Tellurium. Homeopathy

(Element Tellurium)
1 Fear of being touched in sensitive places. Harsh, excitable, irritable.
2 Forgetful, depressed, neglected.
3 - () Worse: at night, for the cold weather, by touch, when lying on painful side; at rest, with bending, coughing, laughing, with straining at stool; the morning on waking; by friction.
4 - () secessionists irritating and foul smelling of fish brine. The body and the sweats have foul smelling like garlic.
5 - () pains and symptoms that come and go suddenly.
Desire and aversion OF TELLURIUM
6 Desire: apple; of beer.
7 Vertigo to sleep; in the morning on rising, worse walking, sitting upright or turning the head lying perfectly still better.
Brain feels as if beaten at the slightest movement. Heaviness and fullness cephalic tomorrow. Linear violent pain at a point on the left eye.
Sudden rush of blood to the head, congestion at the temples and in front of tomorrow. Pain over left eye that comes and goes suddenly. He sleeps the occiput and neck. Red spots and blisters on the neck and behind the ears. Itching of the scalp.
8 - () Waterfall anterior lens. Pterygium. Herpes conjunctival with blisters near the cornea, worse mourn. Pustular conjunctivitis with foul-smelling discharge, purulent Impetiginized eczema of the eyelids. Swollen eyelids, swollen, covered in pustules and itching, or pale red edematous secreting. Feeling that the lower eyelid lashes back to the eye. Styes.
9 - () Chronic Otorrhea fetida (scented brine) and irritating, with eczema of the duct; heard excoriating discharge, purulent, bloody, watery or serous; post scarlet fever. The left ear itches, burns and swells.
Acute earache. Otitis media. The ears are plugged sharply, but the left. Itching, swelling and throbbing in the ears, which are blue or red. Auditory meatus itchy and swollen. Sensation as if air passing through the ears and trunk. Timpano with vesicular eruption, perforated, with suppuration. Erysipelas of the ear. Retroauricular eczema or rash with thick crust. Ear pain in left ear burning, burning pain in the ear, especially in the lobe.
10 - () fluent coryza, watery with tears and hoarseness, better walking outdoors and especially after being on air. Dry nose, blocked. Case nasal secretion backward, reddish yellow with salty taste, but of tomorrow.
11 Sudden redness of the face in waves. Red face when sitting. Twitching in the muscles of the left side of the face, the left angle of the mouth is pulled up when he speaks. Burning lips. Herpes serpiginous in the face. Sycosis barbae. Granite.
12 The gums bleed easily and profuse. Tongue white, swollen, with teeth impressions. Breath smells like garlic. Cold in the mouth and pharynx to suck air. Sialorrhea. Taste earthy, metallic.
13 Painful dryness of throat; rough evening. Sore throat on swallowing, extending to the ear, better after eating and drinking. Start secretions from the nose down.
Hunger at night 14. Eructations taste to food. Heartburn. Vomiting from eating rice. Feeling weak and faint of stomach. Gastric fullness. Gastric sensation of constriction.
15 Fullness and oppression in the hypogastric, must loosen clothing. Pressure in the stomach, first left, then right. Throbbing in the right upper quadrant when lying on the left, and vice versa. Spasmodic pains in the intestines, as by gas incarcerated, worse from 17 to 21 hours.
16 very fetid flatus. Helminthiasis. Spasmodic pains urgent desire to move the belly, with copious stools. Itching in the rectum, anus and perineum after each deposition. Anogenital herpes.
Polyuria 17 renal pain. Dark urine.
18 erections all night. Increased sexual desire, followed by a prolonged indifference. Meatus blocked by a drop of sticky secretion.
Gonorrhea secondary. Herpes in the scrotum.
19 Menses advanced menopause.
Hoarseness of 20 tomorrow, with fluent coryza and laryngeal tickling. Cough in the morning, laughing. Clavicle pain, pain in the chest that goes up the back, or from the dorsal vertebrae, the sternum, in or behind the sternum. Intercostal muscle pain, worse when raising arms.
Cutting and around the nipple, leading to the scapula. Rash around the nipple.
21 precordial dull pain when lying on left side, better from behind. Palpitations, with throbbing in the whole body and full pulse, followed by sweating.
22 - () Numbness in the neck. Great tenderness and pain to touch and pressure since the last cervical vertebra to the sixth dorsal or traumatic osteoarthritic pain. Pain in right shoulder blade, then left.
Sensation of weakness in the back. Sacral pain, worse when coughing, laughing, lying on his back, motion, on rising from sitting, to make efforts to move the belly and on stooping; better walking, especially outdoors, spread to the thighs, especially when right, with aggravation by coughing or defecation.
23 - () Joint pains in the limbs, worse on the right side and walking. Axillary sweat fetid odor of garlic. Feel dead ends ce the fingers, to stretch them out. Rheumatic pain in right pinkie worse by movement. Sciatica right or left, but at night, pains that are aggravated by coughing or sneezing, by shaking, laughing, lying on painful side especially on stooping and when straining at stool, with improvement to flex the leg and when urinating .
Contracture of the popliteal tendon. Pain as if beaten on his hips after walking. Bromhidrosis feet, especially in the fingers; acres.
24 Yawning and belching. Sleepiness after eating. Insomnia; turns in bed. On sleeping, feel like you're in the air, feet twitching in waking him.
25 Chills with the pain. Hot, dry skin. Sweats almost always smell of garlic, in sites with itching, hot when sitting in a cool breeze.
26 - () Herpes Circinate anywhere in the body, especially in the legs or face; wet. Very red pimples with intense itching worse at night in bed yal fresh air, first in the legs and then in the upper left side more, with vesiculitas. Eczema.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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