Suppuration. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Treatments and Remedies for suppuration

Formation of pus, frequent phenomenon in inflammation. Discharge of pus.

Medicine for the oozing with homotoxicology - Homeopathy
: Traumeel (GCAP) Echinacea comp. forte (a), Mercurius-Heel (c)

In the treatment of suppurative processes with Homeopathy: The low dilutions (5CH) promote suppuration. High dilutions (15-30 CH) inhibit suppuration.


Swelling fast, bright red skin, throbbing pain, heat, radiant Belladonna 9 CH.

Edema pink, burning with stinging pain that improves with cold applications. Absence of thirst. Apis Mellifica 9CH

Localized lymphangitis. Rana Bufo 5 CH.

In case of threat of suppuration: Pyrogen 9CH.

Acute suppuration:

When this phase suppuration drainage: Pyrogen 9 CH

Specific suppuration of acute hyperalgesic area is affected, hypersensitive to cold and touch. Hepar Sulfur 7 or 9 CH 2 times daily.

Located in oral-pharyngeal region. Profuse salivation and nauseating. Tongue with thick yellowish layer. Not relieve night sweats. Be alive: Mercurius sol.

Chronic suppuration:
Processes supurativoa recidivists, Chronicles: Silicea 15 or 30 CH per day or week, or tube 15 CH doses per week.

Detention of a suppuration (otitis, sinusitis) with acute pain. 9 CH 4vd Lachesis.

Stye: Suppuration ocular abundant, somewhat irritating. Pulsatilla 9CH 2/4vd
Superinfection suppuration: Hepar Sulfur 9CH 2/4vd.
(see sinusitis)

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