Taraxacum (dandelion). Homeopathy

(T. Dens Leonis Dandelion)

1 Indecision and aversion to work.

2 Loquacious, with a tendency to laugh.

3 - () Worse (or onset of symptoms) almost all the symptoms appear when sitting, lying or resting, for fatty foods, and at night or morning. Better: for moving, walking, standing, outdoors. Left sided upper and lower right.

4 - () Feeling of weakness and instability throughout the body, with a constant need to be lying or sitting by the sweating worse.

5 - () Vertigo with staggering gait when walking outdoors. Pain in the left temple while sitting, standing or walking away. Headaches gastric or hepatic problems. Headache as if to contract or expand the brain. Heaviness and pressure in the head. Tension in the scalp. Desgarrarte occipital pain, better standing still. Sensation of great heat in the crown.

6 Pain in the eyes, as if sand in the inner corner. Burning in the eyes, inflammation, tearing and photophobia. You stick the eyelids at night.

7 earache. Drawing pain in the ear.

8 Face red and hot. Pain and pressure in the cheeks. Upper lip cracked. Pus pimples on my face.

9 Toothache that spread to the eyebrows.

10 - () Language mapped or geographic (that is his key symptom), the tongue is covered by a white-furred or film (with a feeling of being in the flesh) that exfoliates, leaving denuded patches or spots, dark red and very tender. Sialorrhea acid. Tongue dry brown with fur, to wake in the morning. Bitter taste. Food, especially meat and butter, like salt or acid.

11 - () Sore throat, as if swollen inside. Dry, with bitter mucus in Argant, or acid mucus starts. The sterno mastoid is very painful to touch.

12 - () acid regurgitation, belching, and hiccups. Nausea by fatty foods, and headaches. Gastric pregnancy. Anorexia.

13 - () Liver large, indurated and painful, with subictericia. Liver congested. Belly pains on the sides, but the right, or hypogastric; punctures. Rumbling and movements in the womb, as if Stalinism bubbles. Bloat, flatulence.

14 Constipation with ineffectual urging. Difficulty passing stool even with loose stools. Tenesmus. Voluptuous itching in the perineum, which induces scratching.

15 Frequent urination without pain, copious urination. Diabetes.
Bedwetting. Cancer of the bladder.

16 Pain in the testicles. Permanent erections. Frequent nocturnal emissions, on alternate nights.

17 Abolition of menses.

18 Sense of compression of the larynx. Pressure in the chest. Twitching in the muscles of the sides of the chest pains.

19 pains and shocks in the muscles of the neck and neck. Back pain and lower back while lying down. Pressure and stitches in the spine and sacrum, with dyspnea. Swelling and gurgling in the shoulder blades and shoulders. Vibration in the right shoulder blade.

20 - () Shocks in the arm and forearm muscles. Pain in elbows, forearms, wrists and the last three fingers. Granites in the hands and fingers. The fingers (and tips) are frozen. Painful blows in the lower limbs. Pain in the calves that stops when touched.
Stitches in his right foot while sitting, on the ground. Burning in the knees, legs and toes. Profuse sweating between the toes of the feet. Painful varicose veins in the liver, worse at rest, standing or sitting, and better in motion. Concerns of members in typhoid. Neuralgia in the knees, better by pressure.

21 Sleepiness when you hear a speech, or of day, with yawning, sitting. Vivid dreams, but can not remember.

22 - () Chills especially after eating or drinking and outdoor, with tremors or headaches. Fever after sleeping. Heat of night waking, especially in face and hands. Copious night sweats, but in convalescence from typhoid fever, bilious or, worse before midnight, when going to sleep, debilitating, causing itchy skin. Fever without ced, face and toes.

23 Unhealthy skin with pimples. Generalized pruritic eruption, as a mixture of lichen and urticaria.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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