Syphilinum. Homeopathy

(Nosode obtained from the serum of a syphilitic chancre)

1 - () has a night terror, for all his sufferings are aggravated in its course, and are so terrible and was so unbearable that they would rather die, especially given the extreme physical and mental exhaustion experienced on waking in the morning. Fear of death, madness, feels like i would lose my mind or become paralyzed.

2 - () His memory is poor, can not remember the names of people who frequent or persons therein, or dates, or titles of books they have read or own, or place names and streets of a city that knows well . Almost total inability to concentrate his thoughts. Children who can not concentrate, with great difficulty in learning, especially those of arithmetic or mathematics. He is wrong in the calculations. Imbecibilidad. If you have had syphilis, remembers the events prior to the infection, but subsequent poorly. Confusion when you load. Aphasia.

3 - () Wash your hands constantly, like an obsession.

4 - () Your mood is changing or alternating. Moody, he expressed displeasure easily and becomes extremely irritable and restless during the headaches, not to be appeased and irritated a lot if they contradict. You could have the desire to kill. Stubborn. Are easily offended. He trembles when irritated.
Nasty. Hypersensitive to noise. Aversion to company.

5 - () Despair of healing, hopeless, discouraged, thinking that will never be right. He cries when he speaks of his illness, or without knowing it or without apparent cause worse from consolation. Very weeping children from birth
especially at night.

6 - () Apathy or indifference, even for the future or for their loved ones or relatives. Speak slowly. Liar, never tells the truth. Megalomaniac; wasteful.

7 - () its defining feature is the aggravation during the night of all your symptoms, especially from dusk to dawn and from 18 to 6 am the following day.

8 - () Pains are essentially nocturnal, beginning at dusk and ending at dawn, gradually increasing and decreasing in intensity, changing the site often, and requiring frequent changes of position. Whether bone or nerve, pain is linear (following a very precise line), and always persistent and deep. The bones ache inactivity.

9 - () Surge Syphilinum the endorsement of, though the similarity is not very clear, when the well selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently cure syphilitic patients with a history or hereditary syphilis, in any morbid manifestation field that evolves over a syphilitic acquired or inherited. In patients who have had a syphilitic chancre locally and as a result, have suffered skin disorders or throat during anios, are almost always benefit from this drug early in treatment, unless some other remedy is clearly indicated (Allen). In children with congenital syphilis showing signs of disease. In children or babies underdeveloped, shrunken and wrinkled or old lspecto. In children of chronic alcoholics.

10 - () Worse, the hot and humid weather, from cold or heat by the sea, before and during storms in winter, for the movement, by touch, raising the arms sideways. Best: in the mountains or in Mediterranean areas, by day, moving slowly or walking; from cold or heat by the cold bath.

11 - () ulcerations (mouth, nose, genital and skin), with grayish base.
Succession of abscesses, pus, fetid. Bony cavities.

12 Extreme emaciation of the whole body.

13 Epileptic convulsions, especially post-menstrual.

Desire and aversion of SYPHILINUM
14 - () Desire for alcoholic beverages in any form. Inherited tendency to alcoholism.

15 - () Aversion to meat.

16 - () Vertigo on looking up. Deep occipital headache, sharp or stabbing, at night. Headaches worse at night. Cephalic neuralgia beginning at 16 hours, reaches its maximum between 22 and 23 hours and end with the light of day, cause sleeplessness and delirium at night. Linear headaches that come back from an eye or the other, or simultaneously from both temples in parallel lines backwards, or in the bones of the skull, worse from heat or after a stroke. Migraine with intolerable pain and violent pulsation in the arteries cefa licas. Bursting at the vertex.
Weight occipital with drawing the head back. Syphilitic headaches.
Great hair loss. The late-closing fontanelle. Eruption dirty scalp.

17 - () Intense eye pain at night, worse from 2 to 5 am, the better for cold water. Phlyctenular chronic inflammation, with successive groups of pustules with erosion of the epithelium of the cornea, intense photophobia, copious tearing, pain and redness. Ophthalmia neonatorum, with purulent discharge and swollen eyelids that stick during sleep. Spots on the cornea. Syphilitic eye disease. Syphilitic or rheumatic iritis.
Superior oblique palsy, ptosis of the upper eyelids, making her look sleepy. Sensation of having sand in your eyes. Myopia.
Swollen upper eyelids. Paralysis of optic nerve (amaurosis).
Diplopia, one image appears lower than the other. Sensation of cold air blowing into the eye.

18 - () Download excoriating purulent, watery in their ears, especially the right, with severe cutting pains. Gradually progressive deafness, nervous, or blue or no apparent cause. Calcareous deposits in the eardrum.
Caries of ossicles of ear, of syphilitic origin.

19 Burning and nasal obstruction. Caries of nasal bones, septum and hard palate, with perforation, or ulceration of the mucosa. Crisis frequent coryza thick yellow-green secretion fetida, who becomes crusty; ozena. Itching in nostrils. Rashes and pimples on the nose.

20 - () Eruptions on the chin and periocular (especially in the corners) itchy scaly eczema, syphilitic eruptions on the face. Face pull to one side, difficulty talking, chewing or blowing.
Spasmodic twitching in the face. Preferably right facial paralysis with slurred speech. Face pale. Dark purple line between the nostrils and cheeks. Lips covered with bloody mucus.

21 - () Teeth: black or yellow, closed or concave edge in children; of very small size, especially the incisors, and converging at tips, with easy and neck cavities of frequent fragile, they break.
Teething disorders, worse at night. Toothache, worse at night. Grinding of teeth, mostly sleeping. Feel like a worm in the tooth, or as if all the teeth had come out of place.

