Sulfuric acid (sulfuric acid). Homeopathy

Sulfuric acid
(Sulfuric acid)
O pathogenesis SINTOMASMENTALES Sulfuric acid

1 - () There is a feeling of great distress, precipitation, urgency, impatience, especially in movements when walking, while eating, in their occupations, or when writing, or mental or physical work, can not do things as fast enough; dehiera feels as if everything done quickly. Irritated if things are not done quickly. Restlessness, turns in bed.

2 - () Irritable, worse at night or morning when he awoke, with sadness and aversion to the conversation and answer questions (for disability). Alternating seriousness with humor. How to be changing, alternating with sweating.

3 - () Despondency, melancholy, a tendency to mourn. Tired of life. Nada * and like everything bothers.

4 anxious apprehension, distrust. Tendency to panic. Anxiety about the future.

5 abstracted, absent. Intel declined.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Sulfuric acid
6 - () Great weakness, prostration, exhaustion, trembling inside, not externally visible tremor, and disproportionate to the seriousness of their condition.
Weakness: by diarrhea in the elderly. Tremors in alcoholics.

7 - () passive bleeding of black blood, fluid, poorly or clotting, which leaves any body opening, and very astenizante,

8 - () One of the most important drugs in trauma, especially of bones, soft tissues and glands, accompanied with marked ertravasaciones blood films, especially when the affected party takes a blue and black, as if to mortify, especially in elderly, sometimes with pain as if he had been beaten throughout the body.
Concussion by fall or blow, with cold skin and cold sweats. In penetrating wounds bleed freely: in its constitutional effects. In surgical wounds with burning pain, tearing, or stabbing, with seepage of blood films and great prostration (see 6). Spontaneous or traumatic bruising, conjunctival ecchymosis.

9 - () The body odor is sour, and not eliminated even wash or bathe, especially in children or babies. So also have the sour smell of sweat, vomiting, etc.. Cachectic children, chilly, nervous and sour smelling.

10 - () periodic neuralgias and pressing pains, burning, tearing and stitching begin slowly and gradually and disappear abruptly when they reach the maximum intensity, are repeated often (headache, facial neuralgia, toothache, gastralgias, etc.)..

11 - () Worse from touch; by pressure, from cold or extreme temperature, for the open air by the movement, standing, walking, traveling, lifting, of morning, evening and night, from drinking cold water or wine by the smell of coffee (cough, nausea, etc.).. Better: heat; at rest, lying on the affected side. Right side.

12 Secretion and excoriating discharges. Poisoning.

Desire and aversion of Sulfuric acid
13 - () Great desire for alcoholic drinks, cognac, liqueurs, etc.. It is one of the most important medicines, both in acute alcoholism and chronic.
Vices disorders drinkers, when Nux Vomica is no longer useful.
According to Hering, the desire for alcohol, managing disappears for 15 to 30 days, 3 times per day, 10 to 15 drops of a mixture of one part of sulfuric acid in three parts of alcohol, basing the prescription on the presence of vomiting or morning fasting, with severe gastric and esophageal heartburn and acid belching, hiccups, and sometimes painful hemorrhoids. But it is also very useful medication energized, and drunkenness, with confusion, dizziness, irritability, vertigo sitting with that in open air; headache as if you squeeze the head with lrdores gastralgias burning, nausea, vomiting and morning belching and acid regurgitation, with difficult words and heaviness and weakness in the legs.

14 - () Desire for fruit, but if it is green, plum. Aversion to coffee (and smell).

Sulfuric acid SPECIFIC
15 - () sense of confusion on one side of the head, as if huhiera smoke. Vertigo when sitting, better outdoors. Sensation as if brain were loose (more on the front) and falling from side to side within the skull, worse walking in open air, sitting very still better.
Undulating sensation in the brain of heaviness and fullness, as if to explode the head of constriction. Headache begins slowly and ends abruptly; pulsatile during menstruation. Blows do parrots in the forehead and temples, worse before noon and dusk. Itching and rashes on the scalp. The hair turns gray and falls. Concussion.
Ulcerative pain in the scalp. Sensation as if a block of wood nailed to blows in the right temple. Occipital pain, holding his hands better.

16 - () Burning pain in her eyes, outdoors or when setting eyes on an object, with lacrimation, especially when reading. Foreign body sensation in the outer corner of right eye, the morning walk. Red eye with photophobia. Difficulty opening eyes. Myopia. Intraocular traumatic hemorrhage. Intense conjunctival ecchymosis with acute pain.

17 Earache tearing. Violent tickling in the ear. Hearing loss, as if a band or ear leaf gourd. Hey bells, buzzers, rhythmic roar, blowing in the evening.

18 - () Epistaxis tomorrow. Dry coryza, with loss of smell and taste.
Coryza with water unilateral nasal obstruction, or lemon yellow, watery secretion. Nasal flaring.

19 - () pale face. Tearing in the bones of the face. Dry stains and wrinkled face. Sensation of swollen face and as if covered with dried egg white or a web. Chapped lips and cleaved, or swollen, red and tender. Excoriating pain in the corners of lips. Submaxillary glands swollen and inflamed.

20 Toothache worse at night in bed, cold air, better by heat.

21 - () Gums swollen and bleeding, or ulcerated. Canker sores, especially in children, who download a bloody discharge and fetida; white, in patches on the tongue, gums and entire mouth, painful, with fetid breath. Thrush in the baby (sometimes simultaneously with the mother) with salivation, exhaustion, vomiting and diarrhea. Dry mouth and tongue. Language horribly swollen, swallowing impossible membrane covered with a white and wrinkled, with red tip and edges; denuded and very red tip. He speaks with difficulty.
Breath very offensive. Copious salivation. Oral bleeding. Pyorrhea.

