Tabacum (Snuff, nicotine). Homeopathy

(Nicotiana Tabacum. Snuff)

1 - () It feels too unhappy with a big disappointment. You bleak accompanied by a great melancholy with tearfulness. Distressed, concerned that it does change place, especially after noon, improving crying. With aversion to the conversation and work. Dissatisfied with himself, desperately. Thoughts of suicide.

2 - () The intelligence is concerned, can not read or study, can not concentrate, there is confusion of ideas. Memory lapses, cropios worst names. Idiocy. Stupor, feels as if intoxicated. Coma. Cataleptic state.

3 feels as if someone were to arrest him or kill him (always with sounds of singing in the ears). He thinks this about to die, to end terror and abject cowardice.

4 Great on excitement and animation, with singing, dancing, laughter (often without cause) and great verve, often speaks foolishly, and can not stop.

5 - () In chronic smoking, especially expressed through thinning with loss of appetite, weakness, sexual impotence, tremors in the fingers, headache, vertigo with nausea, neuritis or atrophy of the optic nerve, heart and arteries (atherosclerosis), spasms cerebral arteries and arteries obliterans, etc.. Anemia in adolescence.

6 - () Cigarette smoking presents with acute complete prostration of the whole muscular system, with great faintness, hypotension, large facial pallor with cold sweats, weak pulse, nausea and vomiting, dizziness and cold body. Fainting, collapse.

7 - () Worse (or onset of symptoms): at the slightest movement; viajanclo car, boat or plane, to open the eyes, from pressure, lying, on rising, to the morning, inside the house by very cold or heat, in stormy weather, by jerks. Better: cool open air, uncovering the womb, by vomiting; by wetting his head with cold water. Left sided.

8 - () Cancer (lung, stomach, etc.).. Epitheliomas (of lip, etc.)..

9 - () listed by paroxysms Symptoms: Asthma, headaches, dizziness, sneezing, seizures, etc..

10 - () Convulsions with head back and stiff neck and back, with paralysis.

10 - () a. Feeling of constriction: in throat, chest, bladder, rectum, heart, arteries (arterial hypertension, etc.).

11 Excessive weight loss, especially marked on the cheeks and back.

Desire and aversion of TABACUM
12 - () Intense desire to snuff, smoking, "Tabacum in the 200th or 1000th relieves the terrible urge to smoke that appears when you leave to do so" (Allen).

13 - () One of the best remedies for motion sickness, especially seasickness boat (at sea), by plane or by car (take 10 globules in the 30th before embarking, as a preventive), with deadly pallor face, cold sweats and viscous, extremely cold and terrible nausea and persistent, with great weakness and even loss of consciousness and, sometimes, with headaches, feeling of intoxication and that things go round and the same; occur or become worse opening his eyes or looking up, by dl movement, when you stand or walk, with great improvement or cold outdoors and uncovering the stomach or vomit. Pressive headache over eyes, temples and vertex, or from one temple to another, with heaviness of head, nausea and vomiting, cold sweats cold skin and viscous, or migraines that occur early in the morning, by becoming intolerable to noon; nausea and vomiting with violent deaths, worse by noise and light, cold air better.
Sudden headache, which makes it shout as urine, followed by vomiting.
Periodic migraines that last one or two days. Sudden headache on the right side of the head, as if hit with a hammer. Sensation of a tight bandage around the head, with impaired vision, ringing in the ears and vertigo. Tremors in the head. Hair loss.

14 - () Pain in eyes as if he had cried a lot. Sensation of a hair in the eye. Heat, burning and redness in the eyes. Contraction of the eyelids. Pupils dilated and insensible; irregularly dilated, or miosis. Photophobia. Loss of vision staring at something white. Blurred vision, as through a veil. Strabismus by brain disorders, worse when trying to read. See sparks or black spots or floaters. Blindness by snuff, which begins in one eye, usually the right, vision worse in the evening. Central scotoma. Amaurosis due to atrophy of the retina or optic nerve (gray or white). Optic neuritis. Go green or yellow reflections by vomiting.

15 Hyperaesthesia to music and the loud; sensation of blows to the ears when she hears music or outdoors. Burning heat and redness of the ears. Hey bells, roaring, buzzing, worse by loud noises or going outdoors.

16 Sensation of burning and tingling in the nose, or dryness and obstruction.
Sneezing. Decrease of smell, but is very sensitive to the smell of wine.

17 - () deadly pallor of his face, which is covered with cold sweat, or cyanotic, emaciated, sunken, collapsed. Or burning heat in the face with redness, sometimes of a cheek, the other pale. Red spots on the face. Freckles. Tearing pain in facial bones and teeth, worse on the right. Libyan dry, burning and cracked. Epithelioma of the lip.
Eruption in the corners of lips. Lancinating pain in the temporomandibular joint to laugh.

18 - () Toothache worse by chewing. Pale gums, painful. Dry mouth and tongue, with violent thirst. Language: feels swollen, trembles, red or white or covered with a blackish brown crust. Foam mouth. Sialorrhea. Acid or bitter taste. Accumulation of white and adherent mucus in the mouth and throat to be coughed frequently. Sublingual gland swelling. His voice weak, broken, monotonous.

