Tarantula hispanica. Homeopathy

(Lycosa Tarantula. Tarantula)

1 - () There is concern too intense mental and physical, with great anxiety, can not stand still in any position, you need to be moving, tossing and turning in bed, walking from side to side or even walk fast walking aggravates all their symptoms. His movements are hurried, fast, and the whole bed. Better: for music, by rubbing or massaging the affected parties (the steaks are so irritated nerve terminals and sensitive, which is some kind of friction necessary to obtain relief); the open air by pressure, by hot water ; walk outdoors if not cold, for bright colors. Right side (eye, ear, nose, etc.)..
Frequency of occurrence of symptoms every 21 days or annually.

11 - () Korea in which this affected the whole body or only the right side or the right upper limb and lower left (the opposite of Agaricus), with constant muscle jerking movements that keep you from doing anything, with a concern enonne (see 1 and 33) with very violent and fast movements, constantly moving hands and feet; worst day, may be the result of fright or punishment, and also by imitation, and improve something for the music.

12 - () Sinalgias and concomitants: neuralgia of the mandibular nerve with epigastric pain, otalgia with hiccups, throat to eye, heat in the face with heat in the palms gastric languor with frontal headache, and so on.

13 sense of constriction; tingling.

Desire and aversion of TARENTULA HISPANICA
14 - () I: raw food; of sand from salt; for cold drinks in hot.

15 Aversion to meat, bread, chocolate.

16 - () Vertigo walking or after breakfast, or rough outdoor or descending stairs, or when you stare at something or carrying something heavy in the head to fall without loss of consciousness. The head is constantly moving, especially on one side to another, always rubs his head against something or brushing hair. Heaviness cephalic with difficulty in opening the eyes, and a tendency to tilt his head backward. Severe headache, as if thousands of needles pricking her brain, and can not open the eyes, worse bending head back (if occipital) on the sides (if parietal) or forward (if front), and by noise, strong light and touch, better rubbing his head against the pillow. Feeling that you splash cold water on the head. Occipital headache and coughing at the temples, as if hit with a hammer or a nail nailed him.

17 Ojeras blue. Eyes bright and wide. Staring expressing terror. Eyes glassy, red. Mydriasis right and left miosis.
Sensation of hair on the left eye should be scrubbed, worse on waking.
Pain in the left eye, as if he splashed cold water. Sense of thorn or splinter; of sand from tab; of needle pricked her eyes.
Photophobia. Itching eyes thick with tears. Pain in the eyebrows.
Eyelids stuck together on waking. Dark Vision. Pain in the eye and ear.

18 Secretion of mucus or thick brown ears. Pain in the auditory meatus, worse when touched. Deafness with tinnitus, and vertigo. Noises in the ears of night waking. Cracking.

19 - () Epistaxis copious, with black blood coagulates easily. Itching and sneezing coryza. Epistaxis relieves carotid pulsation and the fullness cephalic. Chronic coryza, worse right side.

20 pale, earthy, contrasting with the purple collar, with a look of terror carried away with burning heat. Hot Lips. Pain so intense in the angle of the jaw that seems to be mad, or in the jaw as if he would fall out of his teeth, pain in the lower branch of the trigeminal.

Toothache 21 tingly or hiccup, as if the teeth were loose and electric sparks pass through it, throbbing pain, worse on contact with cold air.

Very dry mouth 22. Canker sores on the tongue with fetid breath. The tongue moves backward speech difficult. Oral Cancer. Feel burnt taste. Sweetish taste, or bitter, salty or spicy foods.

23 - () Sore throat when coughing, talking, yawning or swallowing (and painful left eye), with painful constriction of smoking or swallowing. Sensation of cold water constantly falling down his throat. CLTA acute tonsillitis with fever, delirium, red face and large painful swelling of the tonsils, with widespread painful constriction in the ear (worse on swallowing) with threat of suffocation.
Diphtheria. Goiter.

24 - () No appetite, with intense thirst. Vomiting after eating or going to bed acids or mucous gastralgias with intense burning. Hiccups. Nausea with dizziness. Gastralgias from drinking water. Digestive or gastric symptoms concomitant with neuralgia of the face or head.

25 pains in the spleen, liver sensitive to touch. Umbilical acute pain.
Rumbling. Burning and weight in hipogasttio worse by walking, with vulvar pruritus. Groin pain, with sensation of relaxation or rupture, worse on the right.

26 Constipation with great efforts ineffective, hard stool with blood, feces remain long in the rectum with great anxiety. Weakness of the anal sphincter, leaving just feces accumulate in the rectum. Diarrhea just washes his head, with very dark stools, fetid, with much mucus, and yet they are expelled with difficulty, with prostration, nausea, vomiting and fainting, with anal burning after stool.

27 kidney pain. Cystitis with excruciating pain and inability to urinate or the urine of a drop, with painful bladder, hard and swollen, with dark red urine, brown, fetid, with sandy sediments, worse at night. Incontinence of urine when coughing, laughing or making many efforts to defecate. Diabetes.
Urinary frequency during menstruation.

28 - () uncontrollable sexual desire, extreme sexual excitement in the man who comes twice a mania. Lust. Onanism. Pain in the genitals, testicles relaxed and tender. Erections. Pollutions. Painless tumor in each testicle. Urethral stricture. Pain, heaviness and swelling in the right testicle and cord. Drawing in the spermatic cord. Semen bloody, with heat in the urethra during ejaculation. Intercourse difficult, with fatigue and cough.

29 - () Menses early, copious, with extreme sensitiveness of the genital organs. Extreme sexual excitement, violent nymphomania, worse intercourse. Onanism. Involuntary orgasms during menstruation. Cutting pains in the uterus. Spasmodic pains, worse in wanting to walk.
Dysmenorrhea. Violent vulvar itching, worse after menses.
Uterine Fibroids with bearing down pains. Feel like moving a fetus in utero. Vulva dry and hot, with intense itching. Itching Breasts swollen nipples. During menstruation there is an intolerable dryness of nose, throat, mouth and tongue, especially sleeping.

30 - () Hoarseness. Roughness in larynx and trachea, with dry cough. Aphonia with dyspnea. Dry cough, painful, spasmodic, exhausting, causing pain in the head, chest and uterus, or exiting the bed, vomiting and incontinence. Loose cough with tickling cough laryngeal renewing. Attacks of suffocation, weeping, screaming and restlessness. Chest tightness, wheezing. Bruised feeling in the base of the left lung. Chest pains.

31 Heart diseases that are aggravated by wet hands in cold water. Precordial anxiety with trembling heartbeat. Violent palpitation with anxiety, sadness and desire to mourn, can not lie on the left side. Constricted feeling in the heart, as if squeezed or pinched; angina pectoris. Feeling that the heart turn around.
Throbbing pain in the carotids, with cephalic fullness, better by epistaxis. Pulse hard, irregular.

32 The slightest touch along the spine causes a spasmodic pain in the chest and heart. Stiff neck, pain on moving, pain in the left turning the head to the right. Pain in the shoulder blade. Tabes.
Convulsive pain in the lower spine and left when menstruation will appear, stopping her. Sharp pains and repeated in the coccyx, worse in the postpartum period or when there is flow burning, worse from slightest movement or pressure, sitting or lying, and better off.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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