Sulfonalum. Homeopathy

(Sulfonal. is a hypnotic: Dietilsulfonedimetilmetane)
1 - () Alternate states of joy with depression and weakness, or * rritabilidad extreme.
Stupor 2. Unconscious with fixed and dilated pupils, and copious sweating.
Mental confusion, incoherence, apathy.
3 - () muscle twitching, especially in the face and flexor muscles, worse on movement, but always present during sleep. Epilepsy chronic cases with cortical hyperexcitability. Korea. Muscular incoordination.
4 - () Profound weakness, feeling of faintness or fainting, and dejected.
Progressive paralysis and ascending, sometimes with tenderness or kinesthetic varied, with areflexia. Cerebellar disorders with ataxic symptoms and a staggering gait.
5 Cyanosis.
6 Best: for cold showers.
7 Headaches with tinnitus. Headache when trying to raise his head, with vertigo.
8 - () Pupils dilated and fixed. Bloodshot eyes and restless. Diplopia. Upper eyelid ptosis.
9 tinnitus.
10 face livid, bluish.
11 - () breath smells like onions. Tongue paralyzed; aphasia, difficulties of the word. Dysphagia.
12 Vomiting with diarrhea and chills. Arcades consistent with epigastric pain and vomiting. Digestion upset with oliguria.
Splenomegaly 13.
14 Diarrhea with vomiting. Great constipation.
15 Constant urging to urinate, with dark brown urine, very rare, with albuminuria and cylinders, the urine is almost solid when cooled.
Haematoporphyrinuria. Urine pink or cherry. Retention of urine.
16 Erythema on the foreskin.
17 Pulmonary edema. Congestion Pulmonary Dyspnea rattling breath.
Sighing respiration.
18 Action Heart weak, sometimes intermittent.
19 - () ataxic gait, staggering, wobbly. Heavy legs, weakness, trembling, cold. Spastic paralysis in both legs (see 4). Areflexia or hyporeflexia Achilles and patellar. Anesthesia in the legs. Hyporeflexia planting. Paralysis of the lower limbs. Leg cramps or muscle isolation.
20 Drowsiness or heaviness, tired and a staggering gait. Insomnia.
21 Violent chills.
Itchy Skin 22. Purpura. Badges erythema. Morbilliform eruptions.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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