Sulphurosum acid. Homeopathy

(Sulfuric acid)
1 Complete furious and ready to fight. 0, by contrast,
1terrorizado, with great anxiety and efforts to escape, believing that all you want to put your hands on.
2 sings and prays. Or as intoxicated, not paying attention.
3 Dizziness. Violent headache and painful throbbing in the head, intolerable, with ringing in the ears, better after vomiting.
4 rings in the ears with the headache.
5 Sneezing and coryza.
Ulcerative stomatitis 6. Tongue red or bluish red, or coated.
Anorexia 7. Vomiting.
8 severe constipation, with stools as scybalous motions, or with ineffectual urging.
9 - () persistent cough, that is choking with abundant expectoration of watery mucus. Dyspnea with frequent deep breaths and involuntary.
Feeling of extreme tightness in the chest. Respiratory air pollution, or dust or smoke, especially in emphysema and asthma, especially in people (adults or children) who live in places or cities with heavy pollution. W. Gutman, who suggested this medication for the effects of pollution in the production and aggravation of this disorder (British Hom. JI 1969, pag. 2), advises 30aC start with and then, if necessary, using higher powers, and even uses it as a preventative, on days with higher pollution in the atmosphere.
Violent palpitation 10. Pulse weak, slow, irregular.
11 Painful stiffness between the shoulder blades during the movement and later, with pain as if broken back. Painful stiffness in the sacroiliac joint with painful jolts of tomorrow.
12 weakness in the legs, with pain above the knee.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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