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What is the sweat
Sweat is the product of secretion of the sweat glands of the skin. Sweat is a colorless liquid, slightly salty, which appears as tiny droplets on the skin surface, especially in certain regions (armpits, English, face, feet, hands, etc..), Where the internal body temperature rises above normal, either by foot or by intense physical exertion or following heat.

Composition of sweat
Sweat is made up of 98-99% water and other substances that come from organic metabolism:
* Sodium chloride (common salt) that makes the sweat has a salty taste
* Urea
* Uric acid
* Creatinine
* Lactic acid (as a result of muscle fatigue)
* Sulphates, lactates, etc..

Functions of sweat
The fact that sweat is composed primarily of water is due to its thermoregulatory function.

Moreover, the sweat appearing in the metabolism of substances is because the sweat has a treatment plant or excretory function.
Why do you sweat

The secretion of sweat responds primarily to a principle of organic thermoregulation, because the sweat is eliminated from our body heat, which, to keep in good condition, requires constant maintenance of their internal temperature. Obviously, the more internal heat must be removed the more amount of sweat produced.

The body has other mechanisms to regulate the temperature as: urination, breathing through diffusion of water vapor, feces, saliva, etc..

But as mentioned above, also serves as the sweat excretion of toxic substances or sewage. Thanks to sweat our body eliminates poisons that can come from outside (lead, iodine, mercury, etc..,) Or internal (urea, uric acid, lactic acid, etc.).

Relations between sweating and urination
How the kidney, urinary secretion, also has a function similar to the sweat of organic self-regulation of temperature, as well as disposal of waste from the body if she had a disease of the kidneys, the sweat would become more abundant and concentrated to compensate impaired renal function. Because this is what is being said that our skin is a third kidney.

How to produce sweat
Our nervous system is responsible for deciding whether or not to produce sweat. Our autonomic nervous system which regulates all other functions of vegetative life is the decider. First, the sympathetic system is one that favors the secretion of sweat, and the parasympathetic system is that it opposes. Both the excess heat and toxic substances stimulate the nerve center of sweat to bring about the necessary stimulus for the secretion perspiration.

Diseases of sweat
Besides the physiological sweat (normal), other pathological sweating are the result of physical disease states (tuberculosis, glandular endocrine and autonomic disorders), or whose source is moving (cold sweat of fear)

Besides these quantitative pathology sweating (hyperhidrosis), are also known qualitative changes. These emphasize:

Bromhidrosis: sweat odor, usually of the feet.

Chromidrosis: colored sweats

Hematohidrosis: sweating blood, hysterical nature or caused by hemophilia, etc.).


Dyshidrosis: A generic term covering all disorders, quantitative and qualitative sweat. In addition, some can cause excessive sweating in people sensitive skin, the appearance of sudamen.

Sudamen: Typical rash of red dots on which there is often a clear vesicle, characteristic of people with sensitive skin and suffer from a copious perspiration.

Natural Medicine Treatment for sweating (excessive sweating)
Natural Medicine against sweat with Juices:
Vegetable juices. Celery, cucumber and pineapple. Salvia useful for controlling sweating at night.

Medicine for sweating in the Diet

During the summer choose cucumbers, celery, strawberries, ie foods that cool the body.

Natural Medicine against perspiration with Medicinal Plants

General: Sage, Nettle, Walnut, Fresal (after eating) Lime, Cola de Caballo.

Sweaty feet: Elder, Tilo.

Medicinal plants sudorific action (causing sweat)

Burdock, Meadowsweet, Linden, Elder, Saponaria, Borage, Echinacea, Fresno, Gatun. Thyme, Willow, Sarsaparilla, garlic, etc..

Hydrotherapy sweat disorders

Excessive sweating feet foot bath alternating temperature.
Griposos States (to sweat): Wrap trunk (underarm to English).
As a detoxification and activation of the movement: washing the blood.
Infectious Diseases sweat suits. Wrap long (underarm to feet).

Natural Medicine against sweat with Complimentary
If you have burning, lack manganese. If the sweat is cold, lack of excess calcium and potassium. Sodium is generally required.

Natural Medicine with Homotoxicology against sweat - Homeopathy
Excessive feet Psorinoheel (g), Abropernol (c) Hepeel (c) Schwef-Heel

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