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Mercurius biiodatus. Homeopathy

(Iodatus Ruber Mercurius Biioduro Mercury HgI2)
1 - () Depressed, wanting to mourn. Moody morning on waking.
2 Aggravation: from cold, from washing with cold water, getting wet, and moisture; after sleep, afternoon and evening; after haystack, by touch and pressure. Laterality izqtuierda.
Desire and aversion of Mercury BIIODATUS
3 Desire for salt or salty foods.
4 - () Vertigo, everything seems to spin. Sensation of tight rope in the front. Pressing headache on the left side, better walking outdoors.
Heat and throbbing in vertex, worse at 23 hours. Pain in the bones of the skull, but in the occipital. Pustulitas on the scalp. Syphilis of the brain tumor.

Mercurius cor. Homeopathy

(Mercuric chloride or mercury bichloride. HgCl2)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurius CORROSIVUS
1 mental weakness, look for people who speak, and do not understand.
Stupor and delirium.
2 Moodiness, no interest, direct or alternating with hilarity. Depressed. Anxiety with insomnia.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurius CORROSIVUS
3 - () Perhaps the most important characteristics of this drug is mercurial intensified action that seems to produce the contribution of the element chlorine in the salt. It becomes like a much faster Mercurius and intensity in its action and its symptoms, especially burning, fagedenizacion their sores and ulcers and rectal and bladder tenesmus. Moreover, according Teste, Mercurius cor is especially useful in men (when symptoms are of Mercury) and Mercury in women.
4 - () Agrvacion: at night or at dusk, for cycles. Best: from motion.

Menyanthes. Homeopathy

(Menyanthes trifoliata Bogbean)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Menyanthes
1 Anxiety and apprehension, especially chest, as if something bad happens.
2 tearfulness, morose and reflective. Or too gay. 0
indifferent to everything.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Menyanthes
3 - () Spasmodic twitching, muscle tremors and startles anywhere, especially when at rest, just lie down or sit starting to be big or small shocks and can not rest, everything rises and disappears just stand or walk or moves, especially on face, eyelids, thighs, calves and chest muscles.
4 - () Tension especially located in the root of the nose, the arms, hands and fingers and, in general, across the skin, like a number of steps smaller than the body, and this was trapped or squeezed into it .
5 - () Aggravation: at rest or lying down or rising and dusk. Amelioration: moving, pressing the part with the hand and stooping.

Mephitis. Homeopathy

(Mephitis Putorius The Skunk)
1 Inability to mental work, by vivid imagination, too talkative, as if drunk. Excitation, with heat in the head. Irritability over trifles.
2 Sadness, with aching muscles. Indolence, wanting to stretch.
3 - () Worse: at night and at dawn, by touch, at rest or lying down. Better: sitting upright in motion by cold, which very well tolerated, the point of being nice to wash or bathe with cold water.
4 - () Waves of color.
5 inner turmoil with great discomfort. Nervous exhaustion. Seizures.
Sensation of being hit by electric sparks.
Desire and aversion of Mephitis
Desire for salty 6.

Mercurialis perennis. Homeopathy

Mercurialis PERENNIS
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurialis PERENNIS
1 Naked, as if intoxicated. Moody, quarrelsome.
2 This conscious of having a nose, but sometimes you feel or think you have two noses. Difficulty in recovering his senses. Coma.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurialis PERENNIS
3 Sense of exhaustion and sleepiness, or fatigue in vacuum and the whole body.
4 Tension in head, sacrum, straight face.
5 Dryness of mucous membranes, especially of the lips, eyes, mouth and throat (worse eating).
6 Worst: by touching it.
7 - () Dizziness going down a staircase. Tension in the scalp (and was asleep), or with heaviness and warmth, especially front and above the eyes, worse (painful) on stooping. Burning in the vertex. Frontal pain, better by cold and pressure. Numbness in occiput and vertex; after a blow to the head. Painful sensation as if a tight vetidaje forehead.

