Sugarcane molasses: Properties

Cane molasses is a product made entirely of sugar cane as high-quality noble substance, by a process unrelated to the obtaining of white sugar. It could really be called molasses.

In the normal process of manufacture of sugar, molasses remaining from the crystallization of it constitutes a collateral products, which are used in various industrial applications such as nutrient media.

Obtaining of sugarcane molasses
For cane molasses, the technique is basically the concentration of juice obtained directly from the milling of sugar cane, then subjected to a process of inversion acid and vacuum evaporation.

Composition of sugarcane molasses
It is a good energy supplement with a high in simple carbohydrates, a pleasant taste and contains the minerals potassium, iron, phosphorus, calcium and sodium.

Indications of sugarcane molasses
How noble of first extraction product contains the simple carbohydrates and minerals from sugar cane. It is an ideal tonic supplement for school-age children, convalescents and elderly.

It is an excellent supplement for athletes and energetic people to practice physical exercise.

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