Sulphuratum Arsenicum flavum. Homeopathy

Flavum Arsenicum Sulphuratum (Oropimento - yellow sulphide of arsenic)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis SULPHURATHUM flavum Arsenicum
1 - () Anxiety, morning, evening in bed, and night, with fear during fever, while bowel movements on awakening, for their salvation; with feelings of guilt after a fainting spell. It's full of fears: of night, dying, being alone, ghosts, people, disgrace. Shy, blushes. It frightens or startles easily, sleeping or falling asleep. Religious Affections, with regret.
2 - () Extremely irritable, especially on waking and during the chills. It is unreasonable, stubborn, quarrelsome. It offends no reason, is furious. It is very judgmental and want things that do not serve. Extremely meticulous, scrupulous. Dislikes to be talked to, to answer questions and will not talk to anyone. Wary of his friends and family. Always in a hurry and impatient or indifferent, indolent.
3 - () Sad at dusk or during fever and sweating. Everything takes very seriously. Desperate. Discontent, tired of life, want to die, sometimes regrets, other laughs. Crying at night or sleeping.
4 - () Restlessness: at night, turns in bed during the fever and menstruation.
5 - Absent. Confused on waking. Forgetful. Hallucinations, delusions by night. Carphology during fever. Sometimes it seems intoxicated. You can not do any mental work, after dinner, great mental fatigue.
General symptoms of Arsenicum flavum SULPHURATHUM
6 - () Worse: Morning, after noon, at twilight, evening and night, before and after midnight, by currents of air (outdoor avesion there, alternating with desire), cold air, taking cold, from cold wet for bathing (takes cold easily) before and after eating, food acids, cold and greasy, for milk and fruits from the slightest exertion, lying down, during menstruation, the right side, sitting ; run or walk fast; to sleep or sleeping or later, standing, walking outdoors. Better: heat of bed, walking or by motion.
7 - () Anemia. Physical anxiety. Laxity and lack of reaction. Thinning. Elderly much diminished. Weakness: Morning, during menstruation, after exertion or eating or defecating, for perspiration, for climbing stairs, walking outdoors. Children who are slow to learn to walk.
8 - () Very useful in epitheliomas, scirrhous and lupus. Tendency to abscess.
9 - () Convulsions. Korea. Fainting, especially after a bowel movement. Shocks through the body. Pulsations. Muscle twitching. Earthquakes. Stiffness.
10 - () Burning pain, pressing, stitching. Very sensitive to pain and touch.
11 - () Downloads mucosal very excoriating, fetid, yellowish liquid. Mucosal bleed easily.
12 - Sense of constriction as a band. Tingling.
13 - edema of the limbs and belly.
14 - Frequency marked.
Desire and aversion of Arsenicum flavum SULPHURATHUM
15 - like sweet, sour, coffee, fruit and hot foods and drinks.
16 - Aversion to meat and fat.
SPECIFIC flavum Arsenicum Sulphuratum
17 - () Vertigo: a tendency to fall toward the right, looking down or walking outdoors. It is very useful in eczema of the head, itching, scabs and scales. Pustules. Head cold during the headache. Heaviness front. Headache in the evening and night, worse cold air, by coughing, eating, moving the head in a warm room, traveling, stooping, after sleeping during menstruation; periodically, every 2 weeks. Right frontal headache. Cold sweats front. Pulsations and burning in the head.
18 - Eyelids glued to the morning, excoriated, swollen. Discharge acrid, yellowish, bloody. Dryness and congestion in the eyes. Chronic inflammation of conjunctiva, eyelids, iris and cornea. You have trouble opening his eyes, eyes half open. Tearing acre. Eye pain to move or read. Photophobia to sunlight. Feel the protruding eyes. Sunken eyes. Twitching in the eyelids. Corneal ulcer. Vision cloudy. Objects look yellow.
19 - foul-smelling discharge from the ears. Rashes and behind ears. Tingling and heat in the ears, pruritus, sensation of fullness or plugged. Otalgia.
20 - () coryza. Runny nose burning, excoriating, bloody, crusty. Nasal dryness. Frequent sneezing. A foul odor from the nose. Nose swollen, cold.
21 - () epithelioma of the lip. Lips dry, cracked, ulcerated. Face: cyanotic, with dark circles, earthy, pale, sallow or yellowish red or circumscribed redness of cheeks. Acne, eczema, heat and itching. Anxious expression, sickly. Submaxillary glands swollen, inflamed. Facial pain burning, tearing, worse in open air, better from heat; newspapers. Face sunken, with cold sweats. Pulsations in the right side of the face, shaking.
22 - Canker vesicles in the mouth. Bleeding gums. Tongue red or brown coat, white or yellowish. Dry mouth, burning, and excoriated mucosa with fetid breath. Language brilliant. Sialorrhea. He speaks with difficulty. Taste: putrid, sour or sweet.
