Symphytum (Comfrey): Homeopathy

(S. officinale. Comfrey. Unehuesos)
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Symphytum
1 - () Injury of bone, periosteum and tendons, and especially in the eyes, which is the main drug (stewed eye) (Ledum), whether caused by a fist or blunt trauma by any agent on especially if it acts on the same balloon act. It is, moreover, the essential remedy prescription in any fracture, as it facilitates the formation of callus and greatly diminish the pain as sharp pinching or duando fracture bone ends are not joined by a delay in the consolidation.
Osseous inflammation. Sprains, when the torn ligament or tendon avulsion reaches not only the periosteum, but also a small portion of bone on x-ray, pains extremely alive.
In the periosteal pain remaining after the wounds have healed surface. Irritable stump after amputation.
2 - () Dolores bumps or bony prominences slightly padded or covered (femoral condyles, medial epicondyle, epicondyle, malleolus, lower jaw), whether traumatic or rheumatic origin.
3 - () Worst: by touching the affected area.
SPECIFIC Symphytum
4 Headache in occiput, vertex or forehead, which changes location and is aggravated by bending, especially in the forehead, with sesacion weight.
5 - () Trauma of the eye by a punch or a blunt object, especially when intact soft tissues surrounding the eye.
I want to rub your eyes.
6 Do not you understand, as if ears plugged. Otitis.
7 Pain in nasal bones and the sides of the nose on the inside of the fins, they are pinched.
8 - () Malignant neoplasm of right maxillary sinus (local action of the dye).
Inflammation of the lower jaw and swelling red and hard.
9 - () through the epigastric pain on one side to another, worse when walking in the spleen, worse sitting in the navel. Very recent ligament rupture of the inguinal ring, with protrusion of a hernia (cured with massage Symphytum dye). Colicos.
10 Bleeding hemorrhoids and swollen. Dysentery.
Urethral stricture 11.
12 Testiculos sensitive and painful that prevent him from walking.
Suppressed menses 13. Flow. Sore breasts.
14 - () Back pain: from onanism or sexual excesses, with spermatorrhoea, or by a fall. Vertebral caries. Pott's Disease straight to a fall. Psoas abscess.
15 - () blows or trauma to the knees or falls on them, especially when the wound (if any) is closed, and remain, however, sharp shooting pains that are aggravated by flexing the knee or touching it.
Joint pain in large joints, with stiffness and lack of local forces, worse on turning over in bed at his feet, his finger pricks.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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