19 Throat dry, rough, hot, red, pain, trouble swallowing, or pain on swallowing for pharyngeal spasm, tingling. Foreign body sensation or lump in throat and esophagus.

20 - () Absence of thirst, afraid of water, or severe thirst worse at night. No appetite or constant hunger nauseated not eating. Belching noisy spitting fire. Heartburn. Spasmodic hiccough. Nausea deadly, persistent, or intermittent, with facial pallor and cold sweats, and sometimes, fainting, during pregnancy, traveling in a vehicle or on a ship at sea, by motion, after smoking, or during the headaches, worse in a warm room or outdoor best uncovering the belly (which is cold). Violent vomiting, cold sweats, just beginning to move with great feeling of demayo or faintness or languor vacuum or gastric vomiting relieved by closing the eyes. Vomiting: in pregnancy (and spits a lot), traveling in a vehicle, before breakfast, after drinking or eating; acids, aqueous or faeculant; easy. Feeling of relaxation in the stomach, with sensation of cold or burning, with nausea. Terrible feeling of languor or emptiness in the stomach. Cramps in the stomach after eating. Gastralgias from the cardia to the left arm.

21 - () Pain in the liver to the pressure. High sensitivity of the belly at the slightest touch. Sensation of cold in the womb, and yet it uncovers, because relieves nausea and vomiting. Dolores umbilical pressive.
Violent burning pain in the belly, which makes it scream. Strangulated hernia in the groin with nausea and vomiting (see 20).

22 - () Chronic constipation with paralysis of the rectum and anal sphincter spasm, with stools gray or putty-colored brown, often with several years of anal prolapse. Diarrhea sharp, yellow-green, slimy, or urgent, watery, with nausea, vomiting, prostration, cold sweats and great weakness; faeces as sour milk, thick, coagulated by heavy smoking, with urgency with bowel movements and then, and anal burning. Colera with watery stools, urgency, painless.

23 - () left renal colic, with violent cramping, sharp or pointed edges that extend down the ureters, with nausea, facial pallor and cold sweats. Involuntary urine leakage. Bedwetting.
Inflammation of the urethral meatus. Yellowish red urine.

Frequent erections 24. Sale prostatic fluid. Nocturnal emissions.
Flaccid sexual organs, without erections or sexual desires. Varicocele.
Masturbation and its consequences.

Delayed Menses copious 25. Flow> like bloody water; of serous fluid after menstruation. At menopause and during menstruation: cold, weak in the stomach, palpitations, diarrhea, muscle relaxation. In pregnancy: nausea and vomiting, heartburn, toothache and generalized pruritus.

26 - () Hoarseness of the speakers. Dry cough caused by tickling in the throat, morning and evening. Cough with hiccups simultaneously, almost suffocating, or hiccups after every cough or pertussis. Cough with weakness and weight loss. The cough improved by a sip of cold water. Lung cancer.
Constriction in the chest when breathing deeply; violent. Oppression. Dyspnea with tingling in his left armpit when lying on that side falls.
Retrosternal incipacidad stitches with a deep breath. Pe Paroxysm suffocation.

27 - () Violent palpitation, worse lying on left side and night, with constriction in the chest and cold extremities, better lying on right side (away). Sense of bar iron, pressing hard and transversely between a breast and another, followed by a feeling of heart and detention knot of the heart, that it ripped right away, to the exclusion of every four beats. Pulse fast and full, or small, intermittent and very slow, or weak, irregular, almost imperceptible. Chest pain radiating from the center of the sternum. Acute dilatation of the heart caused by a violent physical effort or a shock. With palpitations, chest tightness and pain between the shoulders. According to Boger and Cartier, is the most homeopathic remedy and more often indicated in angina pectoris with coronary atherosclerosis and arterial hipertens0n the pain radiates from the center of the sternum to the left hand, and accompanied by violent palpitation, nausea terrible , marked pallor, cold extremities and cold sweats and terrible fear of dying.
Stiff neck 28. Burning under shoulder blade. Lumbosacral pain, worse after a bowel movement, or sitting or later, to get up and start walking, but walking away. Thinning of the back.
Itchy red rash on the back.

29 - () Painful or Paralytic weakness in the limbs, trembling. Constant need to stretch the limbs. Extremely cold and viscous cold sweats, cold hands and hot body, legs and feet frozen. Red spots on the shoulders, burning when touched. Cold sweat on his hands, trembling. Cramps in arms and hands, fingers, when lava, with tickling. Fingers swollen, with itchy rashes. Burning pain in knees and plants. The knees are flexed while walking, with tension in the legs, and trembling, walks slowly, with difficulty climbing stairs and trrastre feet. Twitching legs in bed. Crawling and tingling from the knee to toes, cramps in the fingers. Paralytic tremor and weakness in the feet. Post apoplectic paralysis; hiemiplejia.

Postprandial sleepiness 30 and evening, with frequent yawning. Takes to fall asleep at night and on awakening in the morning. Nightmares.

31 - () shivering and shuddering, sometimes with teeth chattering, chills after eating or drinking, sometimes with hot flashes. Cold sweats and sticky, especially in the face, forehead and hands.

32 Itching, like flea bites, the whole body. Itchy spots or vesicles with yellow serum and red halo.


() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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