23 - He splutters. Right tonsil. Throat hot, red and dry. Extraflo body sensation in the throat. Pain on swallowing. Ulcers in the throat.
24 - () Anxiety in pit. Ravenous hunger with easy satiety, no appetite in the evening. Feeling cold or constriction in the stomach, or vacuum. Sour eructation, heartburn. Fullness worse after breakfast, gastric heaviness. Hiccups after eating. Cold water or nausea after eating, during headache and at stool. Gastralgia after dinner. Pulsation in epigastrium. Retching when coughing. Sensation of stone in the stomach. Thirst: at night, after the chill, extreme thirst during fever. Vomiting worse at night, coughing, after eating and drinking, after milk, during headache. Bilious vomiting, bloody, black, acids, aqueous.
25 - () Anxiety in the abdomen after stool. Blue spots on the abdomen and thighs. Belly cold during the chill. Distension after eating. Flatulence and gurgling. Fulfillment hypogastrium. Liver hard, heavy belly. Bellyache: worse at night, after coughing or eating, walking and during menstruation, better external heat. Pain in the liver and hypogastric. Abdominal cramps before and during defecation, cutting pain before stool. Strong pulsation in the abdomen. Ulceration in the navel.
26 - Constipation alternating with diarrhea. Stool hard, knotty, or acrid, black bilious, bloody, fetid, yellow, undigested. Diarrhea in the morning when you wake up daily at 8 or at night, after midnight, after eating or drinking, for fruit and during menstruation. Dysentery mucosanguinolenta. Anal excoriation, itching and humidity. Anal fissure. Copious and foul flatus. Hemorrhoids worse at night or walking. Pain in the rectum and anus during stool. Burning during and after stool. Paralysis and rectal prolapse.
27 - Cystitis with pain. Paralysis of the bladder with urine retention. Fullness in the bladder. Sudden desire to urinate, worse at night, to rush or urine. Difficult urination, painful, involuntary night with a drip. Urethral burning during urination. Nephritis with anuria. Urine bloody, with purulent sediment, albuminuria, low density. Gonorrhea with excruciating pain, yellow drainage constant urethral burning.
28 - Stitches in the glans penis and scrotum. Sweats in the genitals. Ulceration of the prepuce.
29 - () vulvar itching. Flow excoriating, bloody, yellow, copious, worse after menses. Menses copious, dark, very common. Vulvar burning.
30 - () Itching in the larynx with cough. Larynx dry. Aphonia, hoarseness. Nocturnal asthma, dyspnea worse by climbing stairs, after dinner, from the slightest exertion or lying down. Suffocative Respiration, loud, short, whistling. Cough worse in morning and night in open air or cold, to cool down, lying down, after dinner, for laryngeal tickling. Pertussis. Bloody expectoration, purulent, yellowish. Anxiety in the chest. Bronchial catarrh. It is very useful in ulcerated breast cancer. Chest cold, and feeling of constriction. Hydropericardium, hydrothorax. Hemoptysis, pulmonary tuberculosis is a major palliative in advanced cases. Pneumonia. Pleurisy, pericarditis. Chest pain, worse on coughing or breathing movements.
31 - Dolores precordial cutting. Violent palpitation, worse at night and efforts.
32 - The back is always cold. Pain between the shoulder blades, lower back and sacrum. Coccyx sensitive. Neck stiffness. Sweating on the back.
33 - () Hands, legs and feet cold. Cramps in the calves, feet and floors. Cyanosis of fingers and some during the chill. Pustules and pimples on the members. Excoriation between thighs and buttocks. Tingling in the legs. Heaviness in the feet. Itching and numbness in limbs, pain, especially in the lower limbs, erratic, worse after midnight, better by heat. Joint and bone pains. Sciatica. Burning hands and feet. Tearing in the thighs, legs and feet. Paralysis, hemiplegia. Sweating and cold feet foul. Stiffness. Members restless, trembling. Edema. Ulcers on the legs. Weakness in the joints of the lower limbs.
34 - () Insomnia, restless sleep. Sounds with death. Wake up easily and frequently.
35 - () Chills before and after noon and night, worse in open air or cold, cold water for drinking, eating and movement. Malaria: ootidiana, tertian and quartan. Fever in evening and night, with dogs. Flushes. Hectic. During the fever needs to be uncovered. Sweats: due to less excitement or anxiety, coughing, eating, from the slightest exertion, sleeping and after awakening, and at night. Cold sweats, debilitating acid. Suffer greatly if still sweating cools.
36 - () The skin burns after scratching; on plate. Very cold skin. Blue spots, "hepatic" red, white. Volcanic dry. Eczema, psoriasis, apply. Squamous eruptions. Urticaria. All eruptions are worse by scratching (even the itch without rash), there is moisture on the skin and pain. Hemorrhagic purpura. Ulcers: bleeding, burning, deep supturantes, red stitching, phagadenic, painful, cancerous.