Sulfuricum Nat. Homeopathy

Natrum Sulfuricum

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Nat Sulfuricum
Supplementary Thuya on many occasions. Actions on the digestive system, respiratory, nervous, joints and skin inflammation catarrhal excrescences skin and nervous system.

1 .- fluid retention, cellulite, obesity trends especially in the abdomen and buttocks.

2 .- Manifestations catarrhal mucous secretions yellow-green, at the respiratory, digestive and genital chronic bronchitis, enterocolitis, irritation of the colon.

3 .- rheumatic manifestations aggravated by moisture and improved by the dry heat and the slow movement. Especially in the pain of chronic kidney in coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis.

4 .- Syndrome trauma cranial irritability, depression, algias, rebels.

5 .- dermatological manifestations with scaling in large flakes, thin, transparent, yellowish with underlying dermis bright red (eczema, psoriasis).

Nat Sulfuricum: severe: with moisture.

Nat Sulfuricum: Amelioration: eventually dry by the change of position, by a deposition abundant and watery.

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