Sycoticco. Homeopathy

(Streptococcus faecalis Bach Nosode Paterson)
1 - () Choleric. Irritable. Punctilious. Nervous, tense.
2 - () Fear of the dark, being alone and animals, especially dogs. Restless.
3 - () Nail biting in children shivering, crying, timid, oversensitive, moody.
4 - () Worse by cold (very chilly), by the humid weather and at night, sitting and the first movement (of pain). Better: the sea, for the heat by the movement of time. Not very pronounced left sided.
5 In anemic, pale and puffy face or yellowish, oily skin and premature graying. In the female: hair on the face and upper lip.
6 irritation of mucous membranes.
Desire and aversion of SYCOTICCO
7 - () I want butter, sweets, fats, salt, milk and cheese.
8 - () Aversion to eggs, fats, milk, cheese, salt, sugar, bread and meat.
9 - () weekly headache, especially on Sundays, frontal, failure, worse from noise, better by warmth and rest. Premature graying. Hair loss. Copious sweat on the head when he sleeps at night. Sensitive scalp, dry, desquamative.
10 - () blink frequently. Irritation of the conjunctiva. Eye pain.
Photophobia. Hemiopia. Vitreous opacity. Chalazion. Lower eyelids were swollen upon waking.
11 - () Itching in the ear canal. Yellowish discharge from the ear. Excess cerumen. Cracks BTE. Hearing loss.
12 - () with watery coryza. Pains in the frontal and maxillary sinuses. Congestion turbinates. Dryness of the nasal mucosa with crusting. Epistaxis. Smell decreased. Cracks in the nostrils.
Postnasal catarrh. Coryza, spasmodic.
13 - () Face pale, puffy, or yellow. Left facial neuralgia.
Twitching in the muscles of the face. Lips dry and cracked. Cracks in corners of lips. Papillomatous epithelioma on the right cheek. Acne rosacea.
14 - () Tongue dry, cracked, painful punch to the palate. Deep ulcers on the tongue warts. Decreased taste. Sialorrhea.
15 - () Hypertrophy of tonsils and adenoids. Recurrent tonsillitis. Eliminates abundant mucus in the throat in the morning.
Dysphagia; choked easily. Thick neck with hypertrophy of the thyroid.
Sour 16. Heartburn. Vomiting night that some relief.
Nauseated by the smells of the kitchen after eating eggs.
Bloating 17. Iliac fossa pain.
18 - () Constipation. Morning diarrhea, with an urgent desire to move the stomach on waking, with loose stools, discolored, foul, crumbling, with mucus.
19 - () Urinary urgency. Frequency. Strong-smelling urine, irritating.
Albuminuria frequent.
20 Balanitis. Impotence.
21 - () Menses painful, sometimes with long delays. Copious, yellowish, foul, corrosive. Vulvar pruritus. Pain in left ovary.
Intertrigo breasts.
22 - () Cough, spasmodic, spasmodic, exhausting. Easy expectoration and sticky.
Coughing and wheezing at 2 or 3 am and waking. Choking on waking. Asthma worse 2 to 3 pm in winter and damp weather, better seashore. Bronchitis winter. Fibrous thoracic wall. Intercostal pains. Pleurodynia. Rales in the left apex.
23 - () Stiffness and woodiness of the neck, shoulders and back. Pain in left shoulder blade, persistent and intense in the lumbosacral region, in the sacroiliac region and hips, worse at night or sitting a long time and the beginning of the first movement, better by heat and movement.
24 - () Nocturnal pain in the upper limbs. Pain in wrists, hands and fingers, arthritis in the fingers. Pricking sensation and numbness in his hands. Polyarticular pain and stiffness. Swollen ankles and sleep.
Arthritis in the ankles. Pain in the soles of the feet. Sweating in the feet and hands. Brittle nails. Edema in the extremities, especially feet.
Cracks in the tips of fingers and heels. Flat warts on hands and feet. Erythematous dermatitis and cracked on the wrists.
Pustules on the hands. Herpes Circinate thigh and the tibia.
Chilblains, worse from heat. Perionixis.
25 restless sleep, nightmares and night terrors, not to be alone.
Prolonged sleep. Sounds with dead people.
26 - () Cracks, holes in the folds and joints. Fibrous induration of the skin. Erythema. Vesicles.
Tuberculin Medorrhinum Thuya Pulsatilla Sepia Lycopodium Natrum Muriaticum.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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