Tanacetum (tansy). Homeopathy

(T. vulgare. Balsamita Minor. Tansy)
1 mental fatigue from least mental exertion, worse in a warm room, can not fix their attention on anything, as if he were to lose the reason.
Confusion, inconsistency and indifference.
2 Grit and falls unconscious, knocking him unconscious an hour, then vomits and regains consciousness. Irritability.
3 - () Spasms choreiform by intestinal parasites or during menses. Tonic and clonic epileptic seizures, foaming mouth, hands in fist with the thumb bent inward, with spasms of the respiratory muscles to force air through his lips with a hiss or whistle, followed by exhaustion and a short coma, with relaxation muscle between the accesses, except the jaws, to bite his tongue during seizures. Earthquakes. Pulsations over whole body, or tremors. Great weariness.
4 - () abruptly in the appearance of many symptoms.
5 Worst: at night, especially at 4 in the morning.
Dizziness 6. Fullness and pressure in the head, coming to grief. Frontal headache with sharp pain in his temples. Headache occipitofrontal, for the least effort.
7 Ojos congested, with glassy dark purple, with swollen conjunctiva. Eyes open and very bright with intense mydriasis and pupillary areflexia. Miosis. Squinting slightly to the right.
Rotational movements of the eyes. Eyelids glued to the morning. Dull pain in the eyeballs.
8 - () Hearing loss during menses, especially if they are abundant and painful, and it is accompanied by numbness, drowsiness and brain. Feeling that something abruptly closed ears. Stitches in the inner ear. Your own voice sounds strange. Hey stamps or roars.
9 Dry nasal mucosa or profuse secretion coming from the nose.
10 traits fixed with solemn expression. Cara snatched with very red cheeks. Mouth and nose, tugged a little to the right.
11 Tongue white, feels rough. Mouth with blood, foam mouth.
12 Throat aspera. Can not swallow.
13 Sed. Constant belching, acid, worse at night. Nausea and vomiting.
Gastric languor. Weight, burning and heat in the stomach.
14 Dull pains in the right upper quadrant, pointed at the left. Sharp or pointed periumbilical cramps, worse after midnight or 4 hours. Feel the fluid-filled intestines do. Pain around the left side of the belly. Diffuse heat sensation in the belly.
15 - () Diarrhea, dysentery spasmodic stomach pains preceded, and sudden need to move the belly, especially after eating; tenesmus.
16 Frequent and polyuria, even at night. Dark urine, fetida.
17 - () Inflammation of vulva and vagina. Vulvar abscess in a lip. Dysmenorrhoea with pains of bearing down in utero and English. Abortion in early pregnancy. Copious menstruation and labor pains, which appears after several days of delay. Term infants, but atrophic.
18 Accumulation of foamy mucus in the larynx and mouth, preventing it from breathing. Breathing dyspnea, fast, rattling. Tickling in the larynx with a desire to cough, but not coughing.
19 weak heartbeat. Tachycardic pulse, and strong or weak.
20 Lumbago intense or dull lumbar pain. Punctures in the column.
21 - () Numbness in arms and legs, with the feeling that suddenly swell. Numbness and cold in the limbs, as if they were paralyzed. Stitches come and go in the States, with flashes of heat. Sore left wrist in the morning. Great weakness in the legs with prostration. Unsteady walking.
22 Somnolence.
Clammy skin 23. Viscous cold sweats.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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