Sumbul. Homeopathy

(Ferula Sumbul Musk Root)
1 - () mode of being or histlerica or changing behavior, even in men, easily excitable, alternating laughing and crying, very emotional, irritable, agitated and restless at first elated, then depressed. Sometimes fear of losing reason.
2 Layout happy with constant smiles.
3 - () Dull morning, can not study or mistype or add or on the load, but the evening mental clarity and warmth.
4 - () Worse: motion; of tomorrow, for the cold, after sitting down, in inspiration, thinking of symptoms; by active exercise. Better: heat, slow motion by nightfall. Left sided.
5 - () Korea with constant shaking, tongue out and bulimia. Epilepsy with foam fall forward and mouth. Fainting from the slightest cause, or the music or emotional, hysterical.
6 - () Atherosclerosis: can be useful (Boericke) in low dilutions, as a drug tisural, when the constitutional remedy any uodificacion fails, W. George Mc 2AX uses it to every 3 hours.
7 - () Numbness by taking cold; the left side of the body. Sensation of obstruction, binding or embarrassment, especially in the head and stomach.
Desire and aversion of SUMBUL
7 - () I want to wine and bread.
8 Vertigo on stooping to move from a chair, to use hot water with a feeling of insecurity. Rush of blood to the head with heat sensation on vertex. Cold in the head, worse tomorrow. Round plates and dry on the left side of the scalp, in children, with scaly red borders and center.
9 foreign body sensation in eyes. Sense of eyes tight. Go as shaking or tremors or ripples. Photophobia.
10 colds with watery or sticky yellow mucus, worse on the left. Nasal obstruction. Anosmia. Nostrils hurt on the edges.
Acne 11. Black pores on the face.
12 brown or white tongue coating, tomorrow. Language aspera, and scraped, with heat in the throat. Sialorrhea.
13 - () Burning heat in the throat with the feeling of being raw. Subacute or chronic pharyngitis with nasopharyngeal catarrh mucous secretion yellowish, thick and sticky, with constriction with intense feeling of strangulation or suffocation and constant need to swallow. Spasm of pharyngeal muscles.
Increased appetite 14. Belching. Nausea with sialorrhea. Preston, rumbling or mild gastric pain.
15 - () You feel a full belly, distended and tender. Tension and gnawing pain in the right upper quadrant. Painful inguinal nodes. Hipocoddrio pain radiating to left arm and dyspnea.
16 chronic diarrhea, or typhoid. Rectal prolapse. Hemorrhoids.
Ascariasis with swollen belly as a drum and nasal itching.
17 - () Frequent urination. Stitches in the urethra. Urine: clear, red
yellowish, turbid in the background, with an oily film on the surface.
18 - () Absence of erections and sexual desire around. Itching of the genitals with increased desire. Erythema in the scrotum. Inflammation of the foreskin.
19 - () Cash blank worse after sitting. Advanced or delayed menses, short, slim. Curlicue pains in left ovary, annexes on that side and left side of the uterus. Acute neuralgic pains in the left breast, worse by deep breaths. Tensive pain as a thread in the right breast. Flushes of heat at menopause.
20 - () Hoarseness. Asthma catarrhal or spasmodic, hysterical, or heart. Dry cough. Feeling of constriction or tightness in the chest, in the left breast and between it and the sternum, worse on inspiration. Dyspnoea on minimal effort.
21 - () Cardiac disorders of nervous origin, cardiac neurosis, * special in hysterical or nervous persons. Hysterical nerve palpitations menopause or worse from the slightest excitement or pays attention. Sensation as if the heart beat softly, as if submerged in water, feeling of faintness and fainting heart. False anginal pain, pain, numbness and heaviness of the upper left to the toes. The heart is pounding, worse after exertion or during digestion, sometimes irregular, fast or slow times.
Organic heart disease: endocarditis (rheumatic or not) with murmurs, pericarditis. Precordial oppression and fullness with stabbing pains, worse on stooping. Flushes of heat in menopause, that come up. In hypertensive patients with vague chest pain, sleeping members (worse by cold), with palpitations and aerophagia.
22 - () Sensation as if falling water through the column. You can not maintain normal temperature, feel the air currents. Feels cold in the lumbar region, especially in the morning, as if cold air were passing by there, cold in the column.
23 - () get cold feet and left arm. Fullness in the arms and feet.
Tingling in palms and feet trembling. Weakness and numbness in her arms. Stayed in the upper left heart disease. Hands red with distended veins. Swollen fingers. Rheumatic pains and weakness in the legs. Knee pain, with stiffness, preventing walking. He feels as if his legs were not his. Tremors in feet.
The fingertips are cold and numb.
24 - () Sleepiness when it's cold, or day. You wake up at night. Sleep interrupted by jerks in the limbs. Chronic alcoholics insomnia and menopause. Vivid dream: of a fall, with intercourse, followed by copious ejaculation instant.
25 - () cools easily, because the artery's elasticity to contract and prevent heat loss. Dry heat throughout the body. Typhoid fever with cerebral excitement.
Acne 26. Black dots. Skin cold, white, wrinkled and dry. Reddish spots.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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