Syzygium. Tansy. Tarantula. Tellurium. Teucrium scorodonia. Homeopathy

Stimulation of defense systems and glandular functions in case of senile diabetes and associated disorders.

Typical state of nervous irritability, particularly helminths. Anorexia (alternating with bulimia).

Motor restlessness with tremors and spasms. Hysteria. Dysmenorrhea. Sexual hyperexcitability, such as nymphomania

Herpetic and psychotic illnesses. Sweating smelly feet and armpits. Pityriasis versicolor. Otitis externa. Eczema of the ear canal. Blepharitis.

Teucrium scorodonia
Chronic rhinitis (polyposis) and bronchitis. Symptomatic also in case of pulmonary tuberculosis.

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