Sulfur. Homeopathy (summary)

Sulfur or Sulfur (sublimed sulfur wash)

In SULFUR SULFUR or chronic disease
1 .- Clinical Manifestations tending to the Periodicity and chronicity (rheumatism, skin diseases, headaches, asthma, hemorrhoids), the alternation or the replacement of these manifestations.

2 .- Qualifying Events, particularly at cutaneous and mucosal, with burning and itching (emphysema, acne, eczema, urticaria, sty).

3 .- arterial and venous congestive manifestations (flushing, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, sweating, burning sensation in the soles of the feet, hypertension, menopause).

4 .- prolonged convalescence due to debilitating diseases.

5 .- Sulfur Sulfur or of acute or subacute in certain states febrile eruptive fevers, acute inflammations. 1 dose at 9 or 15 CH prescribed at the beginning of this type of acute and accurate accelerated evolution characteristic table.

General symptoms of Sulfur or Sulfur: Applies to all inflammatory manifestations in the regulation of arterial and venous blood circulation in the liver detoxifying action. It is the central drug psoric chronic reactive mode.

Sulfur or Sulfur: Aggravation: the heat, especially the warmth of bed. With water and moisture to remain long standing, at 11 am in the morning, periodically (rate of 7 or 14 days), excess sugar and alcohol, by disappearance of the deletions (rash).

Sulfur or Sulfur: Amelioration: deletions (diarrhea, sweating after a physical exercise, outdoor sports, dry climate).

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