Taxus baccata. Homeopathy

Taxus baccata
Mental symptoms of Taxus baccata
Impatience 1, which does not allow mentally apply.
2 Delirium. Stupor.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Taxus baccata
Fainting 3. Seizures. Collapse. Muscle relaxation. Tremors throughout the body.
4 Worse, by pressure, before and after each meal, after intercourse, for applying liquids.
SPECIAL Taxus baccata
5 staggering sense of insecurity and resting, sitting or standing upright.
Headache, over the eyebrows or front, extending to the face or eyes, with tearing and vision bright-line and mobile. Pain in right temple, worse cough, pain in the storm. Heat in the forehead.
6 Dolores eye twitching with frontal headache. Itching burning in the eyelids or external angle of the left eye. Great density when using the view, especially in women. Mydriasis wide. Vision cloudy.
7 Polyps in the ears.
8 reddish brown stain on the nose, with desquamation.
9 pale, bloated, livid, convulsed. Lips, purple, or blackish 9arron, especially the upper. Foam mouth. Obstinate facial neuralgia.
10 Cold sensation in the upper incisors. Punctures burning on the tongue. Language excoriated; moist; trembling. Dry mouth. Saliva increased: viscid acrid, warm. Bitter taste.
11 - () Violent hunger, must eat often. Feeling weak or gastric emptying, with or without hunger. Nausea with sialorrhea. Arcades. Vomiting bile or mucus. Epigastric pain on touch; punctures and burning in the stomach.
Tension in 12 belly, squeezing sensation. Pain in umbilical region. Rumbling.
13 stools hard, dry, hard stool. Diarrhea with intolerable tenesmus, and burning after bowel movements.
Renal 14 shear pain that prevents him from sitting or standing, or roll over in bed. Tenesmus. Frequent urination with difficult urination and fine spray. Red urine.
15 out of semen without erection or orgasm, at night. Great excitement during intercourse. After Intercourse, weakness and great oppression.
16 violent and fatiguing cough, cough after every meal short, worse when breathing deeply. Oppression worse very empty stomach or too full, or with pain below the xiphoid. Pulmonary congestion. Lancinating pain in the left side of chest.
Irregular Heart 17. Pulse fast or slow, weak or faint.
18 pains in the sacrum that do lie, can not remain standing or sitting. Constant pain in the back. Pain in the shoulder blade. Drawing pain in the left side of the neck.
Numbness and paralysis of 19 members. Wandering pains. Chronic Rheumatism with night sweats. Violent itching of the forearm, with eruption of red spots and hard. Sharp pains in the hand. Palms dry and burning.
Dull pain in the joints of the fingers. Pain in hip and knee, with tearing pain and cold in the thigh, better at night.
Tingling in left thigh and knee. Pain and weakness in the knee on the left, waking at night. Abscess on his right knee. Crawling and tingling in his left foot.
Insomnia 20 overnight, with yawning.
21 - () Shuddering at 2, followed by dry heat in hands and feet, dry mouth without thirst, then pouring sweats front. Sweating for the least effort, with great prostration. Sweats fetid, viscous night.
22 - () Large vesicles or pustules flattened and very itchy. Black jaundice. Red.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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