Teplitz. Homeopathy

(Mineral Water of Teplitz, in Bohemia, predominantly sodium carbonate)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Teplitz
1 Anxiety, depression and irritability, crying. Speak up.
2 Low memory. Indisposition to work.
GENERAL OR pathogenesis SINSTOMAS Teplitz
3 - () Worse from cold; by air currents, and at night, for the movement. Better: by friction or massage, drinking cold water; by hemorrhoidal bleeding.
4 - () Bleeding: nose, hemorrhoids, rectum, uterus.
5 fatigue and heaviness on waking.
6 - () Vertigo with lightheadedness, ringing in the ears and blurred vision, and when walking appears as if things were moving too. Frontal headache with nausea; in pop, in the occiput. Hair loss. Vesicles on the scalp. Pain in every hair of the scalp to the touch.
Eyelids glued to 7 in the morning. Dryness in the right eye with blurred vision. Burning eyes. Erysipelas of the lids. Styes. Cramps in the upper eyelids, with difficulty in opening eyes. Tearing. Conjunctivitis.
8 Erysipelas of the ear. Purulent ear secretion. Tearing pain in the ear, as a coal burning, first one side then the other.
Hearing loss with sensation of plugged ear. Noises in the ears.
9 Pain at the root of the nose. Nasal dryness. Copious and frequent epistaxis.
10 Face swollen, red or pale. Right facial neuralgia, with slurred speech.
11 Odentalgias violent, as if pierced his teeth with a hot iron. Feel very long incisors. Loose teeth with bleeding gums. Spasmodic protrusion of the tongue with dysarthria. Tongue swollen, white or yellow; decommissioned, with vesicles in the back with burning pain. Ulcer on the inside of the cheek. Dry mouth with burning at the tip of the tongue.
12 without reddened sore throat, worse when swallowing. Uvula and tonsils swollen, with dysphagia. Drawing and stiffness in the muscles of the neck.
Cervical lymphadenopathy.
Canine hunger with 13 followed by gastralgia satiety. Anorexia with sour taste. Heartburn with sialorrhea. Feeling of nausea and vomiting gastric languor. Gastralgia extended to the back, or burning it up, drinking cold water better. Feeling in the stomach full of water, splashing when walking. Flatulence gastric belching.
14 right upper quadrant pain, especially when breathing deeply.
Umbilical pain tearing. Belly swollen and tense, with bowel sounds and flatus. Bearing down pain in the belly, to the genitals, with heaviness. Rectus muscle cramps. Inguinal lymphadenopathy.
15 profusely bleeding hemorrhoids by improving the patient; painful anal with violent burning. Red blood anal discharge of mucus or blood-streaked mucus or white, pungent. Perineal itching with rash. Desire to move the bowels without effect. Stools watery and foamy.
Constipation with hard, red blood heccs.
16 Burning urethra. Urine with brick-dust sediment.
Vesicles on the glans 17. Suppurative eruption of the glans penis and scrotum, leaving blue marks. Swollen and painful testicles. Twitching of the right testicle and cord. Increased sexual desire with erotic dreams.
18 Flow white as milk, or cooked starch. Menses advanced. Hypogastric pain as if to get everything down.
Metrorrhagia of black blood, with clots, with terrible pain.
19 Pain in the larynx, better swallowing, dry, tickling. Hoarseness. Short, dry cough, hot flashes, night. Violent cough with copious expectoration grayish, which only ends when an eruption occurs.
Expectoration thick, yellowish. Tightness in the chest. Thoracic contraction.
Pain in the intercostal muscles, in the pectoralis major. Retrosternal burning. Nodules in the right breast, with dull pain. Needle-like pains in her right breast.
Heart pain 20 violent with palpitations. Pulse rapid, full and hard, or intermittent or irregular.
21 Tearing and drawing in the back, in the neck, with stiffness; in the shoulder blades, to the sacrum. Pain in the spine that prevent it from moving. Sacral pain, worse on movement, drawing on her hips and calves. Stitches extended to the lumbar spine, with difficulty breathing. Granites across the back.
22 - () Tearing and drawing in the limbs. Pain as if bruised or tearing, swelling, stiffness, crackling and sometimes redness in the joints of the extremities. Paralysis of shoulder and arm. You can not lift her arms or pulled back by stiffness and shoulder pain. Sensation as if a cold wind blowing on his arm. Gouty nodules in the fingers. Swollen hands, shaking. Pain in the femur with a sensation of cold. Numbness and swelling in thighs and calves. Tibia swollen, and weeping. Tension in the Achilles tendon that prevents him from supporting the foot on the floor. Burning in the heels. Pain in big toe.
Drowsiness by day 23. Jerking when falling asleep. Dreams.
24 Escnlofrios and shivering. Fever followed by copious sweats sour smell.
Flushed skin 25. Scarlatiniform or miliary rash. Pustule. Vesicular erysipelas. Stitches as from needles.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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