Swine influenza A (H1N1),? Will be the new pandemic expected?

The new flu? Will be the new pandemic expected?
It is this sounding the alarm about a possible new pandemic influenza. Juan Jose Badiola, director of the Center for Research on Brain Diseases and Emerging Diseases of Zaragoza and, according to the newspaper El Pais, warns of speed is spreading as it seems this new version of the influenza virus.
Many expected that bird flu could be the long-awaited pandemic flu that more or less cyclic occurs every few years. But it was not. Now when nobody expected it emerges in Mexico numerous cases of new variant of swine influenza virus, H1N1. Yet to be confirmed if many of the cases under observation are indeed of this new variant, but WHO officials are on guard for if a new pandemic.

Past influenza pandemics
Recall that such pandemics can be lethal. For example the so-called Spanish flu that began in the spring of 1918 killed between 21 and 100 million people in no time. According to John M. Barry author of the book The Great Influenza (The Great Flu)

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