22 - () Language two longitudinal cracks on either side of the midline.
Tongue with jagged or serrated edges, with teeth impressions.
Tongue white or dirty, very red and thick. Putrid taste in the mouth before a convulsion. Feel paralyzed tongue, aphasia. Syphilitic sores in the mouth, burning or burned. Sore, with destruction of soft and hard palate by syphilis. Putrid smell that pervades the whole house.
Excessive salivation, sticky, stringy, sweet, worse at night, is slipping from the mouth sleeping.
Dysphagia 23, even for liquids. Enlarged tonsils. Cankers on the palate.

24 Total anorexia. Sed. Nervous dyspepsia. Heartburn with pain as raw from the stomach to the pharynx. Vomiting that last for weeks or months, peptic ulcer disease.

25 - () lymphadenopathy in English, painful or not, sometimes ooze. Heat hypogastrium.

26 - () chronic constipation, years-long, with fetid breath and earthy hue, the rectum appears contracted by stricture, so that each enema causes like labor pains, terrible, worse to expel the stool.
Painless morning diarrhea, bilious or whitish, driving out of bed at 5, worse at the lake, best in the mountains. Stool acres, corrosive.
Cankers in the anus. Ulcerations. Fistula or anal fissures. Rectal prolapse.

27 Itching in the urethral meatus. Sensation of obstruction or blockage near the meatus, in the morning when going to urinate. Urination difficult and slow but painless, should use force. Urine scanty, sometimes once in 24 hours, lemon yellow or gold. Polyuria after the chills, or night, all night.

28 - () Cankers hard on penis or glans, with raised edges and base lardaceous with inguinal lymphadenopathy. In primary syphilis, some authors give Syphilinum 1000A, a nightly dose of an increase in blight in the first two weeks, and then decreases until it disappears, no secondary lesions observed later. Phagedenic Cankers spread quickly. Inflammation and induration of the spermatic cord and testicles, sometimes with excruciating pains in the cords, or with swollen testicle and scrotum and painful.

29 - () Cash extremely heavy, acrid, watery, yellowish, fetid soaking the panos, and runs through them to heel, worse at night.
Flow in little girls. Violent vulvar itching, usually by the flow, worse at night and from warmth of bed, or morning, better during menstruation.
Nocturnal pains in the ovaries, which are congested or inflamed, sometimes with very sharp cutting pain in the moment of orgasm. Tendency to ovarian tumors or cysts, sometimes of great size. Tendency to abortion.
Ulcers in vulva and vagina. Sore breasts, very sensitive to touch.

30 - () aphonia or hoarseness, worse PMS. Tertiary syphilitic lesions in the laryngeal cartilages. Larynx sensitive to touch. Acute laryngeal pain that occurs every night, forcing the patient to pace the room. Chronic nocturnal asthma, with repeated bouts each night, worse in summer, warm weather and damp, and before or during storms, severe dyspnea from 1 to 4 am. Nocturnal cough in fits, dry, hard, worse lying on right side, preventing sleep, or constant, with expectoration gray, green or yellow-green or yellowish, thick, tasteless, or purulent. Pertussis with terrible vomiting. Oppression at times so intense that it seems to cut off his breathing, with the feeling that the sternum is going to join with the spine. Pressive retrosternal pain. Eczema in the chest.
Eruptions on the thorax; herpes.

31 Cutting or stabbing in the heart, from base to tip, at night. Valvular heart disease.

32 - () Cavities in the cervical or thoracic vertebrae, with spinal alignment, curvature and pain, worse at night and a movement, local heat better. Back pain at night, from dusk to dawn, or after urination. Low back pain while urinating and after. Cervical pain and stiffness. Especially in the neck lymphadenopathy enormous. Hogdkin disease. Tailbone pain worse sitting. Psoas abscess first left, then right.

33 - () pains in the limbs, and growth. Gradual stiffness of all joints. Rheumatic pains, especially in the long bones, as if they saw; nochce worse, the better the heat of the stove. Palms and soles sleeping with pinchacitos as pinpricks.
Rheumatism of the shoulder joint or the insertion of the deltoid, worse raising arm laterally, if want to build more above the horizontal, the arm drops sharply. Very painful arthritis, swelling, redness and intense heat. Hard nodules rheumatic muscles. Sciatica, worse at night. Tearing in the hip and thigh, night, dawn and walking better. Leg pain worse at night and from warmth of bed, especially in the bones of the legs, but in the tibia. Foot pain (especially on the back) and toes. Swelling of legs and feet, with soles painful when standing, the swelling disappears and reappears in the morning to night. Redness, terrible itching and cracking between toes. Osteosarcoma of the tibia, hard, agonizing pains at night. Sensation of painful contraction in the soles of the feet, as if the tendons were too short. Ulcerations on the legs, on the tibia. Varicose ulcers.

34 - (). Insomnia absolute worse after midnight and can not go back to sleep until 6. Restlessness at night, can not keep your legs still.

35 Escalofrio nervous after bedtime, starting at the anus and down her legs, better by copious urination, or belching. Fever immediately to bed, with great thirst, every day from 23 to 1 hours. Copious night sweats, worse between the shoulder blades and in the chest, with great weakness.

36 - () spots and coppery red rashes that turn blue from cold. Pemphigus. Papular eruptions, syphilitic. Intertrigo. Stinging sensation of bugs, only at night. Pustules especially in the wrists and over the warm, where the bone is close to the skin may leave scars like those of smallpox. Ulceration of the skin: syphilitic; deep, burning, better by heat.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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