Tapioca, cassava flour

The tapioca: cassava flour
The Tapioca is only the starch from the root of the manioc or cassava wet treaty to 150 º C, ie pre-cooked.

Source of origin of the Tapioca
Manioc meal derived from grinding the tubers of various shrubs of the family and gender Euphorbiáceas "Pohl Manihot utilissima", some of whose members are bitter roots, while others are sweet, depending on the conditions culture. Its production area is mainly Madagascar and Equatorial Africa and Indochina.

Preparation of Tapioca

Manioc meal prepared in different ways, but usually is washed with water and the dry well before proceeding to their grinding, but the roots contain a bitter glucoside cyanogenetic (manihotoxina), capable of producing small quantities of toxic hydrocyanic acid, hence should be removed. With the crushing of the roots, once washed, dried, and chopped descorticadas is obtained from cassava flour, which after purification are for cassava starch, which, after being subjected to wetting and drying at 150 º C as we that gives the tapioca.

The Tapioca in food and celiac

The Tapioca has great power and water absorption, as is precooked used to employ in place of pasta for soup, cereal, since it possesses the advantages of its ease of preparation and pleasant taste. Because they are composed mainly of starch, can not be employed in weight reduction schemes, as their carbohydrate intake is very high and their energy value as well. However, for people who can not tolerate gluten grains, such as children's celiac, tapioca is ideal to replace regular pasta soup, usually made up of cereal flour, usually composed of wheat.

With Tapioca may also prepare homemade breads and pastries for celiac, which is replaced by tapioca flour ground running, whether alone or mixed with maize flour is not gluten, and some beaten egg white, so that replace the action of the gluten to hold the gases of fermentation and help the loosening of the mass. Fermentation can be made by steeping fresh yeast dough and 30 ° C to ferment, or as effective is to put baking soda for reacting in the oven, help fluff more mass, which is the problem we have these products.

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