Mercurius aceticus. Homeopathy

Mercurius ACETICUS
(Subacetato of Mercuio)
1 Inflammation in the corners of the eyes, with burning, itching and dryness, but the morning and evening.
2 - () Dry throat preventing him from talking, coughing. Sharp pains in the bottom, but that swallowing coughing.
3 - () Burning in urethra during urination, pain when cutting out the last drops of urine. Frequency. Polyuria morning, with weak jet, as if the urethra was compressed. Painful syphilitic chancre in urethra.
4 - () penis and swollen at the tip, with burning and pains that I wake up at night, worse from cold water, better if warm. Pain in the testicles.
5 Swelling of the inner surface of the labia. Menstruation ahead in the new moon.
6 - () Dolores ulcers in the chest as if raw.
Pressure on the sternum, where internal transport, with dyspnoea when standing upright.
7 Tearing in the hands, with hypertrophy and redness of joints. Lancinating pains in tabes.

Mercurius auratus. Homeopathy

Mercurius AURATUS
(Hidrargirato Amalgam Gold or Gold)
Brain Tumors 1.
2 - () Syphilis of the nasal bones, or suppurative osteitis of the nasal bones or facial or ozena with nasal secretion fetida and pains worse at night.
3 Hypertrophy of the testicles.
Psoriasis 4.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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Pennyroyal and viridis. Homeopathy

(Menta Poleo)
1 - () worse when you think about your symptoms.
SPECIFIC Pennyroyal
2 - () Pains in the bones of the cranium, frontal and parietal right side.
Right frontal headache with tearing of the right eye in the right temple, with pressure behind the eyes (first right) worse in the evening and night.
Sensation of emptiness in the right side of the head. Itching of the scalp.
3 Sale saliva from the mouth of the angle of the side on this bed, at night, waking up. Stitches from the left eustachian tube to the left side of the throat, pressing better under the left ear.
4 - () points in the right upper quadrant, sometimes in the middle of the sternum.
Sharp stitches in the groin and left side of the abdomen while sitting.
5 sharp cutting pain in the right side of the chest, to roll over in bed from right to left.

Mentholum (menthol). Homeopathy

1 Confusion of mind.
2 - () Frontal headache, frontal sinuses on, lowering his eyes. Pain * upraorbital over the left eye.
3 - () Pain in the eyeballs. Conjunctivitis following an acute coryza, with little watering.
4 - () You feel covered up the Eustachian tube, severe tubal catarrh, hearing loss.
5 - () acute coryza, usually influenza, very irritating, watery secretion scanty, often extending to the conjunctiva (see 3) or the frontal sinuses (see 2) or jaw pain (see 6) or Eustachian tubes (see 4), sometimes with cold sensation in the nasal mucosa. Postnasal secretion.
6 - () facial pain on the zygomatic bone, with numbness.
7 pharyngitis. Tingling in the mouth,
8 - () vulvar itching.
9 Short, dry cough, worse smoking. Dyspnea. Stabbing chest pain,
radiating around the chest.
10 neuralgic pains. Neuritis. Paresthesias. Cervical and lumbar muscle pain.

Meningococcinum. Homeopathy

(Lysate cultures of Neisseria meningitidis A and C,
heat-inactivated 120th)
1 - () The main indication of this is nosode prophylaxis of acute cerebrospinal meningitis. Helena Minin, Brazil, on the occasion of a terrible epidemic in Guaratingueta (Sao Paulo) in 1974 to prepare the nosode the 10th CH, administering one single drop directly on the tongue, which recommend repeated at 3 months ( D. Castro and A. Nogueira). The drug was given to 18,640 persons, of whom only 7 contracted a disease, which is considered a fact "highly significant", especially the enormous difference in morbidity with unimmunized. It is important indications in post meningitis sequelae.
2 - () In acute meningitis in general.
3 In hypersomnias serious.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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