22 Sore throat when swallowing, throbbing, worse at night, with sensation of having a plug, worse on the left. Diphtheritic membrane yellow or white. Swollen uvula and palate. Pharyngeal mucosa swollen, red and ulcerated.
Mucus lemon yellow stringy, hanging from the nares, in diphtheria. The bread tastes bitter.

23 - () Gastralgia pressive or sharp or cramping, very sensitive to epigastrium, worse after eating, with regurgitation of food, or bitter, salty or sugary. Violent heartburn, belching and regurgitation with very acidic, which drive up the esophagus and mouth and give you shivers, especially caused by alcoholic beverages or alcohol (see 13); any beverage you drink, water or another, it produces cold in the stomach if it is mixed with some alcohol. Hypo intense, especially in alcoholics.
Nausea, vomiting, very acid, preferably morning in alcoholics.
Relaxed feeling in the stomach, pendant. Gastric fullness.

24 - () Spleen enlarged, hard and painful, worse when coughing, stitches, after an intermittent fever. Stitches in the liver. Coli in the hypogastric, with rumbling and feeling that would come out a hernia (most left). Heat in the navel. Sensation of weakness and emptiness in the abdomen after stool. Pains in English. Very outgoing inguinal hernia, strangulated. Weakness in the hypochondria as if the menses come.

25 - () Constipation with hard, knotty stools (like lamb) and black, large diameter. Diarrhea: for fruit, especially green, and oysters, or cold drink in summer, in children, for teething; after eating or drinking water, in emaciated people, during menstruation, painless. The stools are watery (or part solid and part liquid), frothy, bloody mucous, greenish, yellowish-white or filamentous and saffron or orange color, the smell putrid or rotten eggs. Discharge of blood during the evacuation. Piles burning, painful to touch, with violent itching and moisture. Hemorrhoids in alcoholics.

26 - () Diabetes. Oliguria with burning when urinating. Urine at night. Bladder pain, if not immediately satisfied the desire to urinate. Urine watery, brown, as if earth. Mucous sediment in urine, blood or covered with a thin film.

27 - () Excessive heat in the male genitalia. Broadcast of semen without orgasm. Painful Itching in the glans. Scrotum relaxed. Orchitis right.

28 - () Intense sexual desire or vulvar irritation after menstruation (or may have an aversion). Menses early, heavy and prolonged, with black blood and fluid. Metrorrhagia. Sterility menstruating early and copious. Flow acrid, burning, milky or yellowish, sour, or albumin, or mucosanguinolento. Prolapse of vagina, which is greenish and smelly. Menopause with hot flashes with sweating, with hot red face, weakness, tremors, metrorrhagia black (no clots), or hemoptysis, constipation and a terrible embarrassment for all. Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, sometimes preceded by coughing, vomiting mucus alone, never food. Erosion of the cervix in elderly women, bleeding easily.

29 - () Hoarseness. Laryngeal pain worse by pressure. The larynx moves up and down violently. Short, dry cough, worse in open air, the vaminar, cold water, traveling, the smell of coffee, the morning after rising; by irritation in the chest, with expectoration in the morning and dry by nightfall. Black blood hemoptysis, prolonged, sometimes copious, with weakness and pain in chest, or coughing up yellow mucus streaked with blood, with sour taste. Belching after coughing. Dyspnea. Weakness in the chest with difficulty speaking. Pain along the sternum and behind; stitches on the left. Stitches from the chest to the left shoulder blade.
Pneumonia. Stitches in the left breast. Chest tightness or suffocation, best legs hanging down. Bronchitis in children.

Palpitations 30. Intense chest pain.

31 sensation of excoriation or fracture in the back. Pain in sacrum.
Boils on the back. Painful axillary adenopathy. Weakness of spine.

32 - () Convulsive movements of arms and legs. Joint pain that feels numb and disappear upon awakening. Tearing in limbs during menses, worse at night. Cramps in hands and feet. Writer's cramp, twitching in the fingers when writing. The large joints are swollen and painful, but not red. Shocks in the tendons. Heaviness or contractions in the arms. Blue spots on the forearm, in both upper limbs. Feel shots in the bones of the hand when writing. Rashes on the hands and fingers. Sharp pains in the joints of the fingers. Chilblains on the fingers, with gangrenous tendency. Cara chafed inner thighs, and pain after travel.
His legs shake and fall, heavy and asleep. Painful weakness of the knees. Need flex and stretch the limbs. Painful varicose veins in the legs. Itchy red patches on the shins. Stiffness of the ankle. Cold feet, swollen. Painful corns.

33 It sleeps late and wakes early. Sleeplessness from mental excitement.
Shaking sleep; of the fingers. Nightmares premenstrual.

34 - () Chills by day, descending, worse in the room, better outdoors. Evening fever and in bed. Low fever with great prostration, anorexia, excessive thirst (with intolerance to cold drinks).
Sweats widespread, sour smell, but in the upper half of body, morning or night, or sitting, worse from eating hot food, better moving.

35 - () Petechiae. Hemorrhagic Purpura. Blue spots on the skin. Red patches, itching. Ecchymosis. Old scars become red or blue and painful. Chafing easy. Canker sores. Gangrene.
Boil. Warts. Itching all over the body.

COMPLEMENTARY Sulfuric acid:

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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