rigida, with convulsive violence; lumbosacxa abrupt stiffness, neck and hips. Cold ice cream all over the back. Opisthotonos. Cutting across the left side of the back. Dolores as needle sticks across the back.
26 - () Fingers blue or purple hands and feet, and hyperextension. Members outstretched and rigid, with shaking from time to time. Cramp-like pains. Rheumatic pains in arms and legs.
Tingling in the limbs; after spasms. Sensation of a drop of cold water, which fell at intervals from the shoulder or right elbow. Subsultus tendon. Hand tremors. Feeling that stops blood in the veins of the right hand and suddenly still circulating. Paresis in their hands or are spasmodically flexed; cramps fingers suddenly fall asleep. Lack of strength in the legs. Convulsive and violent tremors in the limbs. Rheumatic pains with stiffness. Colors such as needle sticks in the joints. Cramp-like pains in the feet. Legs Hard, hard. Sharp pains in his right ankle, worse walking. Violent itching and tingling in the palms and soles.
27 Yawning with great drowsiness. Sleeplessness from anxiety. Great restlessness during sleep, and talk. Restless nights with profuse sweating.
28 severe chills, even in a warm room. Hot ice, suddenly, the whole body, with cold sweats. Cold going down your spine like ice. Sweat streams that descend to the head and thorax. Intermittent low fever. Intolerable heat sensation throughout the body.
Burning heat with hot sweats. Cold extremities, especially the lower ones.
29 Skin pale, then cyanotic. Tingling, worse on the tip of the fingers. Intense itching all over, especially on the scalp, face, arms and legs.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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